Tidbits - January 7, 2020


  I agreed with Dabo Swinney in that I didn’t feel Ohio State deserved to be in the Final Four, because they had only played six games and had not been overly impressive.
  Of course, when I write my opinion its only read by a few thousand people. When Dabo expresses an opinion its heard or read by 300 million or more.
  Let me not the first to say, we were both WRONG!!!
  Dabo has the arrogance you would expect from a coach who has won two national championships. Spurrier only won one, but he still had the arrogance.
  Dabo said after the Tigers loss, he didn’t regret releasing the fact he voted Ohio State 11th in the final coaches poll. Can you imagine how that fired up the Buckeye players and coaches?
  It’s easy to imagine,  because we saw it on TV.
  I had not been impressed with Ohio State at all, nor have I felt Justin Fields was that great. I thought the Tigers were going to win in a runaway.
  Boy, was I wrong!
  The Buckeyes had the horses to keep up and pass Clemson. Fields had an amazing night.
  Trevor Lawrence had a good night, also. Can you believe these two have been friends since they were kids in Georgia? Can you believe the State of Georgia produced two quarterbacks of this ability, and can you believe the University of Georgia let Fields get away?
  Dabo’s invincibility with supporters may have gotten a little weaker. Some Clemson fans shared a photo on social media of Dabo running on the field, with the “L” flag in “Clemson” in  view. “L,” of course, is for “loser.”
  I didn’t think any team had a chance against Alabama, including Clemson, but after seeing the way Ohio State played against the Tigers, I’m not so sure. The National Championship should be a great game.
  The bowls have been pretty good. I hate Coastal Carolina lost to Liberty in overtime. When Liberty was held to a field goal on the first overtime possession, I thought that would set the Chants up for the win. Gaining nothing on three tries doomed Coastal, and Liberty blocked the tying field goal. The dream season ended at 11-1. Remember, Coastal was picked to finish last in their division in the pre-season.
  The Georgia-Cincinnati game was a classic, with Georgia winning on a field goal with just a few seconds left,,  then tacking on a safety at the end of the game. The game proved that the  Bearcats could play with a SEC team, but is also proved they would not go undefeated against an all SEC schedule.
  As every year, when the bowls are over, conference win-loss records are compared. The Big 12 finished 5-0, and the ACC went 0-6. I really don’t think this means anything.
  The SEC went 6-2,  but one of the league’s best teams, Florida, got blasted by Oklahoma, from whom Carolina got Shane Beamer.
  I hate Carolina quarterback Ryan Hilinski has applied for the transfer portal, but I knew it was coming. He, obviously, did not impress Carolina offensive coordinator Mike Bobo this year, and when Beamer retained Bobo, Hilinski saw the writing on the wall.
  He really is a good, thoughtful kid, and I hate his parents relocated to the Columbia area from California, only to see their son start his freshman year, but only play a few plays as a sophomore.
  I’m afraid Ryan is a dinosaur in today’s college offenses. Few teams run a pro style offense now, preferring a mobile quarterback, of which  he is definitely not.. I hope Ryan finds a school and is a success.