Short Council Meeting

Council  Holds Short Meeting

  For the second month in a row, the public portion of the Saluda County Council meeting was “short and sweet.”
  The agenda had only four items, and the public portion lasted less that 20 minutes.
  The one item that got the most attention was scheduled to be replacing the security cameras at the Courthouse.
  Before the meeting began, the replacement idea was changed.
  Emergency Management Director Josh Morton said discussions with Ed Hubbard, president of Adroit Systems Company, led both to agree the problem may be the Courthouse network and not the cameras.
  Morton recommended technicians from Hubbard’s company come in an test the network, before the county would go to the expense of buying new cameras. Council voted 4-1 to pay no more than $1300 to have two technicians test the network at the Courthouse. Voting in favor were Chairman Derrick Jones, Frank Daniel, D.J. Miller an Jones Butler. Voting against was Justin Butler.
  Council did approving buying a $675 camera for the holding facility.
  Angie F. Rita as appointed to the Saluda Nursing Center Board. Mrs. Fulmer had been filling out an unexpired term for a board member, and this will be her first official term.
  Hardee Horne was appointed to the Employee Grievance Committee.
  Council went into executive session after the public meeting.

County Named ‘Financially Healthy’

  Where are the nation’s most  financially healthy places to live? SmartAsset, a New York financial technology company, recently released a study to help answer that. The study analyzed debt, bankruptcy, poverty and unemployment in counties across the country to find where residents were most financially healthy.
 According to the study, Saluda County ranked among the top places in South Carolina.
 For a detailed look at how the top counties in South Carolina performed in each category, check out the table below: