November Council Meeting

Sheriff Says Employees
Need Higher Salaries

  At the Nov. 8 meeting, Saluda County Sheriff Josh Price urged County Council to considered increasing the pay for all members of his department, from detention center workers to deputies.
  Price said he is losing employees, because surrounding counties pay law enforcement personal $8,000-10,000 more a year. He cited one county that had used Covid relief funds to increase salaries by 25 per cent across the board.
  Price said he can’t blame his employees, who can drive 15 to 30 minutes to make much more money.
  “They have to look out for their families.”
  Before asking increases for all employees, Price told of the problem he has had in hiring the replacement for the recently retired administrative assistant.
  “An 18-year-old can make more money at a fast food restaurant, that what we pay for this position,” Price said.
  The job is more of an office manager that an administrative assistant, he said, relaying that the employee is is regular contact with the FBI, SLED and neighboring agencies.
  Price said he had rearranged his budget so more money could be paid for the position. He just needed Council permission.
  Council voted to discuss the matter in executive session. Out of executive session Council voted to increase the pay grade for the administrative  assistant from ten to 12.
  Most of the earlier part of the meeting was taken up with public hearings and readings on ordinances.
  Public hearings were held on the following:
  An ordinance approving the transfer of real property located at to 101 Civic Street, Saluda, to the YMCA.
  An ordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of a fee-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes by and between Saluda County and Project Maple Leaf. The ordinance includes having Project Maple Leaf in a multi-county business park.
  An ordinance providing for the naming of roads and the addressing of properties in Saluda County.
  An ordinance to repeal No. 11-91, naming of roads and the addressing  of properties in Saluda County.
  After the public hearing, third reading was to the fee in lieu of ordinance, second reading to the YMCA and road ordinances, second reading to an ordinance to adopt a false fire alarm ordinance for the County of Saluda. This ordinance it to encourage business and home owners to maintain alarms systems properly.
  In new business, Council gave first reading to an ordinance to lease T-Hangars at the Saluda County Airport, first reading to repeal the old T-Hangar leasing ordinance, first reading to a fee in lieu of ad valorem taxes for Project Thunder, and passed a resolution authorizing the assignment by Roya Foods of a 2013 fee in lieu of ad valorem taxes agreement by and between Roya Foods and Saluda County to Palmetto Gourmet Foods, Inc. and other related matters.
Council approved  the 2020-2021 audit financial statements report  by David Enzastiga, CPA, Rish & Enzastiga Firm.
  After the executive session, Council voted to purchase the building a 307 West Butler Ave. from set aside funds, plus $60,000 from the Public Buildings account.

WREATH LAYING - Left to right, American Legion Post 65 Commmander John Hook, and guest speaker CMD Jim Moore, U.S. Navy, retired, lay the  wreath at Saluda County’s memorial to the war dead, following the Nov. 11 Veterans Day program at the Saluda Theater. (Standard-Sentinel photo)

Christmas Craft Show Returns

  The annual Saluda Christmas Craft Show will be held Saturday, November 20th—10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday, November 21st— 1:00PM to 5:00 PM at the Saluda National Guard Armory.   
  For more information or an application contact Johnnie Stevens (864-980-8760), Susan S. Berry (864-980-4557) or Stacie S, Goff (864-980-9995.  Applications may also be picked up at The Hair Strand on S. Main Street.