Tidbits - November 19, 2020

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  If there is anything good to come out of  this COVID shortened football season, it’s the fact Carolina  doesn’t have to play Clemson.
  If a sorry team like Ole Miss can put up 59 points against the Gamecocks, what in the world would a Top Four team like the Tigers do?
  Clemson’s punter, inserted at quarterback like he was in an earlier game, would pass for 200 against the most pathetic defense in America.
  Clemson could break the 220-0 Georgia Tech-Cumberland record.
  For two years in a row, the Gamecock have beaten a ranked team, then quit playing. In the last three games Carolina has given up 159 points. The opponents in those three game have combined to punt three times.
  There is obviously no defensive coaching going on in Columbia. The Ole Miss quarterback said they knew everything the Gamecock defense was going to do. That was quite obvious.
  I wrote the above paragraphs Sunday afternoon before I heard the news that Will Muschamp had been fired. It had to happen, but I feel for the man, because I really liked him. His players love him, but, for some reason, they don’t perform on the field for him. It makes no sense.
  So, another Gamecock football coach search begins.
  In my lifetime the coaches have  been Rex Enright, Warren Giese, Marvin Bass, Paul Dietzel, Jim Carlen, Richard Bell, Sparky Woods, Brad Scott, Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, and Muschamp. So, I’ve experienced a new coach every 6.3 years.
  Dietzel, Holtz and Spurrier all won national championships coaching at other schools, but not at Carolina.
  Who do I want? I don’t care, as long as the coach can produce a team that can score 59 points in a game. I’m tired of seeing practically every team in America have a productive offense, but Carolina produces a conservative snorefest.
  I want to see Carolina recruit receivers who can outrun last year’s Saluda High receivers, and I’d love to see them  be able to catch a pass on occasion.
  The rushing attack, however,  with Kevin Harris returning and Marshawn Lloyd coming off a season ending injury next season looks promising.
  I want to see a defensive coordinator like Brent Venables, who continually recruits topnotch players. Carolina has recruited nationally ranked defensive linemen that last two years. What have they done?
  Another sad coaching   saga has come to an end. I would love to see the day when Carolina had a football coach other teams want. Oh, how many of those 11 coaches I mentioned above left Carolina to go to another college coaching job? Exactly zero. Their head coaching career ended at “The Graveyard of College Football Coaches.” That tells the story, the sad story.
  Columbia became the talk of the sports world Sunday. About three hours after native Dustin Johnson won The Masters, Muschamp was fired.
  I’m a big Dustin Johnson fan, but he has always  been known for choking in the majors, but Sunday, he broke the tournament record by finishing 20 under par.
  It was touching when he got choked up, trying to explain what the win meant to him. As a boy, growing up an hour away, winning The Masters was his dream.
  Coastal Carolina is Johnson’s alma mater. Soon after the win, Coastal shared the following tweet: “Coastal Carolina has not lost a volleyball match. Coastal Carolina has not lost a football game. Coastal Carolina has not lost a Masters.”
  Another meme shared on Twitter the accomplishment of South Carolinians in sports this year. Stephon Gilmore was named the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year, Ja Morant was named the NBA Rookie of the Year, A’ja Wilson was named the WNBA Player of the Year, and Johnson won the Masters.
  In a final sports note, let’s hear it for the Abbeville Panthers. Saluda ended the Panthers’ state championship streak last year when the Tigers won 32-28 in the Upperstate championship game at Hite Field. It was the fourth time the Tigers and Abbeville had met for the Upperstate title in a five year stretch.
  Was Abbeville’s talent pool finally going down? Ha!
  The Panther beat a highly ranked team from North Carolina earlier in the year 35-21. Now, get this, in their games against teams from South Carolina this season, Abbeville has outscored the opposition 389-0! Pretty dominant wouldn’t you say!