Tidbits - January 28, 2021


  Are Donald Trump and Joe Biden worth losing lifelong friends over?
  I can answer that, “No!”
  Neither one of them would come to your house for supper, because you are not in their league. Trump has gold toilet fixtures, and Biden’s dad gave him a Corvette Stingray convertible as a wedding gift.
  When was it decided people are not allowed to have an opinion opposite of yours?
  You’ll never convince a Carolina fan to pull for Clemson, and you’ll never forget a Clemson fan to pull for Carolina, but that doesn’t make any of them bad people. They are entitled to pull for who they want.
  You are entitled to vote for who you want, and you shouldn’t be targets of barbs because of it.
  The meanness is the worst thing about social media. People you never thought were vicious show their true colors.
  Those things used to be private.
  My grandmother Dibbie Killingsworth would get together with her sisters most every summer at the beach. You did not want to be in that house when they started talking politics, because some were Democrats and some were Republicans. The word “idiot” was used a lot.
  They got over it, because they loved each other.
  But it’s a different world today.
  Garth Brooks lost some fans, because the proclaimed Republican sang at Biden’s inauguration. He said he appeared to help unify our divided country.
  How can you turn against a singer that sings, “Amazing Grace,” and asks all those present to join him?
  Brooks has gone through this earlier in the campaign. He wore a Detroit Lions jersey that had “Sanders” on the back.
  Brooks’ fans were upset, because they thought Garth was supporting Bernie Sanders.
  In fact, he was wearing a replica jersey of Lions legendary running back Barry Sanders, who went to Oklahoma State, just like Garth.
  Let’s settle down for a while .... please.

  I was saddened at the death of Hank Aaron last week. In my opinion, he’s the greatest baseball player who ever lived.
  I grew up New York Yankee fan. Why would a boy from the south pull for a New York team? The answer is easy. The Yankees, because of its powerful lineup of hitters and outstanding pitchers were on TV almost every weekend, and local radio stations carried their games.
  The weekend was it for baseball broadcasts and the telecast was only on CBS, and it featured Pee Wee Reese and Dizzy Dean as the announcers.
  Then it happened. The Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta, only three hours away.
  Growing up here, I never thought I’d see a Major League game in person, but my dream came true.
  I’ve written many times about our first visit to Atlanta Stadium. Donald Winn got the trip up, and joining him were his sons Russell and Kenneth, my Daddy Shake, brother Jamie, cousin Thomas and me. We all rode in Donald’s green, 1965 Chrysler. It was a big car.
  We had tickets, but didn’t have a place to stay for the weekend series with the Dodgers. We ended up getting the last room in Atlanta, and it was a dump. We called it Cruddy Joe’s, and all of us who went on that trip still call each other by that name.
  We saw a doubleheader on Saturday and a single game on Sunday.
  Of course, when you’re 15 you are excited just to be there, but years later you realize what history you witnessed.
  For the Dodgers we saw Hall of Fame pitchers Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale and Don Sutton, and Hall of Fame manager Walt Alston. On the Braves we saw Aaron, Eddie Matthews, Joe Torre and Phil Niekro. That’s eight Hall of Famers in a weekend series.
  When Hank Aaron’s name is mentioned, most think of his breaking Babe Ruth’s career home run record, but he also had the most RBIs in history, and is third on the most hits list.
  One stat that floated after Aaron died is if you take away his 755 home runs, he still has over 3000 hits. He did all that without the aid of an personal enhancement drugs. He did it with quick wrists.
  Above all else, however, Henry “Hank” Aaron was a good man.
  With Hank’s death comes the revelation that ten members of the baseball Hall of Fame, Aaron, Al Kaline, Tom Seaver, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Whitey Ford, Joe Morgan, Phil Niekro, Tommy Lasorda and Don Sutton, have died in the last eight months.  It a loss of 12.2 percent of the living members of the shrine in less that a year.
  For a baseball fan who watched them all play, that is unbelievably sad.

  Channel 57 sports director Mike Uva went to Bojangles a few weeks ago and ordered a cajun chicken with pimento cheese biscuit.
  Whoever got the order together made a mistake. Instead of a regular buiscuit, they put the cajun chicken and pimento cheese on a glazed blueberry buiscuit.
  Instead of complaining, UVA ate the buiscuit and declared it good!
  He put this on Twitter and soon people all over Columbia were trying it, including Saluda’s own Jonathan Rush.
  It got bigger! The Bo-jangles corperate headquarters put out a story on The UVA and it took off all over the south, where  the  restaurant is located.
  Cajun chicken, pimento cheese and blueberries doesn’t sound too appetizing for me, but I’m going to try it.
  I’m sure the person who made the original UVA had no idea he grabbed a blueberry biscuit instead of a regualar one... but look what he created!