Tidbits - December 17, 2020


  As a Gamecock fan I’ve seen many, many, many press conferences for new coaches in many,many, many sports.
  I now declare without a doubt Shane Beamer’s presser was the best I’ve ever heard.
  I haven’t played football since the eighth grade, but after hearing Shane, I was ready to go out for the team.
  This is genuinely a man who wants to be at the University of South Carolina.
  I know enthusiasm does not equate into wins, or does it? Dabo ain’t a dullard, and he’s done pretty well.
  I see many correlations between Beamer and Swinney. If Shane can hire talented coaches, who recruit like Dabo’s coaches recruit, then the Gamecock future looks bright.
  I can’t wait to see what he can do.

  Verizon informed me my free year of Disney+ expires January 5, 2021. I could drop it, but Disney+ has some great programming.
  I’m hooked on “Mandalorian,” featuring the Yoda “kid.” He is so cute, I’m tempted to order myself a Grogu (that’s his name) doll.
  Saturday night, I watched “Safety,”  the story of former Clemson defensive back Ray McElrathbey, who, while playing for the Tigers,  had to take in his little brother, because of his drug addicted mother.
  The “feel good” movie shows how the Clemson football team, coaches and community “adopted” Ray and his brother, and how the NCAA held a hearing to see if people donating food, clothing and other items to the McElrathbeys violated rules.
  Ray appeared before the NCAA committee to plead his case, and the entire Clemson football team and coaching staff stood  behind him.
  I’m not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes. I was a Clemson fan for two hours while watching the movie ... but it passed.
  I highly recommend ”Safety.”

  With the COVID-19 vaccine starting to make its way around the country, I harken back to my youth when the polio vaccine was distributed throughout the land.
  The best part of this vaccine, other than the cure for polio, of course, was it was not a shot. The vaccine was put on a sugar cube. I guess this was done to make sure children who were petrified of shots, which was every child ever born, would take the vaccine. Sugar doesn’t hurt.
  Like the initial COVID vaccine, the treatment required two doses.
  I remember standing in line at the Health Department to get the first vaccine, and going to the Saluda High gym to get the second.
  I read an interesting story on social media that showed how the polio vaccine also made a contribution to a classic movie.
  The Sherman Brothers wrote the music to the classic movie “Mary Poppins.” One of the songs they really loved was rejected, so they had to come up with something else.
  It so happened the movie was being produced at the same time of the polio vaccine.
  The son of one of the songwirters came home from school, and his dad asked him how his day went. The son told him he got the polio vaccine.
  The father asked him if it hurt.
  The son told him they put the vaccine on a sugar cube and you just ate it.
  The father stared at him, and immediately went the phone to call his brother. “Just A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down” was born!

  I changed clothes about five times Sunday.
  I get my clothes ready for church the on Saturday night. Sunday morning when I put on my white shirt for church, the pandemic had shrunk it.
  It was too late to change, so I wore that tight, uncomfortable shirt throughout the service.
  When I got home, the shirt had to go, and I ironed another white shirt to wear to Stephen Druley’s funeral at 2 p.m.
  I didn’t think my Christmas ornament tie as appropriate for a funeral, so I ditched my whole outfit from Sunday church and put on a suit.
  After the funeral I removed the suit, so I could get ready for my next engagement, a Christmas photo session to be shot by my niece Sherra Bowdler.
  Dibbie and her family talked me into participating. This was not the typical photos with Santa. We all dressed as characters from Christmas movies.
  I was Scrooge, complete with nightshirt and sleep cap. I prayed that I would not commit a traffic violation on the way to the photo site. My outfit, which is basically a dress, would be hard to explain.
  I won’t tell you the rest of the characters. Wait for the pictures on Facebook!

  Vanderbilt placekicker Sarah Fuller gained national acclaim Saturday, when she became the first female to score points in a Power 5 game..
  Sarah kicked two extra points. Fuller is a great soccer player, and she’s also stands 6-2. She could probably play other positions
  It was another week of sadness.
  Stephen Druley, the father of my sister-in-law, Allison Shealy passed away last week.
  Steve had temporarily moved in with Allison, Jamie and family after a bout with congestive heart failure and got progressively worse.
  I’ve written before of Steve’s love for powerful Corvettes and how he scared me with death with his latest 700 horsepower versions.
  He also loved to sing. He, his wife and three daughters once had a singing group that performed at functions and on TV. At his funeral a video of the family singing “Freely, Freely” was played, with Steve singing the solo.
  A tradition was a sing-along on Christmas Eve at Jamie and Allison’s house. At the funeral Trey Shealy joked at how Steve would not let him sing!
  Christmas Eve is coming, and they’ll be an empty seat around the table, but I hope we’ll sing a few carols.
  Joan Perkins and her husband Bill were devoted member of this community for 22 years. After she retired as a nurse at SNC, Joan served as the Director of the Chamber of Commerce. Bill was county Veterans Service Officer for many years.
  Four years ago they moved to Irmo to be near their daughter, and Saluda has missed them.
  Joan died last week. I certainly will miss her smile, great personality and laughter.