Kidnapping charge

Florencio Gomez Saiche

Missing Teen from Kentucky Found in County

  On Tuesday, February 20, at approximately 9:52 a.m. the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office received a report from family members of a missing 16-year-old Hispanic teen from Kentucky being in Saluda County.
  Deputies responded to a residence in Saluda County where the victim was reported to be.  Florencio Gomez Saiche, 24 year old Hispanic male, was encountered and stated no one else was at the residence.  During the conversation with Saiche deputies heard movement in the residence and immediately conducted a security swipe.  At this time the victim was located and taken to safety and Saiche was arrested.
  Due to the language barrier and several state lines crossed in this case the Sheriff’s Office investigators contacted SLED and the SCDPS Immigration Enforcement Unit to support the investigation.  During this ongoing investigation it was uncovered that the victim was taken on or about December 7 of last year from Kentucky and brought to Saluda County, where she has been confined to a bedroom until she was able to make contact with family through social media when the suspect was not around.
  Saiche is currently charged at this time with kidnapping,   criminal sexual conduct 1st Degree, and identity fraud to obtain employment.

Arrest Made in Social Media Threat
Toward Saluda Middle School

  On Thursday evening, February 22nd at approximately 7:00pm the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office received a report from concerned citizens about a social media post. 
  The Sheriff’s Office quickly responded and the suspect, an 8th grade male Saluda Middle School student, was taken into custody and transported to DJJ in Columbia. 
  “We feel that this situation has been resolved and have no further evidence to suggest anyone else to be involved in this matter,” Sheriff John Perry said.
  The Sheriff asks that everyone continue to be vigilant and notify the Sheriff’s Office if you hear or see anything out of the ordinary.  The Sheriff is proud of the concern citizens, school district, and his deputies on how promptly they all responded to this incident. 
  “If we continue to work together as a team, we can continue to keep our schools and communities safe,” said the sheriff.

To Our Saluda County Family

  Since the tragic events in Florida, I wanted to take time to address some of the concerns that we all share in reference to the safety of our students and staff.  I want to make very clear that we will not tolerate threats to our students or staff.
  The district’s top priority is the safety of all students and staff members. We work very closely with our local enforcement and first responders on safety measures, emergency plans, and drills. Each of our schools conduct drills throughout the year to teach our students and staff how to react in an emergency situation.
  While we can not share specific information about the measures we have in place, please know that we are continually reviewing our practices and drills to maintain a safe and prepared learning environment.
  We would ask each of you to continue to be vigilant and to talk with your children to be aware of their surroundings. Please encourage your children to immediately report anything that does not look right or if they hear something that makes them uncomfortable. The faster we are aware of a situation, the faster we can respond and contact law enforcement. If you have any specific concerns or questions, please reach out to your child’s principal.
  As parents, students, educators, and law enforcement we will continue to work together to keep our students and staff safe.

Thank you for your continued support,
Dr. Harvey H. Livingston