Tidbits - November 8 2018



  I was astonished at the crowd attending the Sheriff’s Office sponsored Trunk or Treat at the Recreation Complex on Halloween afternoon.
  Although the complex is only located two miles from my house, this was the first time I have attended. I’m a little old to trick or treat.
  Out of curiosity, I decided to ride up to the Trunk or Treat just  to see what was going on. I was amazed when I saw all the parked cars. It looked like a mini-Tractor Pull crowd!
  The event btought back memories of the Saluda Halloween Carnival of my youth. This was an event you looked forward to every year.
  It was probably the biggest crowd drawer in the county other than football games.
  I remember being able to buy used comic books at a greatly reduced price, but because of some copyright rules, the title had to cut off the cover. I wonder how many future valuable comics were ruined by this?
  The Saluda High gym was a the focal point of the carnival. The floor was divided into various stores and game areas.
  You could go fishing for a plastic fish, and on the bottom of the fish was the name of the prize that you won.
  Other stores contained baked and canned goods. Of course, there were hot dogs, drinks and candy apples available for purchase.
  Inside the girls locker room was the “haunted house.”
  The first part, those who entered were blindfolded and told to feel items on a table. Bones were obtained from the locker plant, but large grapes were used for eyeballs.
  After the first part, the blindfolds were removed, and “ghosts’ jumped out at the unsuspecting crowd the rest of the way.
  The padding on the endline walls of the gym were removed and put on the floor of the locker room, because many people fell trying to get away.
  Bingo was a big draw for the adults.
  In one room, a band made up of faculty members performed. I remember Racheline Swindler Able was in the band, and, maybe, Supt. A.L. Bradley. It’s been over 50-years, so I don’t remember the people.
  Another highlight was the hayride. Riders were told they were going to travel down Rock Road, and a man who lived on the area often shot at trespassers.
  I’m sure the Halloween Carnival made a tremendous amount of money for the PTA every year.
  Going to town on Halloween was a big deal for kids who grew up in the country. Houses were few and far between in the rural areas, but the town had streets lined with house after house. We would rack up.
  I don’t know why I remember, but it seems we got our biggest hauls on Hazel Street and West Church.
  Those were the good old days!


  Saluda will travel to Gaffney Friday to take on Blacksburg in the first round of the 2A Upperstate playoffs.
  This will be the first time the two teams have ever met, although they have something in common, Mickey Moss.
  Mickey, who coached at Saluda for five years, is a native of Blacksburg and ended his career coaching at his alma mater.
  The Tigers and Wildcats both finished third in their respective conferences and have identical 6-4 records.
  Saluda has played an SEC West type schedule, losing to four ranked teams. Blacksburg has also played some good teams.
  The winner of this game will probably play at Buford, the Region 1-AA champion,  in the second round. Blacksburg opened the season against Buford and won 45-22. Buford, by the way, lost its first three games, but hasn’t been beaten since.
  Blacksburg is in the same conference with Southside Christian. Saluda knows how good the Sabres are, losing 30-17. Blacksburg fell to SC 39-0.
  The game will be played at the old Gaffney High School stadium.
  I saw some video of the Newberry at Limestone College football game on Channel 10, and was impressed Limestone had a stadium with an upperdeck.
  I found out later Limestone plays at the new Gaffney High School stadium! Wow.
  It still has about 6000 less seats that Dorman University!
  Speaking of Gaffney and Limestone, Saluda’s Malik Brooks rushed for a school record 169-yards in Limestone’s final game of the season Saturday.
  If Malik is at the game Friday, congratulate him!

ONLY 600!

  Mississippi gained over 600-yards in offense against Carolina Saturday and lost!
  That’s something that rarely happens,  unless you are in a 48-44 shoot out!
  My recording the games has had some drawbacks lately.
  I mentioned a few week ago about the Vandy game getting delayed by lightning. I didn’t know the game was concluded on the SEC alternate channel, so I missed recording the end of the game.
  A few weeks later, the Missouri game was delayed for over an hour by a sudden storm. I knew about the delay, so, knowing the end of the game would be switched to the alternate. I turned the channel. Guess what, this time they didn’t switched to the alternate, so I missed the game winning field goal.
  Saturday, there were no storms, so when I got the notification that Carolina had won, I switched to the game and that dadgum Dish Network “inactive” screen was showing, so I missed the end of this game, too!
  Carolina won all three “misses,” so I’m not complaining. I caught SEC Network replays of the first two, and I’ll watch Saturday’s replay, too.
  Last week, I mentioned Deebo hadn’t returned a kick-off yet, and Jack Bentley always gets off to slow start. Well, Deebo returned the opening kickoff all the way and Jake passed for 363 yards Saturday! They must have read my column!
  The last four games have been nerve-wracking for Gamecock fans. The scores have been 37-35, 26-23, 27-24 and 48-44. Carolina won three of those games.
  Clemson fans have no worries. Saturday’s game was over in the first three minutes.
  When you win 77-16, you can allow many players the opportunity to score touchdowns. Clemson has used two defensive linemen as running backs, and they’ve both scored. Dabo’s son, normally the placekicking holder,  got into the act Saturday, running for a touchdown.
  You know on “Who Want’s to be a Millionaire?” when they call someone out of the audience at the end of to show to answer a question and win $1000?
  I think Clemson should do something like this. Put all the names of the fans attending in giant pit, and draw a name. At the beginning of the third quarter, that person’s name is announced and they can come down on the field and score a touchdown. They may opt to put on pads and a helmet first!


  I was so saddened to hear of the passing of Buck Davis.
  Up until a few weeks ago, he and his wife Ilene were among our Tuesday afternoon paper purchasing regulars.
  I’d see them drive up to the curb and I’d take them four papers. (They bought for family members.)
  “You’re a good man,” Mrs. Ilene would say every week.
  They didn’t came by one week, then I saw on Facebook they were both at Saluda Nursing Center. Things happened so quickly.
  I had known Buck Davis all my life, but I really got to know him when I joined the Saluda Civitan Club in the early 70’s, in a group of new members who were 20-years or more younger than the charter members.
  Buck was among those “elder statesmen” (they were in their 40s) who accepted us “young whippersnappers” and we all became lifelong friends.
  He was, simply put, as good as you could get.
  Buck Davis will be greatly missed.