Dog Returned

Left to right, Britt Long, Estabon, and Joshua Wright

Irma Evacuated Service Dog
Rescued And Returned To Owner

  It took some amateur detective work, but a service dog, evacuated from Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma, was rescued by a Saluda County man and returned to its rightful owner last week.
  The saga began Tues., Sept. 12, when Britt Long was driving toward Monetta after doing some work at the home of Marvin Bernstein in the Hollywood community.
  Near the ballfield at the Aiken-Saluda County line, he spotted a hunting dog.
  “When I looked closer, I saw it was wearing a vest, so I knew it was a service dog,” Long said.
  Long looked all around and saw no one in sight, so he put the dog in his truck and took it home with him.
  Long knew the collar would have some identification. He discovered the dog belonged to Joshua Wright of Daytona Beach, Fla.
  There were four phone numbers on the vest, and Long began dialing.
  The first call was to Daytona Beach, but it did not go through. His next call was to Wright’s cell phone, but it got no response.
  Next, Long called Wright’s mother in Pennsylvania and found out Wright was staying with friends in  Monetta, not too far from where the dog was found, but he had no cell service there. She said she would try to get in touch with him.
  Long also put a picture of the dog on Facebook, and it got shared over 500 times.
  Long knew the dog was used to living inside, so he brought him into his house and he was well behaved. When Long went to bed, the dog got in bed with him.
  At 2:30 a.m. Long got a call letting him know Wright knew about the dog.
  After the call, Long and Wright were later able to text and make arrangements for Long to get the dog to Wright.
  Long found out Wright had to go into the attic of the place he was staying to get a signal.
  The reunion took place Wed., Sept. 13.
  Estabon was reunited with his owner Joshua, who is a 33-year-old Navy veteran.
  Wright told Long Estabon was originally from Wyoming, and when he saw the wide open farm country of the Ridge, he may have thought he was home.
  Hurricane Irma brought separation to many, but through a service dog, it also brought people together.

CHAIRMAN HANCOCK REMEMBERED - Saluda County Council remembered the late Chairmain Don Hancock by presenting his sisters a resolution and a plaque of remembrance at Monday’s meeting.l Pictured L to R, are Ann Coker and Charlyn Staubes, Hancock’s sisters; and County Council members Jones Butler, Gwen Shealy - vice-chair, Frank Daniel and D.J. Miller. (Standard-Sentinel photo)

Chairman Hancock Remembered,
His Foundation Announced

  Saluda County Council remembered the late County Council Chairman Don Hancock with special presentations to his family at teh Mon., Sept. 18, meeting.
  His sisters, Charlyn Hancock and Ann Coker, then announced Hancock remembered Saluda County with the creation of a foundation.
  Council Vice-Chairman Gwen Shealy read a resolution that praised Hancock for his service and loyal devotion to the county, and presented a plaque of remembrance to his sisters.
  “Don thought highly of all of you (Council and staff),” Ms. Staubes said, “and spoke of  you all by name.”
  Following those presentations, Councilman D.J. Miller, on behalf of Sen. Floyd Nicholson, presented Recreation Director Paul Ergle at $2000 check in memory of the chairman for the use of the Recreation Department.
  Mrs. Coker and Ms. Staubes then announced the foundation.
  “On July 20, Charlyn, Don and I sat on Charlyn’s front porch,” Mrs. Coker said. “Don told us about how he wanted to leave a legacy in Saluda County
  Because of his love of the county, Don wanted to continue to be a part of its progress, even after his death. He wanted to establish a foundation to benefit the county. Don wasn’t quite sure how this foundation would work, but he wanted a non-profit organization, focusing on economic development, education and quality of life for the residents of Saluda County.
  Don wasn’t a showy persons and didn’t want the foundation to hold his name. So, he chose to name it The Charlie Foundation, partly because of our Daddy’s first name.
  During Don’s last hospitalization, the three of use enthusiastically spent many hours brainstorming ideas and dreaming of the potential of The Charlie Foundation.”
  “Currently, we are in the very early stages of learning how to properly and legally administer The Charlie Foundation,” Ms. Staubes said. “Don appointed Ann and me along with his nephews and niece, Keller Staubes, Katie Staubes, Justin Coker and Tyler Coker board of directors.
  We are hopeful that within a year we can present to you a formalized plan on the working of The Charlie Foundation. We are counting on your support as we move forward to fulfill Don’s dream for Saluda County.”
  In the old business portion of the meeting, Council gave second readings to three ordinances.
  The first will quit claim the property owned by Saluda County containing 10 acres on East End Drive.
  Miller said this will return Brooks & Roston Park to its rightful owners, the community.
  The second amends the multi-county industrial park agreement between Saluda County and Aiken County.
  Development Director Ed Parler said the county needed to add two more properties to the agreement, Project Catalina and Project Thunder, before the final reading.
  The third ordinance outlines the lease of T-hangars and use requirements at the Saluda County Airport.
  In new business, Council gave first reading to an ordinance authorizing a fee in lieu of ad valorem taxes for Project PBM.
  Parler said the project will invest a minium of $45 million and employ a minimum of 90.
  Council approved the county and School District One Millage.
  The county millage is 147.60, which includes 138.60 county operating; 1.00 economic development; 1.00 law enforcement (jail renovation); 1.00 Fire Board; .50 public building maintenance; 3.00 Piedmont Tech appropriation; 2.50 Piedmont Tech bond.
  The District millage is 182.50, including 140.80 for operating and 41.70 for school bonds.
  Council approved issuing a request for qualifications for local contractors to perform small construction/repair projects. This will allow the county to hire local contractors, when staff is too busy to get to the work immediately.
  At the beginning of the meeting each Council member thanked the County’s emergency workers, utility workers and volunteers when Hurricane Irma came through last Monday.
County Council Exective Session
County Council  after executive session Monday (story on page 1) approved to increase the part-time Risk Management Assistant’s hours by 5 hours for a total of 29 hours to assume the duties of assisting with accounts payable which were duties of the former Registration /Election Director.