Road Projections

SCDOT’s Safety Programs Project Lists
Proposed for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-2020

  The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is providing public notification of ranked safety project lists for the: Rural Roads Phase II, Interstate, Non-motorized User (bike/pedestrian), and the Road Safety Assessment Program as part of the Proposed Safety Programs Project Lists for (FY) 2019-2020 for South Carolina.
  “Improving safety on the state highway system remains the number one priority for SCDOT” said Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall. “South Carolina has the highest fatality rate in the nation,” she added. The Rural Road Safety Program was established last fall and is a major part of the safety component of SCDOT’s ten-year plan, which was made possible by the additional funding provided by the passage of the “Roads Bill”. Hall said the program identifies the worst of the worst. “This new program targets corridors that comprise only 5% of our network yet represent 30% of the fatal and serious injury crashes occurring on rural roads,” said Hall.
The Chairman of the SCDOT Commission, Dr. Ben Davis said, “The completion of the first year of the ten-year plan saw 187 miles of rural roads under contract to receive much needed targeted safety improvements. This is well ahead of our annual goal of 100 miles. In addition to continuing the Rural Road Safety Program, the Interstate, Non-motorized User, and Road Safety Assessment Programs will help SCDOT continue its efforts to reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes that occur on our highways each year.
The purpose of the Proposed Safety Programs Project Lists for (FY) 2019-2020 is described as follows:
· Rural Roads Phase II - the purpose is to improve safety on SC’s rural roadways through engineering solutions identified to reduce the frequency of fatal and serious injury crashes occurring on these roadways.
· Interstate Safety Projects – the purpose is to review Interstate routes where there are the highest occurrence of fatalities and serious injuries. Countermeasures will be applied to reduce the severe and fatal crashes along the Interstate system.
· Non-motorized User (bike/pedestrian) - the purpose is to review the identified locations with high crash rates involving bike/ped and to implement bike/ped related safety strategies to reduce crashes involving non-motorized users.
· Road Safety Assessment Program – the purpose is to review identified locations where there are high frequencies of fatalities and serious injuries. Reviews will include multidisciplinary groups of engineers, local officials and enforcement to determine appropriate countermeasure to reduce the severe and fatal crashes along these sections.
  Projects selected are consistent with State law (Act 114), which considers criteria based on objective and quantifiable factors such as: traffic, safety, as well as engineering review for prioritization. Based on Secretary Hall’s recommended approval of these ranked safety project lists, the SCDOT Commission approved funding for the program and placing them out for public comment. Projects that support the agency’s strategic and 10 year plans are essential to its overall operations.
  A summary of any substantive comments will be made available to the Commission prior to including the project in a future revision of the STIP.
  A copy of this press release (along with interactive maps) is available for public review and comment until August 24, 2018 online at these links: English: Spanish:

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