Bodies Laid To Rest

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Unclaimed Bodies Laid To Rest

  The Saluda County Coroner’s Office held a special burial service early Wednesday morning (August 12, 2020), at Trinity Cemetery in Saluda, where nine individuals were given their final resting place.

  This service was dedicated to individuals whose bodies were unclaimed, according to Coroner Keith Turner.

  Pastor Burton Campbell and Pastor Chris Bosket shared a message of hope and love for these nine individuals in words of scripture, prayer and song.  

  Because of COVID concerns /restrictions the ceremony was private though the service was attended by county officials, Trinity Cemetery (group members), the Coroner’s Office and several from residential care homes in the area.

  Those buried were:

  •Ms. Fern Murphy

  •Mr. James F. Besso

  •Mr. Edward Terry

  •Ms. Lillie Mae Lewis

  •Ms. Sandra Edwards

  •Mr. Luvette Brooker

  •Baby Omar Pascual Matias

  •Ms. Janice E. Grant

  •Ms. Joyce Gibbie

  The Coroner’s Office would like to offer special thanks to the following for assistance in making this ceremony possible:  Pastor Burton Campbell, Pastor Chris Bosket, Trinity Cemetery (group), Kay’s Flowers, Ramey Funeral Home, Saluda County Director-Sandra Padgett, Saluda County Council and our staff. 


Strawbridge Assumes Chairman Duties

  For the fist time since Oct. 2019, the Saluda County Council meeting as presided over by  a County Council Chairman.

  At the Mon. Aug. 10, meeting, newly elected Chairman Jerry Strawbridge assumed his new duties.

  Former Chairman Derrick Jones abruptly resigned on Nov. 8, 2019. That led to candidates announcing, a Republican Primary, and a special election, whose date was postponed twice by the pandemic. Finally, in July, Strawbridge, a Republican, won election over Democratic challenger Darren Horne.

  Since November, Vice-Chairman Frank Daniel had run the meetings.

  Strawbridge’s first meeting was uneventful.

  It began with a public hearing on the Saluda County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan is required to be updated every five years, Emergency Management Director Josh Morton said.

  The mitigation plan serves as a blueprint for reducing property damage and saving lives from the effects of future natural disasters. This plan is required for Saluda County to be eligible to receive certain types of federal disaster assistance.

  No one spoke at the public hearing other than Morton. After Strawbridge ended the hearing, Council voted unanimously to adopt the resolution for the plan.

  Daniel returned to preside when Council had to adopt two resolutions, placing Strawbridge as a voting member of both The Tri-County Solid Waster Authority and Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority Boards of Directors.

  Council approved funds to replace a HVAC unit in the Courthouse courtroom ($6400) and one at the Sheriff’s Office ($4400). Edwards Heating & Cooling got the bid for both jobs.

  Road & Bridge Supt. Billie Corley’s request to fill a vacant mechanic position was approved.