Tidbits -March 21 2019



  I couldn’t help but think of Dr. Bob Rollings when I got a letter last week from Montgomery & Riddle, the eye care office that now occupies Dr. Rollings’ old building.
  As most of you know there were few greater Gamecock fans that Dr. Bob. He served in some of the highest offices in the Gamecock Club organization. If you wanted to check out any Carolina sports’ rumor, Dr. Rollings was usually “in the know.”
  The mailing I received was to all the Montgomery & Riddle customers, letting them know their office was going to merge with a large eyecare conglomerate, and there would be a name change.
  Yes, the former location of Gamecock Bob Rollings office will soon be known as CLEMSON Eye!

  I know most parents would do anything they could for their children, when it comes to their higher education.
  It pays to know someone.
  My family had a cousin-in-law on the board at Carolina. I don’t think he was ever called about anything school related, but  we knew he was there.
  I’m sure the late Bill Amick, when he was on the board at Clemson, got many calls from parents.
  All of that is normal, but what the people did in the latest college admission scandal if absolutely ridiculous.
  Can you imagine spending $500,000, not for tuition, but to cheat so your children and get admitted.
  The scam included Photoshopped pictures to make the kids appear to be athletes.
  It’s quite obvious that “Aunt Becky’s” daughter was not overly enthused about her admittance to Southern Cal.
  In her YouTube video, she admits all she was interesting in was partying and going to games. She said she doubted she would go to class. She was also be the one who put out a video in high school, bragging that she did not go to classes. How did she graduate?
  Felicity Huffman paid someone $15,000 to take an admittance exam for her son.
  Here were just two of the mothers who went to the extreme, and they obviously had no confidence in the ability of their children whatsoever.
  This is going to have a domino effect.
  I’m sure the Trumps will be the first family to be put under a microscope. What influence was used in their education, dad and children?
  We know Teddy Kennedy was caught cheating in law school, yet he became a lawyer and U.S. Senator. Would that have happened had he be born poor?
  By the way, the best meme to come out of all this was, “Shout out to Kris Jenner who didn’t bother buying  SAT scores or slots in an Ivy League college. She knows her kids are stupid and owns it...”
  And the Kardashians are laughing all the way to the bank.....


  I got a little upset a few weeks ago, when Pat Forde of Yahoo sports wrote a column criticizing Tennessee as the number one Vols were blasted by Kentucky in their first meeting of the year.
  Forde pretty much called Tennessee “pretenders to the throne,” because their schedule did not match the tough slate Kentucky always plays. He said the Vols did not deserve to be ranked number one in the first place.
  Now, when number one Duke was blasted by North Carolina, Pat did not call the Blue Devils pretenders, even though they lost by the almost the same margin as Tennessee. Of course, Zion got injured in that game.
  How could have called Duke a pretender to the throne without their “king,”  but he didn’t.
  In the second, Tennessee-Kentucky meeting, the Vols won. I didn’t read a column by Pat, called “Oops!”
  Saturday in the SEC tournament, Tennessee and Kentucky met in the semi-finals in the rubber game of the season. This time, Tennessee won again.
  After the game Forde tweeted, “ Tennessee wins in SEC tournament in a classic, 82-78. I am hereby retracting a certain column I wrote exactly one month ago.”
  I appreciate when people admit they are wrong.
  I wish our president would display a little humility every now and then. Trump reminds me of that old Roger Miller song, “Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way.”
  The other day, when the president was talking about Tim Cook of Apple, he said “Tim Apple.”
  No big deal, I say wrong names every day.
  The president, however, tweeted later he did not make a mistake. At first he tweeted he said “Tim Cook of Apple,” but we didn’t hear it. He tends to forget every thing he says is videoed.
  He then said he was just trying to conserve words!
  Of course, you’ll remember candidate Trump was asked if he had ever asked God for forgiveness, and his answer was “I don’t believe I ever have.” (Look it up.)
  So, if the President doesn’t think he needs to apologize to God, he certainly doesn’t have to apologize to us!


  Congratulations to Wofford! The Terriers have certainly made this state proud with their performance in basketball this year.
  The Terriers are a Top 25 team. I hope they do well in March Madness.
  Let’s also give a shout-out  to the City of Spartanburg. Not only are the Terriers representing the Spartan City inthe Big Dance, but the national player of the year Zion Williamson is a native son!
  Clemson had a respectable season, as did the Gamecocks.
  The Tigers play in the toughest conference in the nation, so getting 19 wins is not bad. They got invited to the NIT.

  Carolina’s Frank Martin did a remarkable coaching job, considering the Gamecocks lost four players to injury, three of them starters. Still, he led them to a fourth place SEC finish.
  With only seven players available, the Gamecocks lost to Auburn by nine in Friday’s tournament game. The Tigers would go on to win the tournament championship by beating Tennessee by 20.
  Martin has been snakebit, since leading Carolina to the Final Four three seasons ago. He had a great nucleus coming back from that team, but P.J. Dozier got bad advise and turned pro. He wasn’t even drafted.
  Then another talented point guard Rah Felder got in trouble and was removed from the team. Had they stuck around, Dozier would have been a senior this year and Felder would have been a junior.
  I have no doubt the Gamecocks would have gone dancing last year and this with those two players.