Tidbits - March 8 2018



  The Billy Graham - Good Hope Baptist Church connection mystery I mentioned last week has been solved, thanks to Iris Riddle and Ann Ella M. Adams.
  I thought I remembered Billy visited Good Hope when he was young. I remembered wrong!
  Iris let me know the connection was with the Rev. Orland Corwin, who resided in the Good Hope community.
  That rang a bell! Rev. Corwin’s daughter Anne wrote the “Sleeping Preacher” story in 2003 for our newspaper.
  Anne must have told me the story.
  Her feature on the “Sleeping Preacher” appeared in the February 6, 2003 issue of our paper.
  I figured I wrote something about the Billy Graham connection in my column that week. Nope. Maybe, it was the week after. Nope
  Okay, it had to be the week before. Guess what file of my column I couldn’t find?
  So, I was still in a conundrum until I got an email from Ann Ella, and this is exactly what I remember.
  Maybe it was Ann Ella who told me the story originally and not Anne!
  No matter. Here is what Ann Ella wrote:
  “When Billy Graham was a young man, he worked or volunteered at a Christian camp or college in the Tampa area of Florida. At that time, Graham was feeling a strong call to enter the ministry.  At that camp was a Rev. Corwin — probably the manager of the facility.   One night the minister who was supposed to come there to preach at a much-publicized revival meeting notified Rev. Corwin that he, for whatever reason, would be unable to come — so this Rev. Corwin at the last minute called upon Billy Graham to preach. 
  That was Graham’s first chance to preach in front of a large audience.  Later he looked upon that opportunity as part of God’s plan for his life.  In his book “Just As I Am” he stated his belief that the turn of events was all God’s doing and said that it was the beginning of his ministry.   
  That Rev. Corwin was the father of Rev. Orland Corwin, who married Margaret Wertz of the Good Hope Baptist Church congregation of Saluda, SC.  Rev. Orland Corwin and his wife, Margaret, devoted their lives to preaching the gospel, primarily in underdeveloped areas of Colombia, South America.  About every five years, when they were on furlough from their “job” in South America, they spent a year in the Good Hope community of Saluda and later retired to that same community.
  Margaret Corwin told me about that Billy Graham connection not too long before she died, and that is probably what inspired me to buy and read “Just As I Am.”  Sure enough, there was that story near the front of Rev. Graham’s book, where he cited Rev. Corwin’s faith and trust in him as a sign of God’s intention for his future.”


  The Sunday “Today Show” featured Willie Geist interviewing the star of the box office hit movie “Black Panther,” Chadwick Boseman.
  Did you know Chadwick was born in Anderson, and the interview featured photos of downtown Anderson and a photo of Chadwick on T.L. Hanna High boys basketball team.
  When I got home from church, I walked into the house and saw my old friend John Hipp, former pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Saluda, on the TV screen.
  My mother records the telecast of Trenholm Road United   Methodist Church, and John was the guest speaker. He is now the Florence District Superintendent.
  When I walked into my bedroom. I saw Wichita State basketball coach Greg Marshall pictured on TV. Greg is a native of Greenwood.
  While I was in my room, I heard John’s distinctive voice tell a story.
  It seems there was a small parochial school, and there was only one class in each grade.
  One day a mother sent enough apples for each student in her child’s class to get an apple at lunch.
  At lunch time, the nun teaching the class handed the apples to the lunchroom supervisor, and told her to give one to each member of her class, adding, “God is watching over these apples.”
  A few minutes later, the lunchroom staff put out a tray of warm chocolate chip cookies.
  One little boy seeing this told his classmates, “Get all the cookies you want, because God is watching the apples!”


  What a great sports’ weekend it was!
  You had the Carolina-Clemson baseball series, played in three different locations. Both teams won a game in a walk-off, but Clemson took the series with a 5-1 win at Flour Field in Greenville. The three games had an average attendance of over 8,000, which is outstanding for college baseball.
  New Carolina Coach Mark Kingston said Carolina-Clemson is the best college baseball rivalry in the country, and that was before the games were played.
  For Gamecock fans, the biggest news is the Gamecock women winning the SEC basketball tournament for the fourth year in a row. That has never been done before in the league.
  A’ja Wilson ended her SEC career as 12-0 in tournament games.
  She had missed the Gamecocks two meetings with Tennessee during the season, and Carolina lost them both.
  She came into the tournament suffering from vertigo, and no one was sure she would play. Ironically, Tennessee was to be the Gamecocks opening opponent.
  A’ja didn’t start, but entered the game and led the Gamecocks to a 73-62 win. A 71-49 victory over Georgia set up the Gamecocks meeting with undefeated Mississippi State in the finals.
  The Bulldogs had not lost a game since they fell to the Gamecocks in the National Championship game last year.
  Dawn Staley’s team was not intimidated, and won by 11.
  The loss will probably do Mississippi State some good. You’d rather lose that first game now than in the NCAA tournament.
  The win could keep the Gamecocks out of the same region with Connecticut. I’d rather them both make it to the Final Four, and Mississippi State make it, too, so they can beat Connecticut again, like last year!
  Some great high school basketball state championship games were played at the Colonial Life Arena.
  The Ridge Spring-Monetta Trojans fell to Hemingway in the Class A boys’ finals. The Trojans made their school and community proud.
  Matthew Layton of Ridge Spring sang the “National Anthem” and did a great job. I saw the performance on the S.C. High School League Twitter feed.
  Saluda’s 2A region did well. Keenan won the girls’ title, and Gray Collegiate won the boys’ championship.
  The girls’ team from nearby Newberry won the 3-A title, so it is pretty clear some good high school basketball is played in this area!
  By the way, the most talked about player in the championship series was a 7th grader from East Clarendon, who scored 18 points in her team’s 1-A championship win.
  I know Dawn Staley has her eyes on this young lady!