New Library Site

Old Long’s Pharmacy Building on W. Butler will become new library.
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Current Saluda County Library

County Council Gives Library Board
Go-Ahead To Buy Old Long’s Pharmacy
Building For New Library Site

At a called meeting Tues., June 1, Saluda Council agreed to release sales tax funds, which will allow the Saluda County Library Board to purchase the old Long’s Pharmacy Building to transform it into the new library.
  Located on West Butler Avenue near Saluda Elementary School, the Long’s building has 6900 square feet, compared to 1700 square feet in the current library.
   Librarian Heath Ward said the size of former pharmacy building will allow the library to offer more books, more computers, expanded area for children’s programs and seating areas for patrons. Also, a meeting room, board room and staff offices will be available.
  Ward said the Library Board got the Long family to reduce the price to $125,000.
  The money for the library purchase will come from the penny tax designated for library and from funds raised by donations and The Friends of the Library groups.
  In November 2018, Saluda County citizens voted 3546-3134 to add a penny sales tax.
  The projects these funds would go to included,  ranked by priority:
  1. Saluda County Library (Saluda County) $125,000
  2. Saluda County Animal Shelter (Saluda County) $125,000
  3. Ridge Spring Downtown Revitalization and Eco-nomic Development $175,000 (Town of Ridge Spring)
  4.Reconstruction of Bath-rooms at Brooks Roston Park (Saluda Recreation District) $50,000
  5. Saluda County Detention Center (Saluda County) $8,434,304

101-YEAR-OLD ATTENDS CEREMONY - John Harmon, 101, attended the Memorial Day ceremony at the Saluda Theater Mon., May 31. He told his daughter Teresa Pierce, “I may be the oldest one here.” Mr. Harmon was one of 42 Saluda boys to leave for World  War II together. He ended up serving in the Medical Corps. (Standard-Sentinel photo)

MEMORIAL DAY WREATH LAYING - Left to right, American Legion Post 65 Commander John Hook, Cliff Rollins and  Eugene H. Matthews laid the wreath at the Saluda County war dead momument on Memorial Day. Rollins and Matthews were the featured speakers at the program held in the Saluda Theater. (Standard-Sentinel photo)