REMEMBRANCE - Saluda County Council Vice-Chairman Justin Anderson, center, presented a special memorial plaque to the family of the late Council Chairman Jerry Strawbridge.pictured left is Strawbirdge’s daughter Ashley Rose,and right is his widow Denise.

Council Remembers
Late Chairman

  Saluda County Council paid special tribute to late Chairman Jerry Strawbridge at the Mon., March 14, meeting.
  Vice-Chairman Justin Anderson read a resolution highlighting Strawbridge’s service to the county, then presented a special plaque to Strawbridge’s wife, Denise, and daughter, Ashley.
  In the new business portion of the meeting, Council gave first reading approval to an ordinance that will provide for the recovery of costs for service charges from users of fire protection and emergency services.
  Fire Board coordinator Luke Downing and Emergency Management Director Josh Morton explained this would allow fire departments to file a claim for answering calls to homes and vehicle accidents. This would offset the costs of answering calls.
  Morton said most homeowners and vehicle insurance policies cover calls by fire departments. Morton said money collected will go into a pool that will be used to buy equipment for the departments.
  Both emphasized that if insurance doesn’t cover the costs, there will be no charge to the citizens. An ordinance is needed before the process can begin.
  Council passed a resolution removing Strawbridge from the Tri-County Waste Authority Board of  Commissioners and replacing him with Anderson.
  The county’s antiquated radio system will soon get an upgrade.
  Morton said the current radio system does not have a strong signal to all areas of the county, necessitating a new system.
  The new system will allow all emergency agencies in the county to speak to each other over the air, something that is currently not possible.
  The total cost of the project is $399,486, with $380,000 coming from American Recovery Act Funds, and the remaining $19,486 from other accounts, so no taxpayer money needed. All was needed was approval from Council, and that happened.
  Grant coordinator Jill Warren sought approval for a $32,000 Justice Assistant Grant for the Sheriff’s Office. If approved, the money will be used for the purchase of two canines, training of handlers, and purchasing of equipment. The ten percent match of $3200 would come from contingency. Council approved the request.
  The replacement of the fire alarm system at the American Legion Building was approved. Morton said the current alarm system was so old, parts were not available to make repairs. The new system cost $9035 and will be funded from the building repair account.
  Council corrected earlier appointments to the GLEAMS board. James Coleman will represent the private sector and Betty Kenner will represent low income.

Body Discovered In Camper Identified

  The Saluda County Coroner Keith Turner has positively identified the body recovered from a camper in the Town of Saluda last week through DNA analysis as Terry Maxfield, age 61.  
  The cause and manner of death are still under investigation by Saluda County Coroner’s Office and the Saluda Police Department.

WILDER RECOGNIZED - Saluda High Athletic Director Jeanette Ergle Wilder was recently named the S.C. 2-A Athletic Director of the Year by the S.C. Athletic Administrators Association. She was also named the Region 2-2A  Athletic Director of the year.