Mliitary Ordnance Exploded

(Sheriff’s Office photo)

Military Ordnance Recovered
Underwater At Black’s Bridge

  Sat. morning, Jan. 23,  a military ordnance was located underwater near Black’s Bridge in Saluda County on Hwy. 391.
  The ordnance was removed from the water and transported to a nearby safe location where it was destroyed.
  The ordnance was identified as an 81-millimeter military mortar round by the United States Air Force EOD detachment. Authorities said that  it is hard to say the age or length of time the ordinance was in the lake
  A angler using a casting net for bait snagged what he described to be a possible military ordnance on Fri., Jan. 22. . Once he recognized an alleged military ordnance, he let loose the casting net, marked the area, and notified authorities.
  This was a very difficult search due to the murky water and old bridge debris from the original Black’s Bridge that was demolished Aug. 10, 1990.    The bottom of the lake floor has metal, rebar, and concrete making it very difficult to locate the alleged ordnance.
  Divers were basically having to search by hand.  This type of search takes time due to the temperature of the water and having to switch out divers.  Law Enforcement stated that the area of search was in about 30 to 35 feet of deep water.  
There have been no explosions in the area of search.
The search was suspended for the night and continued in the Sat. morning.
Sheriff Josh Price would like to thank the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, Newberry County Sheriff’ Office, and the United States Air Force for their assistance with this investigation.

Two Arrested On Burglary Charges

  Wed., Jan. 20,the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at a residence on Little Country Road, resulting in the arrest of two people on burlary charges.
  Stolen property was recovered that was related to several unsolved burglaries in Saluda County. Natasha Smith and Ryan Hallback were arrested and charged with multiple counts of burglary and larceny.
  Sheriff Josh Price says his office is committed to protecting the citizens of this county and their property.

MCEC PRESENTATION - Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative trustee, Carey Bedenbaugh, presents Saluda County Treasurer, Tiffany Shaw, a check for the company’s current taxes for Saluda County.