Tidbits - May 21, 2020


  I’m getting the hang of Zoom.
  It took me two meetings, and all of us are learning as we are going along.
  Watching “old” people having to learn new technology has been a hoot.
  At our church finance committee meeting the other night, we had some newcomers.
  I’m not going to mention any names, but Randall Porter and Thomas Shealy kept coming on and going off.
  Randall would come back and pop up in another position on the board. Thomas had no volume and half a face.
  John Hare is also on the committee, but all we saw of him was a head icon and an “X” through a microphone. He was there, but he wasn’t there.
  It reminds me of when I got my first smart phone. I had to get the teenager that worked for us, Ryan Metts, to show me how it worked.
  The problem with Zoom church meetings is few of us have any young people around to show us what to do.
  We’re going to have another Zoom meeting this week to discuss the reopening of the church on June 14! Hallelujah!
  Now that understand Zoom, it would suit me to have all meetings this way, from the comfort of my own home.
  Another plus was pointed out when our pastor Ken Freeman said, “We’ve got about ten more minutes left in this meeting, or we’ll have to pay.”
  How many in person meetings have you wished somebody said, “We’ve got ten more minutes left in this meeting, or we’ll have to pay.”
  I have covered two County Council meetings on YouTube. It hasn’t  been bad, but the council members need to get closer to their microphones. Old ears.....
  I mentioned last week I had not switched out my winter-fall and spring-summer sport coats. I did that Sunday, but it was not because I was going to wear the coats anytime soon. I wanted to look through a box of memorabilia stored in the closet.
  I wanted to find the program from the Miss Clemson University pageant in the early 70s. (Didn’t find it.)
  You may recall me writing about this years ago.
  My college roommate, the late Mickey Gresham, was good friends with Miss South Carolina 1971, Claudia Turner. During her reign, we would go to some of the events where she was featured.
  Claudia was going emcee the Miss Clemson University pageant and invited Mickey, Bob Merritt and me to attend.
  Now, in normal circumstances nothing Claudia could say would convince three Carolina boys to attend anything at Clemson, but this event was special.
  We got to Clemson early enough to see Claudia before the pageant, and we jokingly told her to say “Go Gamecocks” in her opening remarks. She laughed at the suggestion.
  The pageant began  and Claudia said, “I have three friends sitting right over there.” She pointed us out. “And they asked me to say, ‘Go Gamecocks!’”
  We sank low in our seats as the boos grew louder.
  Claudia was first runner-up to Miss America, and that night the guest of honor was the beautiful lady who beat Claudia for the title, Phyllis George.
  The event was special, because Claudia promised to introduce us to Phyllis after the pageant.
  When the festivities were over, Mickey, Bob and I went back stage and met Miss America. She was absolutely beautiful and gracious. Of course, we asked her to sign our programs. She was just a normal college kid, just a year older than us. I was so impressed.
  A few years later, she made history by joining the NFL Today program, the first woman to invade the all male world. After that she became the First Lady of Kentucky.
  Phyllis George died over the weekend, and I’ll never forget the night Miss America acted just like one of us.
  I’ll go from that to a happier event over the weekend. Ryan Metts, who I mentioned above, graduated from MUSC. He is now officially Dr. Metts. We are proud of how hard Ryan has worked to achieve his goal, even though it meant only seeing him a couple of times a year. I know he will be a great physician.