Tidbits - September 26 2019



  There’s an old saying, “Stick a fork in me, I’m done.”
  That’s the way I feel about Carolina football. I’m done.
  Don’t get me wrong. I’ll always pull for the Gamecocks. USC is my alma mater.
  I’ve just decided I no longer care what the football team does. Clemson fans you can save your barbs for someone who gives a rip, because that is not me.
  I’m tired of getting my hopes shattered. I’m tired of seeing the team I support continuously flop in  “got to win” games.
  Fire Muschamp? I just don’t see spending $18 million for a buy-out. The Gamecocks are paying over $1 million each for the coordinators. Maybe, start there. It will be cheaper.
  The offense that got nearly 500-yards against the number two team in the country, could only get half that much against Missouri.
  Muschamp said he thought the Gamecocks could run on the Tigers. Well, Missouri Coach Barry Odom thought Muschamp would think that, so he created a plan to stop the run and stop the pass. It’s called  coaching.
  Missouri is never ranked high in any recruiting list, yet the Tigers always find a way to get the most out of their players. It’s called coaching.
  I hope Will and his staff figure something out on how to finally beat that football juggernaut Kentucky Saturday.
  The Gamecock staff has  been out-coached by Kentucky’s Mark Stoopes  for five straight seasons, two of Spurrier’s teams and three of Muschamp’s.
  Defeating the Wildcats would be so special, I say facetiously, but it’s another of those “must win games,” so a victory is unlikely.
  Looking down the road, one of the games counted as a win on the remaining schedule was Appalachian State.  The Mountaineers defeated North Carolina Saturday, a team the Gamecocks couldn’t beat. The App State coach, who I have no idea his name, out-coached Mack Brown, something Muschamp couldn’t do.
 No, we’ve already had a App State coach, Sparky Woods. It didn’t work out.
  The saddest thing  about this current season is it has brought Gamecock Larry to his knees.
  Gamecock Larry is 85-years-old who calls into 107.5 almost every day.
  He’s like that old joke about the kid digging through a pile of horse manure, saying, “I know there is a pony in here somewhere!”
  Larry is the eternal optimist almost to the point of being unreasonable. In fact, if I’m listening when he calls, I usually turn to another station.
  When he called in after the UNC loss, I did not want to hear his cheery outlook. I was about the turn Larry off, when I heard him say he was as low as he was when the Gamecocks were 0-21.
  When a football team causes an 85-year-old man wearing rose colored glasses to lose his faith, then what are we skeptics to do?
 Join me, Gamecock Larry. Be done!


  I’ve been covering county council for over 40-years, and have moved with them three times!
  When I first came to work here, the meetings were held in the upstairs meeting room of the current library.  The Council offices were also upstairs.
  The capacity was the council members, staff and  four or five people sitting around the room.
  Later, the  Council renovated the American Legion Building, and actually had a meeting room upstairs that allowed the public to attend meetings.
  A few years later, Council moved to its current location, and the Magistrate’s Court took over the old location.
  All this is to show I’ve been to a lot of meetings, and I have more insight that the average citizen on what council has faced through state cutbacks and mandates through the years.
  A good bit of the current economic quagmire the county budget is in can be traced back to the state cutting back on its support to local governments. When the state got into economic trouble, they cut the local support.  When the state’s economy improved, the local support still was not reinstated.
  To add insult to injury, while cutting local support, the state legislature passed a law limiting how much local governments can raise property taxes.
  So, you see how hard this has hit poor, rural counties like Saluda, who don’t have industries.
  A good part of Saluda County’s financial woes can be blamed on Columbia, but that doesn’t solve the current problem.


  I saw something on the internet the other day that tickled me. It reads as follows:
“‘Missing’ woman mystery solved
  A group of tourists spent hours Saturday looking  for a missing woman near Iceland’s Eldgja canyon, only to find her among the search party.
  The group was travelling through Iceland on a tour bus and stopped near a volcanic canyon. Soon, there was word of a missing passenger. The woman, who had changed clothes, didn’t recognize the description of herself, and joined in the search  
  But the search was  called off at about 3 a.m., when it became clear the missing woman was, in  fact, accounted for and searching for herself.”
  Well, good for her!
  Another funny in the internet was supplied by Andrew Baggarly who tweeted: “Mike Yastrzemski has three hits tonight against Mike Foltyniewicz. The rest of the Giants have none.
  And if I have to keep typing about Yastrzemski-Foltyniewicz matchups, I hope my insurance covers carpal tunnel surgery.”
 An hilarious clip circulated on social media after the Tennessee-Florida game. A call came in from the press box to Tennessee’s back-up quarterback. The call came in on an old push-button phone.
  The Tennessee player did not know what to do with the phone. He put his ear to the keypad. I kid you not. Look it up!
  Tennessee got beat 34-3. Maybe, Carolina is using those phones, too.
  A website was titled “The It Word The Year You Were Born.”
  I had to see what the ”it word” was in 1951. Would you believe the word that year was “Nerd?”
 I thought that was a relatively new term, not 68-years-old!
  Here’s an internet find that is not funny, but it is pretty interesting.
 “The Atlanta Braves have won the NL East ever year Tiger Woods has won The Masters.”
  Another social media gem was supplied by Laura Thomson McCarty, who lived in Saluda while her father, Henry Thomson, was pastor of St. Paul UMC.
  Laura was attending a photography show in Zebulon, GA, and one of the photos on display was of the Saluda Theater, taken by Russell Jeffcoat.
  How about that?!


  I got a temporary thrill Wednesday morning.
  I bought a scratch off lottery ticket, and as I got to the last line, I scratched off the symbol for “win all 20 prizes.”
  Wow! Could I have a $250,000 winner.
  I started scratching under the numbers.
  $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1, $1.
  I won $20.  The story of my life......