Tidbits -April 25 2019



  God has to have a sense of humor, or he wouldn’t have created us.
  Thursday, at our Maundy Thursday service I was following along with the scripture reading on the YouVersion app on my phone.
  Somehow, I hit the “hear the Word Audio Bible” button, and my phone started reciting the scripture out loud, very loud, as loud as the preacher, even though I had my phone on mute.
  I couldn’t get it to stop.
  Finally, I hit the “home” button to exit out of the app, but I pressed too hard and Siri came on.
  The last phrase the Bible app spoke mentioned the devil, and Siri said, “I don’t understand.”
  Neither did I. I cut the phone off.
  Sunday morning, I was hesitant to use my phone during the scripture readings, but there was no problem this time.
  That’s not to say the service went off without a hitch.
  Thursday night, we stripped the altar area, leaving only the cross, which we covered with a black cloth and a crown of thorns.
  Sunday morning, we put everything back in place at the beginning of the service, or so we thought.
  When it came time for the offering, there were no offering plates on the table where we usually keep them. I walked back and searched the parlor and office and did not find the plates.
  I did find some old wicker basket plates that “came over on the Mayflower” in the office and we used those.
  The offering plates were found behind the altar after the service, by the way.


  It is sadly ironic that one of the most iconic churches in the world, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, burned during Holy Week.
  I got home in time to see the famous spire fall, or a least a replay.
  That reminded me of 9-11, when I came home to get a portable TV, and walked in just as the first tower fell.
  I’ve never been to Paris, but many from here have travelled there and visited Notre Dame.
  My nephew Morgan Jones went with a Saluda High group, and remembered visiting the Cathedral and seeing the column inside had been rubbed clean by the hands of the many visitors.
  Morgan said he noticed the columns were dusty above head level, so he stood on the base of a column and reached up and touched the accumulated dust. He wanted to touch the history, about 900 years worth.
  I have been inside two world famous American churches, St. Patrick’s in New York, and St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Both will take your breath away.
  Notre Dame is more impressive. Thank goodness most of the sacred artifacts and relics were saved.
  I get upset with some in the younger generation who say, “Don’t rebuild the church. Spend that money on social programs instead.”
  The church that has served the Lord for over 900 years, has done more for the world than any of the young complainers will ever do.
  The church brings visitors to the City of Paris, who spend money, much more money that what it will take to rebuild it.
  Someone posted on Facebook a picture of Saluda’s Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church after it burned in 1996. The church was just a shell but on Easter morning, the beautiful flower cross we’ve all grown to love was still out front in all of its glory.
  Mt. Pleasant, and all churches that accidently burned or were purposely burned, rose out of the ashes.
  Notre Dame will, too.


  I was saddened to hear of the passing of former Presbyterian College head football coach Cally Gault.
  If you haven’t heard of him, you’re young.
  During his time at P.C. Coach Gault was a regular speaker at the Saluda High Athletic Banquet. He didn’t speak every year, but it seems he and Fred Herrin at Newberry College alternated a few years.
  Back in my day, late 60’s, and the days before, the athletic banquet was the second flower event of the year.
  The boys bought their dates a big white mum. Orchids were for the Junior-Senior (Prom) only. Unlike the prom, the girls did not have to buy their dates a boutonniere.
  Boys wore coat and ties and the girls wore their Sunday finest.
  And for the meal, we always had barbecue chicken.
  I remember one year, I wore my green, double breasted blazer and a white tie, with colored, criss-crossed stripes. I loved that tie, but I splattered it with barbecue sauce and ruined it.
  What I remembered about Coach Gault was he was always funny, but he also had a great message, usually centering on faith in God.
  He touched many lives in his career, and will greatly missed.