Tidbits - October 25 2018



  It’s only been a week, but I really like our new printing arrangement.
  We emailed the pages to the Index-Journal on Monday afternoon, I left around eight Tuesday morning to pick the papers up, and was back in Saluda around 10:30, as opposed to 3 p.m. or later the other way.
  I mistakenly thought I would not run into any traffic “obstructions” like I normally did on practically every trip to Columbia.
  About five miles from town, I was the third vehicle behind a car doing 45 mph. It was ten miles before I found a place to pass. Never fails!
  The Index office is located on Phoenix Street, so I decided to go the “back way” when I got to Greenwood.
  I turned onto the” second” Main Street, then turned where the old Ford placed used to be, then turned left onto Brannon Street, where my cousin Thomas Shealy grew up.
  I admit I didn’t recognize the house when I went by. I took a picture of the house next to it and sent it to Thomas. Thomas let me know that wasn’t it.
  He gave me directions, but I told I was on the right street. I decided to go back by on my way back home.
  Everything on that street looked so small. I remember big yards, but they weren’t big anymore. Maybe, they were big because I was small.
  Phoenix Street is a block off Brannon.
  I remembered going to Thomas’ house, with Daddy and Jamie, on a Friday night, and we all walked to a Greenwood High football game. Those were the days when Greenwood was a perennial powerhouse under the legendary Pinky Babb.
  The Index office is right across the road from the old Greenwood High stadium. It has been converted into soccer fields.
  When I got to the office, I saw cars in the parking lot, and I walked around the entire building, but every door was locked! I saw on the front door, the office opened at 10 a.m.
  Thank goodness for cellphones! I called Bill Duncan, who I had been dealing with, and he directed me to the loading dock. After we loaded the papers in my van, he showed me the door bell that I can ring from here on out.
  When I talked to Bill earlier in the week, we somehow ended up talking about football. He said he was and fan of both Carolina and Clemson.
  I told him that was impossible.
  He said it wasn’t, really. He grew up in Columbia, but went to Furman.
  He now lives in Anderson, and all his wife’s family went to Clemson, but his son just graduated from Carolina.
  So, with that explanation. I guess it’s possible.
  After I left the Index, I had to reacquaint myself with Greenwood.
  In the last four years, I have only been to Greenwood three times, and that was to eat at the Dixie Drive-in before was drove to Abbeville to get beat in the Upperstate Championship game.
  I needed to get some office supplies and make my weekly trip to Big Lots.
  I easily found Office Max. It was where I remembered, but the store is arranged differently than the one I go to in Columbia.
  Like any man, I walked around the whole store before I asked for directions.
  Getting what I needed, I then drove to where I remembered Big Lots being. It wasn’t there.
  I pulled into a parking lot, and typed in Greenwood Big Lots on Safari, and got the address. I only missed it by two or three miles.
  When I got to the store. I was pleased it has not been rearranged like the one on St. Andrews Road.
  Under the new arrangement, all of the furniture is moved to the center of the store and the food items are moved to the back.
  I told the clerk about this and she said their store was due to get renovated next June. Great!
  I had been disappointed at the  Columbia store, when a coconut drink I loved had not been available for months. I was thrilled when the Greenwood store had it!
  After Big Lots, I headed home, going back by Brannon Street. I found Thomas’ old house, but I didn’t take a picture because someone was sitting on the porch.
  It certainly did not look like the house I remembered. Thomas said he thought the house had been converted into two apartments.
  Most of our Tuesday afternoon paper buyers remembered our new schedule. By lunchtime, we had completed inserting the papers.
  I went though the drive-thru and ate lunch on the way to The Circle to deliver those papers.
  I never checked how many miles I drove each Tuesday when I went to Lexington and Columbia, but I bet the new arrangement, even with the trip to The Circle is comparable.
  I’m not a breakfast person, so I am going to miss out on the variety of eating places I had for lunch in Columbia.
  But, other than that....


  I know Saluda coaches, players and fans are tired of losing to Abbeville, but let’s face it, this is one of the best programs in the state in any classification.
  That fact that the Tigers have played the Panthers in the Upperstate Championship game is a tribute to the Saluda program.
  Abbeville has won the 2-A state title for three straight years, but I have heard more accolades for this year’s team that any of the past three.
   Someone said they are the best team in the state, period! I can’t image Abbeville beating Dutch Fork, but I bet they would give them a game. I hate the Abbeville game with 4-A’s top team Hartsville got cancelled by floods. I would have loved to have seen how the Panthers played with th
  I’ve heard descriptions of Abbeville like “complete” and “do nothing wrong.”
  Well, we found out Friday night Abbeville is not perfect. There was a high snap over the punter’s head, and the when he retrieved the ball, the punt only travelled  12 yards!
  Of course, when you average 49 points per game, how often do you punt? The punting miscue was made up by the fact every kick-off went into the end zone, so every opponent starts from the 20.
  Abbeville also passed for minus two yards against Saluda, but  how many times have we seen teams get lulled to sleep by the Panthers running game, then get killed by a long pass? When you rush for 370-yards, you don’t have to pass much.
  I was proud of the way the Tigers played. Sure they got beat 31-13, but they left at least 11 points on the field. Add those 11 points, and take away that 73-yard killer kick-off return to start the second half and you’ve got a tie game. And, if the Tigers had the four starters who didn’t play....
  Unfortunately, the gods of football don’t allow add ons, take-aways and ifs!
  Saluda is 5-4, but the four losses have come against the No. 5 team in 3-A, and the Numbers 1, 5, and 6 in 2-A.
  Number 5 Ninety Six will fall this week, because they got beat 17-0 by Silver Bluff, a talented team Saluda beat 10-0.
  The Tigers will travel to old rival Batesburg-Leesville Friday. We’ll see some more good football.

Mary Parkman loved Saluda County. She devoted many years  to the Saluda County Historical Society, serving for a long period as the president.
  She also was a talented quilter. I sleep every night under a Carolina comforter she made.
  Mary had a great personality, and you didn’t have to worry about what she thought, because she would tell you!
  Clara Williams was a sweet lady, working many years for the Saluda County DSS.
  She was proud of the accomplishments of her children, one of whom, Sharon Williams-Holloway, is a member of the school board.
   Clara also made some of the best peanut brittle you ever tasted.
  Tom Stone came by the Sentinel office a good bit. Jackie Kidd and I were talking the other day that we hadn’t seen Tom lately.
  I was shocked when I got an email of his obituary Sunday.
  Mary, Clara and Tom will be missed. Our sympathy to their families.