Tidbits - December 16, 2021


  Tammy Warren Covington messaged me that she, her aunt and cousin had a Christmas package for me and wanted to bring it by that afternoon. Not knowing where I would be, I told her they could leave it on the seat of my van.
  Later in the afternoon, I went outside and retrieved a gift bag. I came inside, looked into the bag and laughed. Inside was a box of Red Lobster cheese biscuit mix, a measuring cup, and a package of baking cups.
  You’ll recall my recent misadventures of using too much water to make the Red Lobster biscuits, because I used a 2-cup measuring cup, instead of a one cup. I wrote about finding a muffin tin and some baking cups from 1996, which I used to bake some water biscuits after my ”cookie biscuit” experiment failed.
  After getting my gift, I used the mix, and the one-cup measuring cup to make a perfect batch of biscuits that night. Fortunately, I still had some grated cheese left. I didn’t need the baking cups this time.
  I ate the biscuits for three days. They were great! Thanks, Tammy and family.
  Now, I do not want a bunch of family and friends to gift me with a bunch of biscuit mix, because I don’t want my chocolate covered cherries saga repeated.
  Some of you may recall many years ago, I wrote about how much I loved getting chocolate covered cherries for Christmas.
  Well, that Christmas I got about a dozen boxes from well intentioned family and friends, and I ate every one of them.
  Since that time, I doubt if I’ve eaten than a dozen pieces of chocolate covered cherries. I got overly saturated, and had enough that Christmas to last me a lifetime!
  I don’t want that to happen to cheese biscuits!

  Last Thursday morning, I went to get my checkbook where I always keep it, but it wasn’t there.
  The last time I wrote a check was to the Post Office on Wednesday, so I figured I left it on the counter at work, rather than putting the checkbook in my back pocket, like I always do.
  So, I rode up town to see if the checkbook was on the counter. It wasn’t. I looked everywhere.
  Still, I knew it would turn up. Remember the pocketknife I lost for months, before I spotted ion the floorboard of my van?
  To be on the safe side, I ordered a checkbook cover on Amazon (they have everything).
  Friday morning, I returned to town to look even harder for the checkbook.
  This time, however, I prayed.
  Now, I know, some of you say God has enough  on his plate to be worried about a checkbook, but I’ll always remember a sermon I heard at a revival years ago.
  The preacher said his car broke down on the interstate. It was an old car, and he was broke and desperate. He could think of no other alternative than to pray to God to fix his car.
  After he said, “Amen,” he turned the key, the car cranked up, and he drove away. He never had any more trouble with the car, until he was able to afford a better one.
  The pastor encouraged us pray on all things.
  I went inside and looked all over again, and did not find the checkbook. You thought I was going to report a “miracle,” didn’t you?
  But wait.
  When I got home, I walked into my bedroom and looked down at the magazine rack by my bed, and there on the floor was my checkbook. Obviously, it has not been there before. I thanked the Lord!
  I figured out what happened, I guess. When I got home Wednesday, I took a nap after lunch, and the checkbook must have worked its way out of my pocket.
  I sleep under a weighted blanket, and it’s like a paperweight for humans. If you sleep under a blanket that weighs 15-lbs., it’s like going to the gym in your sleep. You lift weights with each move.
  I figure the check book got caught up in the covers and finally fell out Friday morning.
  Yeah, that’s it....

  Clemson fans like to brag that God is a Tiger fan.
  After last week, I have no doubt He is.
  During the course of the week, the athletic director left for Miami, football defensive coordinator Brad Venables took the Oklahoma job, offensive coordinator Tony Elliott took the Virginia job, a couple more football staff left, and several star recruits decommitted.
  And just when you think the Clemson athletic program is about the drag the bottom, the Tiger soccer team wins the national championship.
  Divine intervention?
  I’ll be truthful when I say I’ve never been much of a soccer fan.
  Many years ago, I went to Carolina-Clemson soccer game in Columbia. It seemed to me the match lasted 8-10 hours, and the game ended 0-0 in regulation. Clemson eventually won the game in overtime, which seemed to last several more hours.
  But, since I began watching “Ted Lasso,” about an American college football coach hired to coach a soccer team in England, I’ve gotten more interested in the sport.
  Friday, I watched the second half of he Clemson-Notre Dame game, which the Tigers won in overtime to advance to title game.
  Sunday, when I finally remembered in the game was on, Clemson was up 2-0 in the second half, which is like 30-0 in football. I knew the Tigers had the title. I was right. They won 2-0.
  I know Clemson fans are happy with title, but most are more concerned with the football situation.

  Carolina has a good Sunday, too.
  The men’s basketball team beat Florida State in Rock Hill and later in the day, the top ranked women’s team beat 8th ranked Maryland.
  Like many Gamecock fans, I was upset when the men’s team got humiliated by Coastal Carolina in Conway.
  Calmer heads said, “Wait. It’s a long season.”
  They were right. Since the loss to the Chants, Carolina has beaten two traditional powers, Georgetown and FSU.
  I also felt better about the loss at Coastal, when I watch end of the Florida-Texas Southern game. Texas Southern beat 20th ranked Florida by about as many points as Coastal beat Carolina. What I did not realize until after the game is that Texas Southern, whose nickname  I don’t even know, entered the game 0-7.
  You just never know in basketball.

  In less than two years time, Saluda High School is again mourning the deaths of two students in a traffic accident.
  While I did not know, Jasmine Rosas and Jason Santos personally, Jason and Jasmine’s mother and sister are my Facebook friends.
  From everything I’ve read and heard, these two teenagers were well liked by all who knew them.
  Just like two years ago, when Drayton Black and Jaden Coleman died in an accident, students will return to school with a major void in the hallways.
  If you’re lucky, you never experienced the loss of a classmate.
  If you’re like me, and did experience such a tragedy, you never forget it.
  Please keep the families of Jasmine and Jason, they classmates, teachers and administrators in your prayers.

  Please join me in expressing sympathy to the Standard-Sentinel’s Jackie Kidd in the death of her father, Jackie Jones, in Batesburg-Leesville last week.