2023 Miss Tiger

MISS TIGER - Addy-Grace Dukes was crowned Miss Tiger at the annual Saluda High School pageant held Sun., Jan. 22. Pictured, L to R, are the winners, Miss Freshman - Miyah Robinson, Miss Sophomore - Zyannah Adams, Miss Dukes,  Miss Junior - Claire Bartley, and  Miss Senior - Graceyn Corley. (SHS photo by Dean Roesner)

Saluda School Board Summary

 Saluda County School District Board of Trustees met January 23, 2023  at the Saluda High School Cafeteria.
  Dr. Kathy Coleman called the meeting to order. Ms. Sharon Holloway gave the invocation. The agenda was approved. The minutes from November 21, 2022 were approved. Dr. Kathy Coleman, Chairperson; Dr. Arlene S. Puryear, Vice Chairperson; Ms. Christy Corley Nichols, Secretary; Ms. Sharon Williams Holloway, Mr. Jeffrey Jordan, Mr. James Holloway, Ms. Cecelia Yonce, and Dr. Harvey H. Livingston III, Superintendent were all in attendance.
  Election of Officers - The following were elected and approved for 2023 School Board Officers: Dr. Kathy Coleman, Chair; Ms. Christy Corley Nichols, Vice Chair; Dr. Arlene Puryear, Secretary.
  Swearing in of Board Officers - Judge Bruce Horne issued the Oath of Office to the Board Officers for 2023: Dr. Kathy Coleman, Chair; Ms. Christy Corley Nichols, Vice Chair; Dr. Arlene Puryear, Secretary.
  SHS Art Student Recognition - Dr. Livingston and the School Board, along with Mr. Etheredge, Principal of SHS recognized Wayne Bell and his outstanding Art Students for Ornament Design at the National Christmas Tree Display at the White House. The following students helped designed the ornaments: Alex Pascual, Aryana Hazelton, Brianna Walker, Christopher Contreras, Gracie Deal, Haley Taylor, Maryanne Summer, Owen Stoudemire, James New, Emily Glendening, Emilin Lopez, Shey-Dan Smith
  Recognition of Board Members - Dr. Livingston thanked the Board on behalf of the entire District. He thanked the Board for always putting the students and staff needs first. Principals and directors then offered a small gift of appreciation to the Board to thank them for their service.
  Signing of Ethical Principles
The SCSBA Ethical Principles were signed by all Board Members.
  The SCSBA Ethical Principles states the following: As members of the board of Saluda County Schools, we pledge our efforts to improve public education in our community and will solemnly try to: represent the interests of the entire district when making decisions and to rely on available facts and on our judgment rather than on individuals or special interest groups; understand the proper role of the board to set policies governing the district and to hire the chief administrative officer to carry out these policies; encourage an open exchange of ideas by all board members during the decision-making process; seek  regular communications between the board and students, staff and all segments of the community; attend all board meetings, to study issues facing the board and to enact policies and official actions only after full discussion at such meetings; work with other board members in a conscientious and courteous manner befitting the public trust placed in the position of school board trustee; communicate concerns and public reaction to board policies and school programs to the superintendent and other board members in a professional manner; sup-port employment of the persons best qualified for staff positions and to ensure a regular and impartial evaluation of all staff; avoid conflicts of interest and to refrain from using our board position for personal or partisan gain; encour-age recognition of the achievements of students and staff and of the involvement of community residents; support legislation and funding which will improve the educational opportunities and environment for students and staff; take no individual action which would compromise the integrity of the board or administration and to respect the confidentiality of information that is privileged under the Freedom of Information Act; study current educational issues and to participate in training programs such as those offered through the South Carolina School Boards Association and the National School Boards Association; and make our district’s educational setting the best possible to encourage all students to achieve and to love learning.
  Presentation of FY 2021-2022 Audit by Manley Garvin LLC - The District’s Annual Audit Report was presented by Manley Garvin LLC. 
  •The District was given an unmodified clean opinion.  To receive an unmodified clean opinion, the District demonstrated compliance with all state and federal budgeting regulations, internal control and compliance of Operations.
  •Due to effective fiscal management and all departments working together, the District was able to increase the Fund Balance over the past five-six years.
  •Overall the Board received “a really positive” report for 2021-22 budget year.
  Overnight Field Trips - The following overnight field trips were approved:
  •SHS Band Field Trip to Dollywood, TN
  •SHS Greenhand FFA Camp in North Myrtle Beach
  1st Reading of Policy: ADA - The Board approved the 1st  Reading of the ADA Policy: School District Goals and Objectives. Dr. Coleman and Dr. Livingston formed a group of various individuals throughout the District to develop a new vision and mission statement along with the District’s Guiding Principles. 

  2nd Reading of SCSBA Policy: BBBD - The Board voted to adopt the 2nd reading of SCSBA Policy: BBBD: Board Removal to comply with changes in state law.
  Budget Update - Ms. Setzer informed the Board that we received the 45 day EIA funds and it was short $300,000 from what they were quoted. We are hopeful the local revenue will offset it a little, but we will still fall short. All other expenditures are tracking well.
  Superintendent’s Update
  •Congratulations to the Saluda Middle School Beta Club. These students placed in several events at the state convention. The students will be competing this June at the National Beta Club Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. We will recognize these students at an upcoming board meeting.
  •Our basketball teams are in the final stretch of region play and we look forward to another successful play-off run.
  •Spring sports are gearing up with the first official practice starting next Monday, January 30.
  •The district is finalizing our new website and we hope to launch the new site in the next two weeks. The site is more user friendly and connects all of our social media accounts and call-out system.
  •The district is working with the South Carolina Department of Education to pilot the “Commercial Driver License Training Program for High School Students”. This program will recruit and train high school students who wish to earn their Class B CDL. The benefit of this program is to hopefully recruit and hire additional bus drivers, but also educate our students on the very lucrative career of becoming a truck driver.
  •The Saluda High School baseball team will play a doubleheader against Emerald on March 22 at Segra Park. The JV game will start at 5:30, followed by the Varsity game. This will be followed by the 2nd Annual One Saluda Sunday at Segra Park on May 28. More details will be provided at a later date.
  •The District wide Spelling Bee is Thursday at Saluda Primary School at 6:00 p.m.
  The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:20 p.m.