Tidbits - November 30 2017



  Saluda lost to Abbeville again, Carolina lost to Clemson again, the Carolina women’s basketball team lost to Notre Dame, and I’ve been sick all week. Other than that, it was a good week.
  As a I wrote last week, I was sick as a dog last Monday. It marked the first time in years, I was unable to get my work done on Monday night.
  I was well enough Tuesday to get the paper out, drive to Columbia to pick up the papers, return home, put in inserts, etc. I was too busy to be too sick, but I was worn out when I got home.
  Like with all colds, I had no appetite. I had a few bites to eat Tuesday.
  Wednesday, I skipped lunch and around five p.m. I ate half a pimento cheese sandwich. Soon, after the sandwich, I took some DayQuil. That turned out to be a mistake,
  The cold medicine laid on my chest.... (you may want to fast forward past this part.)
  You know how babies can be acting perfectly normal, then, all of the sudden spit up?
  Well, I sat up in my bed and spit up. I was wearing a purple shirt and everything I expelled was orange.  I should have seen this as a forewarning of what was going to come Saturday night.
  I have a weak stomach, and things like this generally make me throw up, but I had already done that!
  Fortunately, my bathroom is only a few feet from my bed. As bad as I felt, I stripped the sheets of the bed, grabbed the shirt and headed to the washing machine.
  I didn’t feel like making up the bed, but I did it anyway. I hate fitted sheets. I always get the long and short corners mixed up and have to start over and over.
  The new sheets felt nice, as I drifted off before my nightly coughing attack awaked me every 30 minutes or so, or so it seemed.
  Thursday was Thanksgiving Day and I still wasn’t hungry. What a shame! I did fill up a plate, but I couldn’t eat it all. I tasted two desserts. I didn’t even make a take-out plate. How awful!
   And it gets worse! Friday night, Wayne Grice, Danny Bledsoe and I made our annual trip to the Dixie Drive-in in Greenwood  before the Abbeville game.
  Did I get my normal bacon cheeseburger with half onion rings and half fries. No, I ordered a BLT. People looked at me like I’d lost my mind.
  You all know how much I hate cold weather. Last year, every person who attended the Abbeville-Saluda game agreed we all came close to freezing to death.
  I was bound and determined not to let it happen again. And, I went natural. No artificial hand or foot warmers, and no heated stadium cushion that I always forget how to operate.
  Like last year, I wore the same outfit to the games for 13 straight weeks. This year, I decided to make some changes. Last year I wore some summer weight deck shoes, and my feet got really cold.
  We lost last year, so this year, I wore my insulated boots.
  In anticipation of playing Abbeville for the Upper State championship in 2017, I ordered a pair of insulated Land’s End socks after the game last year.
  Long johns and my gray paints were as much as I could button. An insulated shirt was covered with my football shirt, followed by my football hoodie, followed by my Saluda baseball jacket, followed by my Saluda football coat that is big enough to wear over shoulder pads. I didn’t have any of those, but I looked like a giant eggplant.
  Despite wearing two items with hoods, I also had my Larry Gentry Tournament stocking cap. I put on my gloves, and I’m happy to say, I did not get cold!
  The constant movement also helped me keep warm.
  No offense, but I hate the seating at Hite Field. You are packed in like sardines.
  Most stadiums, there is walking room between the rows. At Abbeville, if someone at the end of the row wants to get out to go to the concessions, everyone else on the row has to get up and walk to the aisle so the person can get out. Then, they eventually come back!
  One thing I have learned from this three-year Abbeville-Saluda meeting, is Saluda is not intimidated by Abbeville. There is no “Jake Bentley deer in the headlights against Clemson” look from any of the Tigers.
  Saluda players know they can play with Abbeville, and they are not going to lose that anytime soon.
  Abbeville won again, and it is disappointing that the Saluda coaches and players missed out on their third straight trip to the state championship, but a least they had the opportunity to play to get there. Only 20 teams in the state had that chance.
  Congratulations to Coach Stewart Young, coaching staff and players. You made this community proud.
  Congratulations, also, to the Ridge Spring-Monetta Trojans who made it to the Class A Upper State game, before falling to powerful  Lamar.
  When I got home Friday night, and went to bed I woke up every 30 minutes coughing. I had learned during these coughing spells to grab my iPad and play games.
  Saturday had a wonderful schedule of college football. I stayed in bed for most of the day, and enjoyed every minute it.
  At 7:30 I started my recording, then switched to Netflix to watch the final two episodes of “Stranger Things,” while Carolina and Clemson were playing.
  When I got the notification that Clemson had returned a Bentley interception for a score, I knew I would not be watching this recording. I didn’t.
  I really believed Carolina would play Clemson a good game. I based this on how both teams played N.C. State. Both beat the Wolfpack by a touchdown. State scored 31 points on Clemson. Carolina scored ten in the fourth quarter.
  I don’t remember when I’ve been more disappointed in a Carolina unit than I was in this year’s offense.
  With all talented skill people returning, fans were expected a high powered offense that averaged over 30 points a game.
  We got another anemic unit that couldn’t run, led by a quarterback who seemed to play worse than he did as a freshman.
  Despite the shortcomings, fans are happy with the eight wins and another trip to a bowl.
  Something is going to have to be done with the offense, however. Bobby Bentley was one of the great offensive minds in high school football history. Maybe, he should get a shot in college. Muschamp should let Bobby call the plays in the bowl game. Kurt Roper has shown me absolutely nothing in two years.
  We had our Hanging of the Greens service at church Sunday morning. I had a narrating part, and my voice was about shot, but I made it through. Clemson fans did not pick on me,
  Sunday, Jamie, Dibbie, Elizabeth and I put up Daddy’s reindeer for the 35th straight year. We found out Elizabeth had never previously put them up.
  Sunday night, I woke up every 30 minutes coughing.
  It’s been a week, and I feel only slightly better this Monday than felt last. I’m ready for this stuff to be over!