Tidbits - October 29, 2020


  Remember, the only time you fell for the card game “52 Pick-up?”
  For those who have lived a sheltered live, someone, usually an older sibling or cousin, comes into the room holding a deck of cards and asks if you want to play the new card game, “52 Pick-up.”
  “Sure,” you say, then they hold up the deck, bend it slightly, then shoot the cards all over the room.
  They turn and leave and say, “Pick ‘em up.”
  Saluda and Gamecock fans, of which I am both, saw a version of “52 Beat-up” Saturday, as Saluda lost to B&L Saturday afternoon 52-28, and Carolina lost to LSU 52-24 Saturday night.
  I had a bad advance feeling going into both games. Saluda’s was based in the fact the Tigers’ quarterback, leading rusher and top return man were injured in the win over Columbia last week. Carolina was based on Carolina always building you  up, just to let you down.
  Saluda gave the Panthers an early Christmas with gift after gift. Of the Panthers 52 points, 39 resulted from Saluda turnovers.
  Saluda started the second half with a nice drive the took eight minutes and resulted in seven points. In the first quarter, B&L scored 26 points in three minutes and six seconds, 20 coming from Saluda mistakes. You’re not going to win any games when that happens.
  In a normal year, I’d bring up the fact Abbeville beat Saluda 48-20 in the first meeting last year, but the Tigers beat the Panthers a few weeks later in the Upperstate Championship game, 32-28.
  I would also mention B&L upset the Tigers last year, and Saluda did not lose another game and went on to win the State Championship.
  But that was last year. Saluda won the state title as a third seed last year, but only two teams from each conference are guaranteed a play-off spot. There is one at-large berth available. That is why this week’s game with Newberry is so important.
  The winner will have a chance to earn a play-off spot. The loser will stay home.
  Before the pandemic hit, I knew the Tigers would earn a play-off spot, since four teams go, but that is not happening this year.
  Of the 104 points my two teams surrendered Saturday, I only watched 52 of them.
  I started watching the Carolina-LSU game and saw the Tigers, with a freshman fill-in quarterback,  run through the Gamecock defense like a sieve on the first drive, and  I turned the channel even before LSU scored. Gamecock fans can tell when disaster is coming. We’ve got great experience.
  We all knew LSU had a terrible pass defense. When I saw Carolina was trailing 31-10 at halftime, I went to the ESPN app and saw Carolina had attempted only eight passes against a team that had a terrible pass defense.
  It doesn’t make any sense. Why don’t you try what other teams used to beat LSU?
  And once again, Carolina fans don’t know what kind of team they have, and few have confidence in the players or coaches.
  Muschamp is safe, unless some donor wants to pitch in $20 million for the buy-out. College sports are suffering financially. A buy-out would be ridiculous in these times.
  So, settle back Gamecocks and look forward to some more “52 Beat-ups,” or not....

  I thought about that old comic strip, “There Oughta Be A Law” a couple times last week.
  One was when I had to stand on the “X” at the new Dollar General while waiting to check out.
  Right by the “X” was the TastyKake miniature doughnut display, featuring several varieties.
  The old hymn, “Yield Not To Temptation,” was not talking about miniature doughnuts. The longer I stood in line, the more I wanted a bag. I was proud of myself for only buying one flavor.
  I recently bought a camera that takes wildlife pictures at night. I wanted to capture the raccoon that takes the lid off my cat food bin and enjoys a meal. It only happens a few times month.
  So far, the only thing I’ve captured on the camera is me.
  A few weeks ago, I removed the tiny flash drive from the camera, went to my computer, inserted the flash drive into the thumb drive, then looked at the pictures of myself.
  On the way back to the camera, I dropped the flash drive ... somewhere. This one is the micro, about the size of a fingernail. I looked  and looked, and couldn’t find it.
  I had no choice but to order another one on Amazon.
  A few days passed, and while sweeping the kitchen floor, I spotted something under the table. You guessed it. I was the flash drive.
  When I finished the sweeping, I went to get the mail. Guess what arrived that very day? The new flash drive.
  Now, I’ve got an extra.
  Oh, I was excited a few days later, when I noticed the lid was removed form the cat food  bin. I rushed to the camera to remove the flash drive so I could finally see the thief in action. The flash drive wasn’t there. I was by my computer. I forgot to load it in a camera.
  “There oughta be a law!”

  I sure will be glad when the election is over. Won’t you all?
  I am so sick of the commercials. They make you want to mark, “None of the above” on the ballot. Unfortunately, that option is not on there. I know, because I’ve already voted.
  I hope the Presidential race doesn’t end up in the courts, and I hope there is no violence.
  The race has been so charged with hate on both sides, it’s no telling what some people might do.
  With the counting of the  mail in ballots on election day, we may not know who won for a few days. Don’t forget the Bush-Gore, “hanging chads” debacle that took several months.
  Of course, I’ve been at the courthouse at 3 a.m. on two occasions waiting for the final tallies. One was when the electronic counting machine broke down and a technician had to come from Florence. We did not get the final results until Wed. morning.
  Another time, during the hand counting days, the poll worker took the ballot box home, rather than bringing it to the Courthouse. He was awakened and brought the ballot box to the courthouse, while wearing his pajamas.
   Back then, I had to take the pages including the results to the printer after the final tally,  so we could get them in the paper. The totals were written in by hand on a sheet I had prepared in advance. Bruner printed several weekly papers back then, so they ran the presses election night.
  There was no internet, needless to say.
  I don’t miss those days.