Tidbits -August 19, 2021



  Not many people from Saluda can say they have ever attended an Alabama Crimson Tide football scrimmage, open to family members only, but that’s what happened to Joe and Ora Corley over the weekend.
  Their grandson, Adam, is a walk-on with the Tide football team. He’s a son of their daughter Denise Thorslund and her husband.
  Adam is a graduate of Walhalla High School, and if my memory serves me correctly, he was a good basketball player, as well.
  As you can see from the picture, he’s pretty tall!
  My first cousin Kevin Parris is a horticulture professor at Spartanburg Community College.
  In January a new sociology instructor moved into the office next to him.
  They had talked, of course, in passing, but it wasn’t until last week that they discovered they both have Saluda connections.
  The teacher is Katie Holmes.
  Kevin said the amazing thing is by knowing Katie’s cousin Jamie Wannamaker Griffith and Tricia Cockrell Wiles from Clemson in the 1980s, he knew about the successful timber business her grandfather Harvey Holmes built.
  Kevin said he has referred to Harvey Holmes’ success in his classes every year since 1990 when he lectures about loblolly pines.
  After learning of the connection, Kevin said he told Katie, “I talk about your grandfather in my classes every year!”
  And she moved into the office next door. Yep, its a small world.

  Growing up, I often giggled at my grandmother Eugenia Shealy.
  If she wanted you, she’d call, “Sammy, Johnny, Larry,” and, finally ... “Ralph.”
  She had 19 grandchildren, so she just ran down the line till she got the right one.
  The grandchildren thought  that was funny.
  I’m older now than she was then, and I know where she was coming from.
  My nephews, the famous Bowdler Boys, have really done it to me. They’ll soon have nine children between them.
  The girls have lovely, easy to not confuse names, Taylor Ann, Willow, Baylee and Hannah.
  Then there are the boys. Graham and Sherra had the first boy and named him Peyton. The second boy belongs to Andrew and Brittany and his name is Pierce.
  Graham and Sherra were up again, and this boy was named Preston.
  Not to be out done, Jacob and Tamara had a little boy a couple of weeks ago and named him Palmer.
  Peyton, Pierce, Preston, Palmer. You got that.
  Andrew may have solved this problem. He’s already calling Palmer “Arnie.”
  Graham and Sherra are having a little girl in a month, and I hope the only “P” is in the diaper.
  I may have another great-nephew by the time this comes out.
  Mayson and Jason Donlon are having a “P”-less boy.
  Members of the Grigsby family, you’ll be happy to know I suggested the name, Rhyden, for the baby and it was chosen.
  Rhyden Grigsby was the patriarch of the 100s of Grigsby descendants in the county. He is buried at Emory, which is the name I suggested for Jason and Mayson’s daughter. I got that one, too, although her name spelled Emoree.
  Shake and Betty have nine grandchildren and soon 16 great-grandchildren. Daddy only lived to see the first seven grandchildren.
  I wish he could have lived to see this crowd. Like his mother, he wouldn’t have remembered their names either!

  Wayne Grice and I left Friday at 4:30 p.m. to attend the Greenwood Jamboree.
  Saluda wasn’t scheduled to play until 7:40, but we wanted to eat the Dixie Drive-in, which is now closing at 6 p.m.,  because they can’t get enough workers.
  We finished out meal and were among the earliest to arrive at J.W. Babb Stadium.
  After going through the empty all your pockets security, we took our seats on the top row and waited for the first game to begin at 6 p.m.
  We weren’t there long before the heard the game was in a heat advisory delay. That was good for the players, but not so good for the fans.
  The first game finally got underway at 7:20, the time Saluda was supposed to play in the third game.
  In he first game, McCormick took on Calhoun Falls.
  Calhoun Falls dressed out  13 players. The Chiefs scored on the first three plays they ran.
  After Ninety Six and Woodmont, Saluda finally got to play Emerald at 9:30.
  The Tigers took the opening kick-off and moved 70-yards in 50 seconds and went on to win 21-13.
  We left after the first quarter of the Greenwood-Thurmond game. Five hours on concrete stands was enough.
  I was worn out. I never sleep through the night, but when my head hit the pillow after midnight, I didn’t open my eyes again until Saturday morning!