Band Practice

A SIGN OF NORMALCY -  It isn’t often in these pandemic times do we see something that borders on normal,but the Saluda High School band practicing on a hot August morning last week certainly comes as close as anything seen lately. (Standard-Sentinel photo)

Earthquake Felt In County

  The earthquake that struck Sparta, NC, Sun. morning was felt in parts of Saluda County.

  The 5.1 magnitude quake happened at 8:07 a.m. in the town that is located near the Virginia border.

  The tremor was felt in seven states.

  Soon after the earthquake, some Saluda County residents start-ed posting on social media that their homes shook.


County Ranks Ninth In

Property Tax Study


  A recent study by financial technology company Smart Asset finds the places in South Carolina where residents receive the most value for what they pay in property taxes. 

  The study has Saluda ranked ninth.

  First, the study measures the effective property tax paid in each county to determine the relative property tax burden. From there, the study analyzes the quality of public schools within the county. Finally, it measures how much value properties in the county have gained throughout a five year period.

  Taken together, these factors determine where residents are seeing the most value for their property taxes. For a look at the top performing counties in South Carolina, check out the table below.

  Additional details on the study, including the methodology and interactive map, can be found here: