Tidbits - August 26, 2021


  From the age of ten to the age of 70, I have seen every single Saluda-Strom Thurmond football game.
  I don’t know how many more have seen the first one in 1961 and the last one in 2021, and all in between. I’d like to know all those who can join me in saying they have seen all 57 games.
  There was a four season gap that the teams didn’t play from 2004-2007, and the teams didn’t play during last season’s Covid season. In 1962, the teams played twice. They tied 0-0 during the regular season, thus tied for the conference championship. Since only the conference champion went to the play-offs back then, Saluda and Strom Thurmond met for the championship game in Greenwood, and Saluda won 27-6.
  I can tell you I haven’t seen too many Saluda wins. Thurmond leads the overall series 40-13-4. I have endured a 19 season winless streak against the Rebels, and a four year stretch from 2008 to 2012 when Thurmond outscored Saluda 215-10, which includes a 64-0 shellacking in 2008.
  Since 2003, the Tigers have only won four times. The first three victories were by scores of 27-26, 34-31 and 22-21. Then came last Friday night.
  The only time I have been more shocked recently was two seasons ago, when the Saluda-Thurmond game began on Friday, got stormed out, and resumed on Saturday morning with the Tigers staging a miracle comeback to win on the last play of the game, 22-21. That win propelled Saluda to the State Championship fourteen games later.
  In the 2021 season’s opener, I was not shocked by last second heroics. I was shocked by the final score, 52-20.
  The Tiger football coaches and team may have expected a big win, but I can guarantee you nobody in the stands on either side were expecting to see such a blowout.
  I had no idea what to expect. I know Jamborees don’t mean anything, but last Friday at the Greenwood Jamboree, 4-A host Greenwood had to make a last-second goal line stop to beat Strom Thurmond 3-0.
  Greenwood scored three points in one half against Thurmond, Saluda scored 24 in one half, and 28 in the other.
  I’m sure Greg Deal of the Index-Journal was considering what he saw in the Jamboree when he predicted the Rebels would beat the Tigers 21-14.
  Saluda’s defense allowed some big runs in the 21-13 win over Emerald in the Jamboree. Thurmond had defeated Emerald 20-0 in the Abbeville Jamboree the week before.
  Friday night at the Rebel field, we did not see the same defense against Thurmond that we saw against Emerald. The Tigers forced five turnovers that led to four scores.
  We knew the Tiger offense was going to be good. After a rebuilding, Covid season, Saluda returned experienced linemen, receivers and backs, including several gamebreakers.
  The good news, folks, is most of this year’s team will be back next year.
  The Tigers cannot rest on their laurels, because the Trojans are coming to town.
  Prior to Friday’s game against Batesburg-Leesville, RSM’s record against the Panthers was 0-22. It’s now 1-22, as the Trojans beat the Panthers 19-14 at home.
  You better believe the Trojans want to knock off their second straight ranked 2A team.
  A big crowd should  be on hand.
  By the way, beating an arch-rival never loses its thrill, no matter where you are.
  When I posted the final score of the Saluda-Thurmond game on Facebook, Marai Wise, a member of the SHS Class of 1971 wrote: “Seeing Strom Thurmond High School get beat always has given me great pleasure. Whatever the sport. In my day, it seldom happened.”
  Marai now lives in Mexico!

  I’m sure many of you have experienced that horrible moment when your power window stops working.
  That happened to me last week on the driver’s side window of my van. I was hoping the window would stay in place, but no such luck. It started slipping.
  If you’ve ever had a window glass fall into the door panel, you know what a nightmare that can be to retrieve it. My window started falling about the time of the predicted heavy rain.
  When I got home, I opened several packs of the plastic eating utensils I saved and removed the knives. I went back to the van and jammed the knives between the moulding and the glass. That didn’t completely hold, so I came back inside and grabbed the duct tape.
  Duct tape is a miracle worker, but it has one major flaw. I doesn’t hold up to summer heat on glass. Next, I jammed cardboard into the slot, but finally ended up covering the window with a garbage bag. That held out the rain, and looked extremely tacky.
  While the van power window was being repaired, I used my truck to go to Greenwood to pick up the papers on Tuesday, and deliver papers to stores on Wednesday.
  Since we’ve started getting the papers printed at the Index-Journal, I’ve gone to Big Lots after I pick the papers up. I’m usually the first one there when the doors open.
  Tuesday, the manager of the store met me at the door. He said he was worried something had happened to me when he looked out the door and didn’t see my van! Tradition.
  Using my truck, I forgot my calculator, statements, newspaper box key were in the van, so the change of vehicles was not completely smooth sailing.
  Little things mean a lot.