Tidbits - July 19 2018



  I know many of us have sung the old “Hee Haw” standard, “If it weren’t for bad  luck, I’d have no luck at all,” at times when it was needed.
  Seems like we have needed it a lot around the Sentinel lately, with all the computer problems and break downs.
  But those were relatively minor and not too expensive.
  Last Thursday, my van started “acting up.” It would take four times or more for it to crank, and that is unusual.
  I came to town around 4 p.m. to get a prescription for my mother.
  Again, it took four turns of the key to get the van to crank at the drug store.
  On the way home, the van suddenly de-accelerated. I became one of those aggravating Batesburg Hwy. slow drivers I complain about.
  I know the car behind me was wondering what was going on.
  I finally came to a complete stop.
  There was no cranking the van.
  I called my brother Jamie to come pick me up.  Then, I called Bryan Bedenbaugh at Saluda Motor Sales to come pick up the van.
  When Jamie arrived, we both agreed it must be the alternator.
  After the rollback arrived to pick up the van, we headed home.
  The next day, Bryan called and said, “Are you sitting down?”
  That’s never a good thing to hear.
  He let me know the engine had blown. There as no water in it when they got it to the shop.
  I don’t understand.
  The van did run hot a few weeks ago. The heat gauge shot up suddenly, and I cut off the air conditioner and the needle moved down to halfway.
  I got home and found the antifreeze was very low. I filled up the holding tank and had been closely checking the gauge ever since. It never ran hot again, but still there was a leak, apparently.
  Long story shortened, I’m having to put a rebuilt engine in the van. It’s ten year old, so that should make its life a good bit longer.
  As many cars as I have owned in my life, I had decided I was not going to buy another one anytime soon, unless I win the lottery!
  Then I’ll buy a bunch!
  Now, with my primary paper hauler out of commission, I needed to use my truck to haul the papers.
  Jackie had borrowed my truck, and brought it back Monday morning.
  I drove my car to work, then drove the truck to Saluda Motor Sales to get some tires and an oil change.
  I immediately noticed the brake pedal was almost going to the floor. When I got to SMS, I told Bryan it appeared the truck needed some brake fluid.
  I got a loaner car, and drove it back to work.
  That afternoon, Bryan said the brake fluid was not the problem. Apparently, an animal had gnawed through my brake lines at Jackie’s house. (Sounds like a Columbo plot, doesn’t it.)
  SMS did not have the brake lines in stock, but they would be in Tuesday morning, paper printing day. There was no guarantee the brakes would be fixed in time for me to go get the papers in the truck..
  So, I called my brother Jamie to see if I could  borrow his and Allison’s van to go get the papers, if needed.
  I suddenly realized, I still had my loaner car, as well as my real car, and could only drive one at a time. Jackie followed me to SMS as I took the loaner car back.
  If my truck is fixed in time Tuesday morning, I’ll still have Jamie’s van....


  In his weekly email to us, my Uncle Keith Parris said there was a young man sitting in front of his  family at Central United Methodist Church in Spartanburg Sunday.
  Central’s pastor is Saluda’s St. Paul UMC’s  former pastor Tom Norrell. When Tom mentioned something about Saluda his sermon, the young man reacted to hearing the name.
  After church, Keith and family talked to the visitor. Keith said the young man’s name was Brendon, and he was from Saluda and knew Jamie, Dibbie and me. He told Keith he was a junior at Wofford.
  Of course, it was Brendon Pearson. The irony is the day before, I saw Brendon’s mother Tiffany and asked her what year Brendon would be in the fall at Wofford.
  The next day, he sat in front of my family members in Spartanburg!


  Former Saludan Angie Langford Stoker posted a picture on Facebook of the  149 shark teeth she had collected at Myrtle Beach.
  I commented on her picture that the only shark teeth I had ever seen at Myrtle Beach were in a basket at the Gay Dolphin.
  I have looked for shark teeth every walk on the beach for most of my life and have never found one ... and Angie finds 149!!!

SHOOTING FOR 1,000,000!

  I got one of the Facebook notices Monday that said “Ralph’s posts have been liked 630,000 times.”
  That’s hard to believe, isn’t  it?!!!
  Ryan Metts, who started at the Sentinel as a 15-year-old intern, got me stated on Facebook nearly ten years ago.
  Ryan is “half a doctor” now, but he doesn’t have 630,000 likes, I bet.
  That number 630,000 astounds me.
  That is 31.5 times the population of Saluda County, and eight average home football game attendances for Carolina or Clemson.
  That’s one like for each person who lives in the State of Wyoming, with 66,374 left over!
  Before my head got too big, I decided to check out some Facebook records.
  Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has 122.1 million likes.
  Never mind....