4-H Banquet 2017

Saluda 4-H Banquet honored its outstanding 4-H members for the year.  Those present for the event were:  (Row 1, LtoR) Katie Altman, Brantley Scott, Maddie Padgett, Mckenzie Kneece, Shonda Alveshire, Hagen Crouch, Virgil Rush, Cassady Rush, (Row 2) Reece Scott, Anna Joyce Rodgers, Lindsey Scott, Carrie Trotter, MacKenzie Riley, Andrew Owens, Leason Horne, Avery Quattlebaum, (Row3) Ellie Harman, Laken Fulmer, Amber Epting, Courtney Epting, Harley,  Epting, Blake Scott, Makayla Porter, Cordell Rush, Brittany Bradley, Elizabeth Easler, Grey Riley, (Row 4) Wesley Padgett, John Hipp, Marida Swagert, Emily Hipp, Allison Harman, Brianna Gibson, Allie Trotter, Tandabatha Swagert.

Saluda County 4-H Banquet

  The Saluda County 4-H Banquet is a time when 4-H youth are recognized for their accomplishment during the year. 
  During the banquet, MacKenzie Riley presided. She welcomed the group and Anna Joyce Rodgers gave the invocation. As the meeting resumed after dinner, the pledges were led by Makayla Porter and Emily Hipp.  Carrie Trotter welcomed and honored the 4-H volunteers that were present as fellow 4-H members presented each volunteer with a token of appreciation. 
  Our speakers for the evening were Grey Riley, MacKenzie Riley and Linsey Scott who reported of their trip to the 4-H Citizenship Washington Focus – Presidential Inauguration.  Also Allison Harman reported on her trip to National 4-H Conference in Washington.  Carrie Trotter reported on her trip to the National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our State 4-H Livestock Judging Team members, Allison Harman and Lindsey Scott, told about the national competition.  
  Travis Mitchell and Connie Lake presented the awards to the large group of youth in attendance. In the Healthy Lifestyles group, Kaitlynn Alveshire, Avery Quattlebaum, Brantley, Blake & Lindsey Scott, Kelly & Ginger Wertz, Sarah Lake, Bree Mixon, Ana Black, Katie Altman, Allie & Carrie Trotter,  Taylor Crouch, Ansley Gibson, Laken Fulmer, MacKenzie Riley and Micah Metts.
  Clothing award winners were Virgil Rush, Keiondra Alewine, Sam & Helen Johnson, Ann Elise Griffith, Ava Martin, Haley Taylor, Kaydence Juergans, Kendyl Mason, Chandler Quarles, Norel Ramirez-Rodriguez, Monteserrat Arelano, Ellie Harmon, and Emily Hipp. 
  Mckenzie Kneece received an award in Gardening and Maddie Padgett received an award in the Goat Project.  Honored with Swine awards were Cordell, Tabitha, Mariah, and Lydia Swygert.  Forestry awards went to Andrew Owens, Grey Riley, Ethan Altman, and Ashton Hallmaa.  Rabbit awards went to Katlyn & Natalie Templeton.
  Youth involved in the Citizenship project were MacKenzie & Grey Riley,     Blake & Lindsey Scott, Cordell Rush, Carrie & Allie Trotter, Jackson Prewett, and T J Price.
  A large group of youth were honored in Food Nutrition.  They were Allie Mitchell, McKenzie Kneece, Abby & Mattie Nichols, Keiondra Alewine, Shandi Alveshire, Hannah Mills, Lily Ridgell, Lily Beauford, Sophie Ergle, Corley Frye, Ava & Cade Forrest, Nyla Jordan, Tris Shealy, Tyra & Ana  Black, Ella Kate Smith, Paisleigh Eargle, Zoey Livingston, Reece, Lindsey, Brantley & Blake Scott, Avery Quattlebaum, Reagan Collins, Sarah Lake, Bree Mixon, Lori Hall, Kaydence Juergans, Anna Grace Thomas, Monteserrat Martinez Arellano, Nevel Rodriguez, Chandler Quarles, Jelicia Burton, Alyssa Whitfield, Tylor Widelan, Ann Elise Griffith, Krista Hallback, Keri Bradley, Katie Altman, Katelynn Alveshire, Virgil Rush, Ellie Harman, John & Emily Hipp, Emma, Helen & Sam Johnson, Ansley Gibson, Carrie Trotter, Anna Joyce Rodgers, Laken Fulmer, Brittany Bradley, MacKenzie Riley, and Micah Metts. 
  In our Robotics project, honoree were Darrion & Nicholas Butler, Virgil Rush, Helen, Sam & Tyson Johnson, Monteserrat Martinez Arellano, Cordell Rush, and Katie Altman.
  Youth involved in the leadership project and receiving awards were Cordell Rush, Lindsey Scott, Tyson Johnson, Ethan Ridgell, Emily & John Hipp, Kerri Bradley, Carrie Trotter, Laken Fulmer, Brittany Bradley, Anna Joyce Rodgers, Andrew Owens, MacKenzie Riley, Brianna Gibson, Micah Metts, and Leason Horne.
  Mrs. Mary Rush honored several of her 4-H Horse Club participants.  They were:  Cassidy Rush. Kristy Long, Virgil & Cordell Rush, Kelly & Ginger Wertz.
  Volunteer leader, Darron Wilson passed out awards to our Dog Care & Training Club members.  Those receiving awards were Cassidy, Cordell & Virgil Rush, and Hagen Crouch.
  Dairy showmen and judges were presented awards also.  They were Abby Nichols, Mariah Swygert, Grey Riley, Ellie Harman, Sarah Shore, Cody Clary, Kelly & Ginger Wertz, Layne & Taylor Crouch, Bryson Bell, Samantha Nichols, and  Jacob & Helen Smith.
  Livestock Judging honoree were Kelly & Ginger Wertz, Amber, Courtney & Harley Epting, Ellie, Allison, & Colden Harman Kasey Gunter, Henry Gunter, Lindsey Scott, Sarah Shore, Cody Clary, and Grey Riley.
  Beef project youth honored were Kristy Long, Daniel Hipp, Natalie & Kaitlyn Templeton, Amber,  Harley & Courtney Epting, Sarah Shore, Cody Clary, Ellie Harmon, Grey Riley, and Colden & Allison Harman.
  Several Poultry project honoree were on hand to receive awards.  They were: Mckenzie Kneece,  Kingston Ready, Inman Rikard, Jackson Shealy, Bentley Storey, Jordan Winn, Ginger & Kelly Wertz, Andy & Cassie Covington, Cordell, Tabitha, Lydia, & Mariah Swygert, Shane Long, Shelby Berry, Mahogany Hopkins, Allie Trotter, Carrie Trotter, Adam Black, Makayla Porter, Maddie Padgett, Hagen Crouch, Benjamin Smith, Monica Edgerly, and Anna Connelly.
  Volunteer leader, Dan Paxton passed out awards to the Shooting Sports award winner, who were Makayla Porter, Adam & Dylan Godbey, Alissa Rodgers, Mike Hall, Elizabeth Easler, Ryan Burnett, Jackson Prewett, Nicki Boone, Davis Cromer, Carter & Hunter Dubose, Nathaniel Easler, Samantha Langford, Ethan Powell, Madison Sharpe, Garrett Smith, Paul Metts, Ben Smith, Ben Kinney, Brianna Gibson, TJ Price, Leason Horne, Andrew Owens, and Riley Nordin.
  In the Wildlife project, awards went to Wesley Padgett, Grey Riley, and T. J Price.  Wesley was named to county winner.
  Achievement awards went to Carrie Trotter, MacKenzie Riley, Allison Harman, Micah Metts, and Andrew Owens.
  Our top junior award went to Virgil Rush.  He received the Outstanding Junior 4-H’er of the year along with a cash prize from the Yellow Jessamine Garden Club member Trudie Nichols. 
  The Senior 4-H Achievement Award is the top 4-H award presented in Saluda County.  Two youth were honored with a cash prize and plaque from the Saluda County Family and Community Leaders. Dot Bradley, Saluda FCL President was on hand to present the awards.  These winners were MacKenzie Riley and Carrie Trotter. Congratulations to all our winners.