Tidbits - January 18, 2018



  I you were around in 1962 you can somewhat relate to what people in Hawaii went through over the weekend in regard to a threat of a nuclear attack.
  There are some major differences, however.
  The threat in 1962 was a like a hurricane watch. There was a possibility that we would be in a nuclear attack in  a few days.
  Hawaii in 2018 was like a tornado warning. The bombs were in the area!
  The other major difference was the Hawaii announcement was a false alarm. In 1962 the possibility of a nuclear war was very real.
  Fake or a real possibility,  the fear was the same.
  What do you do if you have 12 minutes to live?
  I heard the father of two sons, who were at two different locations, was trying to decide which son he would meet to spend the last seconds on earth. What a choice!
  In  1962 missile silos were spotted on Cuba which led to the fear  the Soviet Union was going to supply nuclear weapons to the Communist island that was only 90 miles off the coast of the  United States.
  Thank goodness we did not have Twitter back then. If President Kennedy had called Khrushchev the “fat baldy,” or Castro the “crazy bearded one,” we probably wouldn’t be here today.
  The “Rocket Man’ may not have the ability to reach our shore with a bomb, but Khrushchev  and Castro did.
  The scariest thing to me as an 11-year-old was when our teachers passed out a mimeographed piece of paper that told us where to go for our parents to pick us up in the event of a nuclear attack.
  We were all pretty sure one of the first bombs would hit the “Bomb Plant,” and Saluda was only 60 or so miles away.
  My father was the Civil Defense representative for our area, and he kept a Geiger Counter in the closet to check for radiation after a nuclear attack.
  We knew about fallout, but there were only one or two fallout shelters in all of Saluda County. Most of us wouldn’t make it.
  Good leadership and negotiations brought the missile crisis to an end, and we all breathed a sigh of relief.
  What happened in Hawaii Saturday should give our leaders a wake up call.
  Nuclear war is not something to joke or tweet around with.


  So, I hopped in my car to drive to church Sunday.
  I immediately noticed something was not right, but I waited until I got to the end of the driveway to get out of the car and check.
  The car had a flat tire, so I backed up, parked it and drove my van to church. I’d take care of the car after my Sunday afternoon nap.
  After the nap, I went to the shop to get my air compressor and walked to the car and quickly realized this was not going to be easy. This was going to be one Daddy’s “it’ll only take 30 minutes” jobs.
  In driving or backing up, I had managed to cause half the tire to be off the rim. Until I solved that problem, there as no putting air in the tire.
  I went to the trunk of the car, removed my golf clubs and pulled up the lid to the spare tire storage, something I was witnessing for the first time since 2005.
  I removed the donut spare, then removed the jack and lug wrench, which I quickly discovered were stuck together! I tried everything to unhook them, to no avail.
  What would I have done if I had been on the interstate?
  Finally, I walked to the shop and got the rubber mallet and banged on the cojoined items until the lug wrench broke free landing squarely on the toes of my right foot.
  I limped back to the car, and got out my owners manual since I had never changed a tire on that car.
  I found the proper spot to position the jack and started the arduous routine of jacking up the car. The tire would have to be completely off the ground before I could attempt to fit it back on the rim.
  I longed for to good old days when cars had metal bumpers. You could quickly locate the slot in the bumper and start jacking and within seconds, the car tire would be off the ground.
  With the new modern jacks, you move the lug wrench a half a turn, take it off, reposition it, turn,  take it off, reposition it, etc. What use to take seconds, now takes many minutes.
  Finally, with the tire off the ground, I pulled against the tire while I was putting in air and one side of the tire popped back on the rim.
  The other side was not cooperating. Many moons ago my Daddy had a tool that would guide a tire back on the rim.
  I haven’t seen it in years. I texted Jamie to see if he had one. He didn’t, but he came over to see if he could help.
  I’ve had lawnmower tires come off the rim, and was able to maneuver it back on. Jamie said if it happens on his golf cart, he takes the tire off and jumps on it.
  We were about to take the tire off to jump on it, when Jamie came up with another idea - WD40!
  He suggested I spray WD40 where the tire touched the rim. hoping it would provide lubircation. We tried putting air in the tire, while pulling on it, but it was still leaking.
  Finally, we put the bad spot on the bottom, and while I let the car down, Jamie put air in the tire, and believe or not, the tire jumped back on the rim!
  It is another example of WD40 will fix anything,. Get you a can and keep it in your trunk!
  Oh, that little 30 minute job took a few hours!


  So, I bought a good looking Southern  Tide shirt at Forrest’s on sale Thursday for 50 percent off.
  I wanted to wear it to work Friday, so I decided to iron it Thursday night.
  I thought it was cotton, until I applied the iron and the shirt melted!
  It was polyester and nylon!
  Fortunately, I always start ironing on the inside of the collar, so the burned part is hidden.
  Saturday night, I went in to iron my shirt for church on Sunday. As I started with the inside of the collar, I immediately noticed all the melted blue nylon from Thursday had been transferred to my dress shirt.
  Thank goodness, it too is hidden.
  The moral of this story is read the label, and don’t forget the melted nylon!


  New Orleans had just taken the lead with only seconds remaining. Minnesota had the ball with at the Viking 39, 61 yards away.
  I got a phone call and walked into the kitchen and when I came back, I saw the Viking players celebrating.
  What did I miss?
  Well, I soon saw the replay of that miracle victory.
  Twice in one week sports fans saw “shout our loud” victories, Alabama’s overtime win over Georgia on Monday, and the Vikings’ victory Sunday.
  New Orleans was definitely not in a prevent, and the game would have ended if the Saints’ defensive back had wrapped his arms around Diggs  instead of trying to cut is legs out from under him.
  I’ve always liked the Vikings. Fran Tarkenton was one of my favorite players. He led them to three Super Bowls in the 70s and they lost them all, and haven’t been back since. Maybe, they’ll finally win one this year.