Forrest, Freeman, Butler Claim Big Primary Wins

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Forrest, Freeman, Butler Claim Big Primary Wins

  Tues., June 14, was a bad Republican Primary day in Saluda County if you were an incumbent or former elected official.
  House District 39 Representative Ralph Shealy Kennedy Jr. was defeated by political newcomer Cal Forrest, and 4th District County Councilman Jacob Schumpert lost to another political novice Jones Butler.
  Former Sheriff Jason Booth’s attempt to regain his old position was thwarted by Saluda Police Captain Robin Freeman.
  The only incumbent to win was District 25 Sen. Shane Massey.
  Rick Hubbard and Candice Lively will meet in a run-off on June 28 for the 11th Circuit Solicitor nomination.
  Kennedy fell to Forrest by 1617-1224 in Saluda County and 1096-837 in Lexington County.
  Butler took a 36-vote victory over Schumpert, who has served two terms on County Council.
  Freeman out-polled Booth by a 2111 to 967 margin.
  Massey won Saluda County 921-548, Lexington County 1266-975, and Edgefield County 1411-1122 .
  Hubbard did not receive the necessary 51 percent of the vote to win the Solicitor’s nomination outright. He led in Saluda County with 1500 votes, compared to Lively’s 1191 and Larry Wedekind’s 376.


VIETNAM VETERANS RECOGNIZED - Veterans (L to R):  Tommie Burton, James Bowman, James Mosley, Carolyn Piekielniak representing the late Matthew Piekielniak, Sonny Smith, Jimmie Boland, Frank Chapman, Gehrig Minick, Bill Murrell, Sammy Crouch, Luther Beason.  Other participating veterans not pictured were Grady Clark, Bob McKie, William Peterson, and Paul Potts.  DAR members (left side): Vera Miller, Dr. Bela Herlong, Sara Sears, Paulette Rollins, Suzanne Barns, Judy Duncan and (R side): Ann Ella Adams, Meade Hendrix, Billie Ellis.

Old 96 District Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Honors Vietnam Veterans

  The Old 96 District Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, partnered with 10,072 other organizations across the country in the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.  Ann Ella Adams worked with the veterans in this group to write their “Remembering Vietnam” stories which appeared in local newspapers.
  The Old 96 District Chapter recognized the veterans who participated in the remembrances project, and thanked and honored them during a ceremony at the Saluda County Historical Society Museum on June 14, 2016.  Each Vietnam Veteran received a Vietnam Veteran lapel pin supplied by the Department of Defense and a personalized certificate from the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.  The pin features an eagle on the front, and the back reads, “A Grateful Nation Thanks and Honors You.”
  Since the first of the year, the Saluda County Museum has featured an exhibit of Vietnam Veteran memorabilia, which you note in the photo enclosed.  The exhibit will run through July 1 at the Museum, 105 Law Range, Saluda, SC.