Tidbits -July 9, 2020


  I was in Big Lots the other Tuesday, and the first thing I noticed when I walked in was the Holy Grail, hand sanitizer.
  I grabbed a bottle and put it in the basket. I almost got two.
  Let me put this into perspective. I already have enough hand sanitizer to last several years.
  My mother had several bottles in her  bathroom before she went to the nursing center, prior to the beginning of the pandemic.
  For years, she would also take advantage of the Avon specials, and one of the biggest specials was hand sanitizer.
  I would get some in my Christmas stocking, and silently thought, “What am I going to do with this?”
  As it turns out my mother is prophetic. I’ve located several tubes on the back of my  bathroom shelves. This sanitizer smells good!
  I started a local rush to Ollie’s when I reported the store had sanitizer made by the Faber Liquor distillery. It’s in a liquor bottle, of course.
  A later bought another bottle for the office, and had added two more bottles at home. The last bottle I bought was $7.95, down from the original price of $9.95.
  Now, there is no aloe in the distillery sanitizer so it comes out very fast. I solved that problem by putting mine the Suave pump hair spray bottles I’ve saved through the years.
  You may question hoarders, but I now have four Suave hair spray bottles filled with hand sanitizer that I wouldn’t have if I were a normal human  being. See!!!
  With all this sanitizer on hand, I had to find to a place to put my new purchase. I also needed to try it out. The first thing I noticed is it said “alcohol free.” That can’t be good, even though the  bottle said it killed 99 percent of germs
  I squirted a big dollop on the palm of my hand and started rubbing. It was awful, like motor oil. I went to the sink and washed it off.
  Well, that was $3.00 wasted. I did try later, and only used a small amount and it worked fine. So, in 2022 I can use it.
  Along with the sanitizer, I have 11 masks.
  As I wrote a few months ago, I made my first mask out of a $1.00 bandana and some girls’ hair bands. I really did look like a bank robber on “Gunsmoke.”
   Before I made my homemade mask, I ordered some on Amazon and Wish.  Before those arrived, Gwyn Rodgers gave me a purple one she made. It was a lot nicer than my  bandana, and it’s my favorite color!
  Most of the other  masks finally arrived. I’ve never seen one set of mask I ordered from Amazon. Amazon recommends contacting the seller. I mistakenly though Amazon was the seller.
  The cheapest masks I got from Wish are made out thin foam rubber. I can actually breath through this one, so it made not be any good.
  With all this masks, I still look at all the ads that are flood social media. I just can’t see paying $25 for three Carolina masks, but if football season ever arrives, who knows.
  I now have sanitizer and masks in every vehicle (not the old ones that don’t run).
  I was a reluctant mask wearer in the early going, limiting the mask to the drug store, where I am sure there are sick people.
  Now, I am wearing a mask more and more. I’m in that elderly age group.
  I hope the day comes when we can get back to normal. I’ll have a bunch of hand sanitizer and masks for sale real cheap!

  In my column last week, when I was writing about Beverly Grice, I said, “Most in Saluda remember Bev from her years working at Ann’s Dairy Bar, a popular eating establishment started by her mother on South Main Street.” Mrs. Ann Grice did not start Ann’s Dairy Bar. I was established by the Wessingers. Mrs. Ann came to work for them and eventually bought the business. I knew this, but by old mind forgot!