Tidbits - January 14, 2020


  Wednesday, January 6, will go down as one of the darkest days in the history of our nation.
  The United States of America became a Third World country. Those scenes we used to see on the national news of rebellions in foreign lands was now in our own backyard.
  It was so sad. All this happened,  because our president is a sore loser.
  I have friends and relatives who worship Donald Trump, and I have friends and relatives who worship Barack Obama.
  I don’t worship either one of them. “As for me, I’ll worship the Lord.”
  Trump and Obama are a lot alike. Both are arrogant, both think they are the best President this country has ever had, and both did things on their own without asking Congress for permission.
  I do believe President Obama has compassion. When he spoke at the funeral of the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, and started singing “Amazing Grace,” it was very touching.
  As a narcissist President Trump has shown little  compassion, because as one of his former jailed ex-lawyers said, he has three friends, “me, myself and I.”
  I don’t think the President, when he invited his supporters to Washington on the day the Electoral College votes were to be counted, had any idea that some of them would break into the Capitol Building, and destroy history, and threaten lives of politicians.
  I don’t think when he urged his supporters that day to march to the Capitol that four supporters and one policeman would die.
  Still, it’s on him and his enablers.
  Months ago, when he started to get the feeling that his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic might cost him the election, he began putting forth voting conspiracy theories.
  According to his niece, he has always been able to buy his way out of failures. He has never lost.
  You’ll recall in 2016 if he happened not to finish first in a primary in a state, he would claim voter fraud, but he knew there were other states to win. And he won the nomination.
  Then came the election in November and the President lost by seven million votes, and the Electoral College margin was the same he had over Hillary, the difference he called a landslide.
  His enablers started telling him hearsay about voting irregularities and he believed them and shared them. He began suing the states where he narrowly lost, and each suit was shot down, because second hand information is not proof.
  And for conservatives, which I consider myself, we ask why did he have to single out the State of Georgia? Republicans needed the two senators from Georgia to win their run-offs to continue control of the senate.
  Republican leaders pleaded with Trump to hold off criticism of the presidential vote until after the runoff. Did he listen? Of course, he didn’t. He went down to campaign for the senators, and spoked primarily about how he had been robbed. Winning Georgia still would not give him enough electoral votes to overturn the election.
  His supporters put billboards up all over the state, urging President Trump’s supporters not to vote in the run-off, because the President had been “robbed” in the Presidential election. This “cut off our nose to spite you face” tactic worked. The Democrats won both seats. Why did he do that to his own party?
  If every close race had been overturned to the President’s favor, he would have been ineffective in his second term because the Democrats hold both houses.
  The hearsay election claims are going to be costly to some, particularly to the ones who made accusations against the voting machine companies.
  One of them issued a “cease and desist” order to network programs and commentators who spread this information. They had to issue a disclaimer or be sued. The suit was not just against the networks, but against the personalities. They all complied.
  Trump supporters criticized them for “giving in,” but the supporters were not the ones getting sued for millions.
  Trump lawyer Sidney Powell has been sued for $1.3 billion by Dominion. She’s going to lose, because there is no proof.
  She’s among the many associates of President Trump whose lives have or will be ruined. The lady lawyer on the call to the Georgia Secretary of State was a partner in the one the largest and most successful law firms in America. The key word is “was.” Judges have threatened sanctioning lawyers who have brought some of the law suits that have no proof.
  The families of the five people who died during the riot are devastated. All were Trump supporters, including the police officer.
  The people who entered the Capitol and caused destruction are facing lengthy prison sentences. You may recall during the Black  Lives Matter protests, President Trump issued an executive order that anyone damaging federal property would get an automatic ten year sentence. I’m sure at the time he didn’t think that order would apply to his own supporters.
  I feel sorry for all those who attended the rally in support of the President, who had no intention of storming the Capitol, but  got caught up with the excitement. Did you notice many inside the Capitol were smiling like this was a big joke. It’s not a joke.
  I hope and pray January 6 was it, that no more violence is forthcoming, but I have a bad feeling.
  The president was banned from social media,  because the owners of these private companies were afraid he would try to insight more violence. Parler also lost support, because a few people were planning and promoting violence. Freedom of speech only goes so far.
  I pray for the President every day. We all should, whether you like him of not. He is still the most powerful man in the world, who has millions of supporters.

  “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

  “Others, Lord, yes others. Let this my motto be. Help me to live for others, that I may live like thee. “