Webb Represents

Country Music Artist Cody Webb
Promotes Lake Murray Tourism

  The Capital City/Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Office (CCLMC) is in partnership with Nashville Country Music Star, Cody Webb.  Webb grew up in Saluda County and is proud to promote the Lake Murray Country region.
  “I’m so excited about this opportunity to represent Capital City/Lake Murray Country. I spent all of my summers on Lake Murray so it comes so natural and easy for me to spread the word about one of the greatest places in earth, beautiful Lake Murray, South Carolina,” said Cody Webb,a Ridge Spring native.
  This partnership includes a fishing event, a concert at the 2020 Taste of Lake Murray event and much more. Cody Webb will be promoting the region and spreading the word to visitors about what his hometown has to offer.
  “The Capital City/Lake Murray Country Tourism Office is excited to have Webb help promote the region. Our target market is country music fans, fishermen and outdoor lovers. Having him on board will elevate our marketing plan,” said Miriam Atria, President of CCLMC.
  At Webb’s concert at The Senate on May 30th, CCLMC presented Webb with a Lake Murray customized paddle to help him navigate to the stars.
  CCLMC promotes the four counties that surround Lake Murray (Richland, Lexington, Newberry and Saluda counties). CCLMC is one of the 11 tourism regions in the state of South Carolina.

nMarvin and Norman Bernstein

Bernstein Brothers Celebrate 101st and 104th Birthdays

By Nancy Bernstein Upchurch

  My dad, Marvin Bern-stein, our friend Brenda Griffith and I traveled to my dad’s younger brother Norman Bernstein’s home in Virginia. the weekend of May 17th, to celebrate Norman’s 101st Birthday.
  Uncle Norman served in World War II and my dad was a licensed Ham Radio operator at the time of Pearl Harbor.
  A week after Pearl Harbor was attacked, my dad received a telegram informing him to report to Ft. Mon-mouth, NJ. Every licensed Ham received this telegram, as they were needed for communications.
  My uncle Norman was drafted the next month, January 1942. Their older brother, Uncle Howard was drafted soon after. My dad served in the Coast Guard Auxiliary every weekend during the War. He continued working with communications and later working in the laboratories with quartz crystals.
  There are articles and papers dad wrote throughout his 30 years at Fort Mon-mouth on the internet, once classified, but now released to the public.
  I remember as a little girl in the 1960’s daddy taking trips to Paris, Brussels and other places across the Atlantic to speak at NATO about his research.
  He has three  patents in his name, two with the United States Government. One of his patents was the first crystal to launch in Explorer 1 on January 31, 1958. Before daddy’s patented Crystal the crystals kept shattering during launch.
  The brothers were best friends growing up and Norman was dad’s shadow. Their tales of childhood are full of wonder of a time I can only imagine. They were boys, of course, and Uncle Norman did throw a cap gun at dad and knocked out his front tooth. Boys will be boys and I’m sure Grandma had her hands full.
   Dad celebrated early with Norman. Lucky dad! Born June 6, 1915, Dad is looking forward to his big party Saturday, June 8th.
  Our family is truly blessed by these two special men. God Bless you both and Happy Birthday Dad and Uncle Norman. We love you so much.

Makayla Porter Receives 2019 DEKALB®
Agricultural Accomplishment Award

  Makayla Porter of  Saluda High School was recently  presented the school’s highest agricultural honor, the DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award, sponsored by Monsanto Company.
  Porter, the daughter of Randall and Kim Porter, received the award for excellence in academics, leadership and agricultural work
experience. Porter’s significant experiences and accomplishments have included serving as vice president of the Saluda FFA Chapter, receiving her State FFA Degree, and competing on the Woodland Clinic Forestry team.   
  Amanda N Crouch is Porter’s agricultural education instructor at  Saluda High  School.          
  This year the DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award celebrates its 72nd  anniversary.  Over these 72 years more than 168,000 high school seniors from across the country have  received the Award, which has become a symbol for excellence and the school’s highest agricultural honor.
  As the winner of the 2019 Award,  Porter’s name will be recorded on a  permanent  plaque displayed at  Saluda High School. 

  Monsanto, a long-time supporter of agricultural education, FFA, 4-H and other farm youth organizations and initiatives, sponsors the DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment  Award.  Monsanto is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality.