Tidbits - September 30, 2021

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  The question of the week is, “If you could put DJ Uiagalelei and Luke Doty together, could you come up with one good quarterback?”
  My answer is, “yes.” Mix Luke’s speed with DJ’s arm, and you’ve got a pretty good quarterback.
  The problems, however, with Clemson and Carolina’s offenses does not rest solely on the backs of the quarterbacks.
  Tom Brady would struggle behind the horrible play of the Gamecock’s offense line.
  This has been the biggest shock to me, because the line was supposed to be a strength. This is basically the same line that blocked Kevin Harris to over 1000 yards rushing last season.
  What has gone wrong?: Is it coaching, are the blocking schemes too complicated, or was Harris’ success last season due to the fact he was basically the only offensive weapon?
  Carolina has four legitimately good running backs. It’s a shame they are not getting any blocking up front. Hopefully, the blocking will improve.
  So far, I have not been impressed with Doty. Of course, I recall I had the same feeling about another young Gamecock quarterback a few years ago. His name was Connor Shaw. Boy, was I wrong about him!
  Carolina defense has been pretty impressive. Kentucky was averaging over 30 points a game coming in to Saturday’s game, and the defense held the Wildcats to 16. If the Gamecock offense had  been the least bit effective, this was a game Carolina should have won.
  You’ve got to give Shane Beamer and his staff time. They are learning as they are going.
  Clemson looks almost human.
  After the Tigers’ narrow loss to No. 2 Georgia, I thought Clemson would win the rest of the games and return to the play-offs, but the offense that was awful against Georgia’s top notch defense, continues to be awful against much lesser teams.
  Like the Gamecocks, the Tigers are not running the ball well, and Carolina may even have better backs.
  People may be taken Travis Etienne for granted, but he was almost as important to the Tigers offense as Trevor Lawrence.
  After four games, Clemson’s chance to make the play-offs may be over.
  It appears, however, that team fans thought was a embarrassing victory, Georgia Tech, may be pretty good. Did you see the Yellow Jackets beat 21st ranked UNC by over 20 points Saturday?
  I never thought the day would come when I’d say, the most impressive ACC team I’ve seen this season is Wake Forest!
  Since Saluda’s loss to mighty Rabun County, I have been keeping up with the Wildcats.
  RC’s latest S.C. victim was 4A Pickens, who fell Friday to the Wildcats 70-14.
  Oh, and Rabun County is no longer the No. 2 2A team in Georgia. This week they are ranked No. 1.
  Gunner Stockton is 3000 yards away from breaking the all-time Georgia passing yardage record, currently held by Trevor Lawrence. He is also 3000 yards away from breaking the Georgia all-time total offense record, held by Deshaun Watson.
  Clemson fans can fully see what they had during that Watson-Lawrence streak. DJ makes a good Dr. Pepper commercial, but he’s not in their league ..... but who is?

  Sue Black  Bedenbaugh and I rode the same school bus. She was a few years older, but that bus connection paid “dividends” down the road.
  The late Nelle Taylor was a family friend and she knew I wanted a career in journalism, so she put me on the yearbook staff when I was only a freshmen. All other staff members were juniors or seniors.
  I would have felt severely out of place, but the yearbook editor that year was my old bus buddy Sue. She made sure this little freshman squirt fit in.
  Everyone loved Mrs. Esther Sample, with her Low Country brogue and great sense of humor.
  She wasn’t originally from this community, but she sure devoted her life to it. From the schools, to St. Paul Church, to the Historical Society, and more, Mrs. Esther gave her all.
  Billy Wall successfully followed the line of outstanding Saluda County Clemson Extension agents. He grew up on an Edgefield County farm and went on to Clemson where he learned even more about agriculture that he would eventuates share with Saluda County farmers.
  Above all else, Billy was a good man, who would do all he could do for anyone who needed help.