Tidbits - March 15 2018



  I was upset when the Gamecock men’s basketball team was picked to finish 11th in the SEC in the pre-season polls.
  I felt it was a slap in the face to a team that had represented the SEC well by making to the Final Four the previous season.
 How did the Gamecocks finish the season in the SEC? 11th. Oh, well......
  Before the season began, I fell for Coach Frank Martin’s assessment that this team was going to be the best shooting team he has ever had.
  Boy, was he wrong!
  Rarely did the team shoot above 40 percent in a game.   Most games they shot in the 30s, and a few times they shot in the 20s.
  They actually beat Georgia when only shooting 27 percent. Perhaps that is why Georgia’s coach got fired at the end of the season. How do you lose a game to a team that only hits just over a fourth of their shots?
  I hate to admit it, but I taped very few of the Gamecock games this year. You know my philosophy of not watching live, but recording the  game for future viewing?
  I find no satisfaction in watching a team who can’t shoot, even if they win .
  The object of basketball is to score points, I do believe.
  A couple of the commentators on 107.5 said this was Martin’s second best coaching job of his career, second only to last season.
  The team finished 17-16, despite losing so much off the Final Four team.
  Martin knew he was losing the three seniors off that team, but I’m sure he was not expecting P.J. Dozier to go pro, or Rah Felder to get in trouble.
  With those two on this year’s team, the Gamecocks are back in the dance.
  Also, the transfer Holden, who averaged 18 points a game a Delaware, was so injury prone that he gave up the sport before the season ended.
  The Gamecocks were not invited to the NIT, so we’ll wait till next year!
  Clemson has done real well. I’m glad the athletic department officials stuck with Brad Brownell. He’s always been a good coach, but the Tiger record did not reflect it.
  Staying with Brownell has paid off, and the Tigers are in the tournament.
  The State of South Carolina is also represented by the College of Charleston. Unfortunately, the Tigers and the Cougars are in the same region.
  Someone posted on Twitter the state has other representatives, as well. Wichita State head coach, Gregg Marshall, is a native of Greenwood;   Marshall head coach Dan D’Antonio, is a graduate of Socastee High School in Horry County; and Marshall assistant, Scott Rigot, is a the former head coach at Spartanburg Methodist and a former Gamecock assistant.
  I love “March Madness,” and look forward to having my bracket blown on the first day.
  In the women’s tournament, Carolina is seeded second in the Albany tournament.
  The Gamecocks are not liked by the selection committee, apparently,  as they have been sent to South Dakota, California and New York in the last three seasons.
  Looks like a school that has led the nation in attendance for the last four years in a row, and is the defending champion, would be sent to a location within driving distance of those loyal fans.


  I put this on Facebook Sunday when I got home from church:
  “Do movies influence our lives? Our pastor, Jackie Connelly, incorporated the story of Moses in her sermon today. Every time I hear or read the story of Moses, I see Charlton Heston in my mind's eye, and every time I hear of the Pharaoh, I see Yul Brynner! How about you?”
  Most of the people who commented said they saw Charlton  Heston when they thought of Moses, too.
  I don’t know what we would do if “The Greatest Story Ever Told” had not been made!


  If I remember correctly, when we left the Upper State Championship football game in late November, it was 42 degrees.
  Last Wednesday night, I was following the Saluda-Strom Thurmond baseball game on the GameChanger app, and when the Tigers clinched the 6-5 win, I looked at my outdoor thermometer and it was 39 degrees!
  Who said baseball is a warm weather sport?
  There is nothing  more miserable than not being prepared to freeze to death.
  I know everyone came to the game expecting it to be cold, but you just don’t associate temperatures in the 30s with a baseball game.
  As I wrote on Facebook, “Baseball hats off to the players, coaches, umpires and fans!”
  Monday, I was not prepared for the cold. The weatherman told me the high temperature was going to be in the 50s, and I dressed for that.
  As I write this at 4:29 p.m., the temperature is still in the 40s.
  Brad Forrest said some sleet was spotted at his farm around lunch time. I can believe it!
  I checked my TimeHop app after a wrote this and discovered it snowed a year ago on March 12! It was cold that day, too!


  I was watching “The Big Sick” on Netflix Saturday night, and midway in the movie a Pakistani character living in Chicago wore a Swingin’ Medallions T-shirt.
  I thought I was seeing things at first, but sure enough he had on a red T-shirt promoting a band from Greenwood, S.C.
  I’ve tried to find a connection, but have been unsuccessful so far.