Tidbits - MAy 7, 2020



  Another week down, and things appeared to be returning to normal, until you see Saluda County now has nearly 70 COVID-19 cases. That’s more than Greenwood County, which has three times the population.
  The only information released is the number of cases and zip codes, but you have to imagine some of the cases are school aged children. It is good the schools are closed. How quickly one case could turn to hundreds or even thousands.
  I remember in my youth when parents exposed their children to chicken pox, so they’d get that one out of the way. Measles and mumps were less desirable. I had them all, plus tonsillitis. I missed 42 days in the first grade.
  Polio was the big scare for the first half of the 20th century. I was a child when Dr. Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine. We had to take several doses. I remember the lines at the health department and the SHS gym. The vaccine was “served” on a sugar cube.
  I wonder if we will go through the same when a coronavirus vaccine is discovered? You can’t get a vaccine by shopping on the internet ...  but if you put it on a sugar cube, who knows?
  We’ve all changed our habits. We are conscious of social distancing. I bumped elbows with several when I took a picture last Friday.
 I got excited when I saw some hand sanitizer made by a liquor company at Ollie’s last Tuesday. Even though I had four various sizes of sanitizer at home, this one in a quart size liquor bottle was unique.
 I put a picture of the bottle on social media, and said, “I hope I don’t get arrested for DUS - driving under sanitizer.”
I heard from several Saludans who saw my post and made a quick trip to Greenwood to get some. Beware, this sanitizer stinks. Perhaps the smell is used to discourage people from drinking it. It doesn’t smell any worse than tequila, in my opinion.
  I made a mask out of a bandana and used it once. Thankfully, Gwyn Rodgers gave me a purple mask she made, and it’s a lot better.
  The best thing about a mask is taking it off. Breathing never felt so good!
  I had my first Zoom meeting last Thursday. My pastor, Ken Freeman, scheduled a Pastor-Parish Relations Committee meeting for Emory and Nazareth.
  The first thing you have to do is download the Zoom app.
  I admitted on Facebook that Thursday is the only day I don’t go to the office during the pandemic, and I just slob around all day. Knowing I was going to be on TV, I had to shower and shave for my Zoom meeting!
  I set up a spot in the kitchen where I could lean my iPad on something. At 7 p.m., I clicked on the link and soon Ken and I were talking.
  The rest joined soon. It was not until the meeting was almost over that I discovered the gallery button, which allowed me to see everyone at once. Prior to that, only the speaker was seen on my screen.
  Many churches and organizations are using Zoom. Until the pandemic, I had never heard of it.
  Another change I’ve made is in the fashion department.
  I’ve always been one to “dress up.” Wednesday is the one day I wear jeans to work,  because that is paper delivery and mailing day. The other four days, I wear dress slacks and colorful shirts.
  Sunday, I am always in a coat and tie. I came up in a time when ever little boys wore ties to church every Sunday. Most boys grew out of the habit. I didn’t, because I love ties!
  Now, I am a jeans everyday boy. I am still wearing slacks when I go to Greenwood to pick up the paper on Tuesday. I don’t know why. “Going out of town” force of habit, I guess.
  I haven’t switched out my fall-winter and spring-summer sports coats. I look forward to the day when I have to do that.
  We’re all making it up as we go along. Each day is a new experience.
  We will well remember 2020 and talk about it for years to come.
  Take care of yourselves!