Pandemic Pedal Car

Homemade Pedal Car

Highlights Exhibit

  A 1930’s Hot Rod custom pedal car, handmade during the pandemic by Aubrey Hendrix is a featured exhibit at the Saluda County Museum

  Hendrix explains how the car came about. 

  “I had thought about making a pedal car months ago, but had made little progress. The stay at home order gave me a chance to complete my project. 

  “Good parts from three little pedal cars were saved from the dumpster by cutting the cars apart, altering them, and welding them back together to resemble a 1930’s Hudson Terraplane. The hood is from a 1959 Ford pedal car. The front end steering assembly is from a 1966 Ford Mustang pedal car. The doors and rear of the car are made from what resembled a 1934 Chrysler pedal car.   “The pedals and chain drive were from a John Deere pedal tractor. The windshield was made from door moldings of a full size Chrysler. The grill is made with pin stripe tape. The headlights are made from 2" exhaust pipe with homemade lens. The front and rear bumpers are made from flat bar steel. The tail lights are made from flat washers and brake tubing. A bolt was used to make the gas cap. 

  “The seat is handmade and the dash is made from a portion of a full size 1950 Ford floor pan. The hub caps were made from bathroom hardware, and the wheels were purchased from Tractor Supply. Colors of the car were from left over paint of the early 2000s. Ford cars had the Chestnut color, Dodge had the black, and the red is from the Ford truck colors. “

  The museum is open from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m.-1 p.m. p.m. on Saturday.

  Stop by and check out all the exhibits.

Family Fun Day

  You’re Invited To Community Fun Day, Sat., Aug. 8, 10 am-2 pm at the Lockhart Baptist Church Recreational Shelter, 1772 Old Chappells Ferry Rd., Saluda,

  There will be food, games, BINGO, hot dogs, fish, drinks, door prizes,  The Blood Connection, school supplies, ATV riders, health screenings, music,  line dancing, horse & cowboys, youth & adult motivational speakers & fun!

  Please RSVP to Crossroads UM Church. Pastor Gerald Clinkscales, FUN Day Chairperson  (864) 315-0129 or Rev. Irene Abney, Committee Member at (864) 554-6532.

Rain Returns

  After the eight month streak of rainfall topping 3.0 inches in Saluda came to an end in June, the total jumped to over four inches in July.

  July’s rainfall total was 4.63 inches. This brings the total for the year to 34.63 inches. This compares to 25.29 inches during the same time last year.

  July had the year’s first 100 degree day on July 29.  The temperatures  ranged from a high of 81 on July 8,  to that 100 degree day. The lowest morning temperature, 67, was recorded on July 12.

  This information was reported by NWS observer Edwin Riley at the Saluda CPW.