2019 Hall of Fame Requirements

Saluda School District One Hall of Fame Information

  Information has been released for the 2019 Saluda County School District Hall of Fame.
  Submit all nominations for the 2019 HOF to Coach Horton at nhorton@saluda schools.org by August 15th for consideration.
  Saluda School District One Hall of Fame Rules for Nomination
  1. The Hall of Fame is for those individuals who have outstanding achievements or contributions in athletics, education, or in service to Saluda School District One, (including Saluda, Riverside and Hollywood High). A Hall of Fame candidate would have received awards and recognition above the All- Region or All Conference level in athletics, state or national honors during years of service as an educator, or has provided invaluable years of devoted service as a volunteer that added enrichment to the school community. These individuals will be of high achievement and good character.  If a person is nominated based on athletic merits, they must be fifteen years removed from graduation.  If a person is nominated for their coaching merits, they must be retired or five years removed from employment from Saluda School District One.  If a person is nominated for their service to the school community, they must have at least ten years of service.
  2. Candidates for the Hall of Fame must be nominated. There will be a deadline for nominations. The person completing the nomination is responsible for supplying the Hall of Fame Committee with all pertinent information that would serve to qualify the nominee for membership in the Hall of Fame.
  Nominating information should include all relevant statistics, awards and recognition.
  All nomination information must be documented through newspaper clippings, yearbook, etc. Statistics must be documented.  Candidates can not be considered without documentation.
  The nominator is responsible for providing the Committee with copies of the information. All photos, etc. will be returned but the Committee cannot be responsible for valuable or irreplaceable items.
  3. The Saluda High School Athletic Department will form a Committee of 5-7 persons to receive and review all nominations.  The committee will consist of the Athletic Administration at Saluda High School, a school administrator, a teacher representative, a hall of fame member, and the president of the Booster Club.  After review, the Committee will select the inductees for the Hall of Fame. Any candidate not chosen for the Hall of Fame will have their qualifications kept for consideration the following year.
  4. The Hall of Fame Committee will choose candidates for induction. There will be no requirement that any particular number be chosen in any year, and in fact there could be no candidates chosen in some years. The Saluda High School Athletic Department will determine the number for induction each year based on the qualifications of those nominated.
  5. The winners each year will be announced and awarded at a home football game.
  6. Hall of Fame Selections will have their photographs and accomplishments displayed at Saluda High School in the form of a plaque. The Hall of Fame Members will also receive a plaque.  The school’s athletic website (www.saludatigers athletics.com) also has a page with pictures and information for each member.
  7. Nominations will be accepted each year.  The Selection Committee will then meet to discuss nominations. This Committee will choose its own meeting times, and be ready to present its choices at the August meeting. The induction would be held at halftime of a home football game.
  8. Inductees and their spouse would be given complimentary tickets to the football game. All others who are present will purchase a ticket.
  9. All persons who wish to nominate a candidate to the Hall of Fame must acquire a nominating form from Nate Horton, Saluda School District One Assistant Athletic Director or from the school’s athletic website (www. saludatigersathletics.com). All nominations must be returned to Nate Horton by the end of the day on August 15th of each year. No late entries will be accepted for this year’s nominating class.

Saluda School District One
Hall of Fame Nomination

Name of candidate _______________________________________
Biographical information: date of birth, etc.

Graduating class of

_________________  at

High School.

  (The following information may be provided on separate typewritten paper.)
  List the sports or events that the nominee participated in at their Saluda District One School.
  List Honors and Awards received by the nominee.
  Provide all pertinent statistics, etc. (Verification must be provided) Newspaper clippings, yearbook articles, etc. must be provided for consideration. (All information will be returned to the nominator but the committee cannot be responsible for valuable and irreplaceable items.)
  In a descriptive summary, the nominator should explain why the person chosen should be considered for the Hall of Fame. Please give all pertinent information that could be used to determine eligibility for induction.
  Include any additional information that could assist the committee in its selection of candidates to the Hall of Fame.
  All of the above information must be returned to Nate Horton, Asst. Athletic Director, Saluda School District One; 160 Ivory Key Road, Saluda, S.C. 29138 by the end of the day on August 15th. Phone number 445-3011. FAX 445-3542. nhorton@ saludaschools.org.


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