Tidbits - May 10 2018



  When our microwave went out Monday, I knew I faced the real possibility of starving to death.
  Unless a meal is purchased hot, everything else we eat is heated in the microwave.
  I knew I had to do something immediately. I got the microwave that gave up the ghost a Fred’s at few years ago, so I headed to town to see if I could buy a replacement.
  They not only had a replacement, but it was exactly like the one that broke, so there were no new functions to learn.
  I will not starve. I could stand to lose some weight, but my culprit is not meals, but Little Debbie, ice cream and other snacks.
  The oven in our kitchen serves as counter space.
  I will “explode” a can of biscuits or rolls every now and then and use the oven. I can’t remember the last time the eyes were used.
  Having to get the microwave didn’t help the pulled muscle in my back. I had to lift the box off the shelf and walked to the van after I paid. I don’t use shopping carts, which is very intelligent.
  I pulled the muscle last Wednesday when I moved 26 boxes of inserts inside. I never can remember the “bend your knees” to lift instruction until it’s too late.
  As of Monday, standing up from the seated position is still killing me.
  I emceed the Relay for Life Saturday, and stood up for four and a half hours. My back doesn’t hurt when I stand up. I don’t have one for those “standing” desks for work, however.
  I had to explain my condition to my customers when I screamed when I stood up to wait on them Monday.
  I’ve tried to be inventive during these few days.
  Instead of putting my bird feeder on the ground to fill it, I’ve moved it to a table so I can fill it standing up.
  I was proud of myself, until a wind gust blew my feed bucket to the ground and I had to bend over pick it up.
  I’m sure God laughed at that one, as He did every time I had to stand up to lead the singing Sunday.


  I don’t know what Carolina baseball Coach Mark Kingston said to his team after they lost to P.C. a few weeks ago, but since that embarrassing defeat, the Gamecocks are one of the hottest teams in the country.
  After losing to the Blue Hose, the Gamecocks faced three straight SEC series against ranked teams, and they have won all three, going 7-2.
  One poll had the Gamecocks ranked 11th this week. Another, however, did not have them ranked at all, so they are not completely “back” in all of the college  baseball world.
  It has been fun to see Carolina baseball play like the “good old days” these last three weeks. We’ll see if they can keep it up.


  There’s an actor on “The Game of Thrones” whose character is named “The Mountain.”
  He looks digitally created. If you painted him green, he’d be the Hulk.
  Monday, I read on Yahoo that “The Mountain” had won the World’s Strongest Man competition over the weekend ... for real!
  Hafthor Julius Bjornsson is 6-9, 400-lbs., and there is not one ounce of fat on him.
  Oh, if you’ve never seen “The Game of Thrones,” if a character comes in contact with “The Mountain” it is their last appearance on the show, guaranteed.


  A rumor on the internet Sunday is the France family is considering selling NASCAR.
  The question is, “Who can afford to buy it?”
  The France family doesn’t just own the sport, they also own many of the race tracks, including Darlington.
  NASCAR has been losing TV viewers and fans in the seats for a number of years.
  Cookie-cutter cars, cookie-cutter new tracks all over the country, and retirement of popular drivers  have made the races less appealing.
  The sport needs some new heroes. Hopefully, some of these young drivers will start winning.


  As I said earlier, I emceed the Relay for Life Saturday at the Recreation Complex Sunday.
  One of the most touching moments was when the cancer survivors introduced themselves.
  Laura Gillian Sylvester grew up just down the road from my house.
  She’s in her 30’s, married, the mother of two young daughters and she has waged a long, brave battle with breast cancer.
  She helped carry the banner around the track in the survivors walk.
  Monday, Laura was back at the hospital taking chemo.
  Tim Edwards said doctors discovered he had a  brain tumor on Friday the 13th.
  He was there Saturday, sporting the staples in his scalp from his recent surgery.
  Monday, Tim was scheduled to begin his radiation and chemo treatments.
  We pray for Laura, Tim and all the cancer survivors and their caretakers.
  Events like the Relay for Life help raise funds for cancer research and treatment.
  Few families have gone untouched by the disease.
  Hopefully, one day there will be no need for a Relay for Life.