Camp Kemo

Jamiah Holloway of Saluda excited about
enjoying CAMP KEMO again this year

  Juwhana Holloway of Saluda knew that something was not right with her toddler, Jamiah, 2 1/2. “She was having frequent fevers and throwing up. At first, her doctor thought it was a viral infection. When I noticed a little knot on her side I took her to an urgent care in Batesburg-Leesville,” said Holloway. Jamiah was then taken to the Children’s Emergency Center at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital and a full body CT scan showed a mass pressing on her bowel and kidney.
  “Dr. Ron Neuberg told us Jamiah had a stage four Wilms tumor that had metastasized to her lungs. I called my husband, Charles, a law enforcement officer, and told him he needed to get to the hospital immediately,” said Holloway. While the Holloways were considering whether they needed to leave the Midlands for treatment, Dr. Neuberg prayed with them and assured them that Jamiah could be treated with the world’s most current treatment protocols at the Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital.
  “Dr. Ron is awesome. But Jamiah wanted nothing to do with him at first,” said Holloway. “Dr. Ron told Jamiah that was fine. She might not like him now, but later on they were going to become good friends. That’s exactly what happened. The entire care team has been awesome. They went above and beyond to make us comfortable even when we were going through a crisis,” said Holloway.
  “The Child Life specialists are angels. They will do anything to take the stress off the child and family,” said Holloway.
  Jamiah had her last treatment in June 2009 and now participates in the Transition Recovery After Cancer Therapy (TRACE) clinic once a year. An 11-year-old who will attend Saluda Middle School, Jamiah loves ballet, lyrical dance and jazz. “She’s our dancing diva. Dancing is her gift. She has talked about being a dance teacher when she grows up,” said Holloway. Jamiah also loves reading, watching wrestling on TV and loves her cat, Sam.
  Jamiah has been attending CAMP KEMO since she was five. She took a sibling the first two years and is excited about seeing her friends there this month. “Jamiah is especially close with a girl who was in chemotherapy treatment with her. They have a bond that can never be broken and the only time they see each other is the week of CAMP KEMO. They pick up like best friends who have never been apart,” said Holloway.
  CAMP KEMO is June 12-17 at River Oaks Retreat in Honea Path. CAMP KEMO is funded by donations. One way to donate is directly through CAMP KEMO’s site,

Town of Saluda Releases
Golf Cart Requirements

  Many residents enjoy using their golf carts in the Town of Saluda.   The Police Department urges you to adhere to state laws regarding golf cart operation. If you have questions regarding the operation of a golf cart, please contact the Police Department at (864) 445-7336.
  In South Carolina, golf carts can be driven on secondary roads, but only if the speed limit is no greater than 35 miles per hour. You are permitted to cross highways and streets that intersect the secondary roads and is important to be especially cautious when doing so. In order to legally drive on public roads, golf cart drivers are required to get a permit. A person operating a permitted golf cart must be at least sixteen years of age and hold a valid driver’s license.
  Permits are available at any SCDMV branch office. The permit allows a licensed driver to operate a golf cart during day light hours on a secondary road or street within four miles of your residence or place of business.
To obtain a golf cart permit, you must:
  •Complete form GC-2, Golf Cart Permit Registration
  •Provide proof or title
  •Provide proof of insurance for the cart
  •Provide a valid driver license number for the operator
  •Submit a fee of $5.00 dollars
  A golf cart permit must be replaced with a new permit every five years or at the time the permit holder changes his address.
  Golf cart drivers are required to follow all of the laws of the road that apply to motor vehicles.
  ATV/UTV on streets are prohibited.