Gun Leads to Arrest

Illegal Gun Leads To Arrest

  Christopher Ussery was arrested Mar. 29 for Unlawful Transportation of a Sawed Off Shotgun.
  This arrest occurred after his vehicle was stopped at a Safety Checkpoint on Hollywood Road. Ussery was additionally arrested for Habitual Offender and Driving Under Suspension.
  Deputies noticed what appeared to be a simple metal pipe on the back seat of the vehicle. Upon further inspection, it was found to be a homemade 12 Ga shotgun that works by slamming the “barrel” into the “chamber” allowing for a screw to hit the primer of a shotgun shell.
  Ussery is a convicted felon.
  The Sheriff’s Office  wanted to share this with the public and our other law enforcement partners to give some insight on the dangers that law enforcement face daily.
  Ussery is now incarcerated at the Saluda County Detention Center.

Burglary Arrests

  Two have been arrested for burglary after breaking into a residence in Ridge Spring.
  Rico Griffin, right, and Lesa Coleman,left, were taken into custody after entering a residence and demanding the home owner give them money. They searched the home for cash and threatened the home owner.
  Both subjects were later located by deputies and arrested. Both Griffin and Coleman are currently incarcerated at the Saluda County Detention Center.