Tidbits - March 9, 2017



  Little Saluda County and her citizens have gotten unbelievable national coverage in less than three months.
  It began December 29, when Peggy Noonan mentioned Saluda in her “Wall Street Journal” column on photographer Chris Arnade. Arnade had made a stop at Saluda’s McDonald’s, where he interviewed a black family, who was eating at the restaurant between the three church services they attend every Sunday.
  In January, Ann and Bob Bowles of Saluda visited New York City and got picked for an outdoor skit on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.”
  In early February, Andrew Zimmern’s “Bizarre Foods” visit to Shealy’s BBQ aired on “The Travel Channel.” This show featured Saluda Countians Debbie Shealy, Jason and Colton Price and Doris Goff in the video, and Charles Baird had a speaking part, conversing with the famous host.
  Last Wednesday, I got home from our Ash Wednesday service to see several statuses on Facebook that Saluda’s Buck Riley had been featured on the CBS reality show, “Hunted.”
  I don’t watch reality shows, so I had no idea what “Hunted” was, other that what I had seen in commercials.
  Buck was in a pasture in Newberry County, when the couple that eventually won the $250,000 prize, came walking through the corn.
  Of all the cornfields in all the world, they chose this one.
  Buck’s F.P. Riley & Son’s truck was shown on the program, and he brought couple back to his Saluda County farm where they used his computer for the allowed five minutes, and spent the night. Buck took the couple to Greenwood the next day.
  The winning couple began their 28-day journey in Charleston.
  We did a “pre-story” on the “Bizarre Food” piece after it was filmed months ago, and we knew Charles Baird had been videoed.
  The others we had no idea.
  So, if you’re from Saluda County and go anywhere, even in a field, be prepared!


  A pregnant Myrtle Beach woman put on a giraffe mask and walked around her room in a take-off of the giraffe in a zoo that has been trying to give birth for two weeks or so.
  The woman and her husband posted their video as a joke, but soon it had over 100.000 views!
  Twenty to 30 million have tuned in to see April the Giraffe’s attempt to give birth in a New York zoo. Her baby will weigh 150-lbs. and will be over six feet tall. She has been pregnant for 15-months .... so far.
  The lady in Myrtle Beach is due any day now. She hopes she beats the giraffe.
  Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. If you go to a service and receive the Imposition of the Ashes on your forehead, you forget the cross is there.
  I always go to a night service and come straight home, but many get the ashes earlier in the day.
  One young lady had a funny post on social media.
  It was time to get her driver’s license renewed, and she went to the DMV Wednesday. When she got her new license, she realized she had forgotten to wash the ash cross off her forehead, so it’s on  her license not once, but twice, for the next ten years.


  Brandon McIlwain announced he was going to transfer from Carolina.
  He came to the Gamecocks as a four star quarterback recruit, and a highly regarded baseball player.
  One writer pointed out McIlwain was the third, four star quarterback to transfer from Carolina in just over a year, joining Connor Mitch and Lorenzo Nunez.
  Like all Gamecock fans, I saw all three of these guys play, but I saw no hint of four star in any of them.
  It just goes to show the stars don’t really matter.
  The winningest Gamecock quarterback in history, Connor Shaw, was a two or three star.
  I hate Brandon and Lorenzo transferred. Both are outstanding runners, but not much in the passing department. With Jake Bentley returning, there was little hope Brandon would beat him out, but he would be an excellent backup.
  Carolina wanted Lorenzo to convert to wide receiver, but he wants to play quarterback.
  I wish them well.
  Connor Mitch transferred to James Madison where he could play immediately. He was a back-up on JMU’s FCS national championship season, completing 17 passes. He had since left that school.
  Just judging from the quarterbacking ability of the three players who transferred, you have to question the recruiting of the previous staff. It as if they recruited them by the stars only and not necessarily by watching them play and predicting what they could do in the SEC
  I think the current Gamecock staff knows how to recruit.
  Florida has six players in the NFL combine, second only to Alabama’s seven from the SEC. All six of those players were recruited by Will Muschamp when he was the Florida head coach. All of these players spoke highly of Muschamp and his staff.
  The Gamecocks have exactly no players in the combine. Pretty sad for this year, but that will change.


  I don’t know about the rest of you Gamecock fans, but I am getting sick and tired of losing to Clemson
  Losing in football didn’t bother me, because Clemson was far superior. I think the Gamecocks have a coach now, who got a 56-7 message.
  Losing in men’s basketball and baseball bothers me, a lot!
  Yes, I know Sindarius Thornwell missed the Clemson game and the Gamecocks only lost by two, but they lost at home to their arch rival, whose football team had humiliated their school just a few weeks earlier.
  There should have been enough drive in the players to prevent this, but this is a team of brick throwers, and they failed, just has they have down the stretch this season.
  I hope the Gamecocks do well in the SEC tournament and make the NCAA field, but I have absolutely no confidence in a team filled with terrible shooters.
  Frank Martin recruits shooters like Steve Spurrier’s staff recruited quarterbacks the last few years, apparently.
  Hopefully, he will find some for next year, because he sure ain’t got any this year.
  Then, there is baseball. For the third straight year, the Gamecocks lost the series to Clemson.
  The weekend was particularly painful. After winning at Clemson on Friday, Carolina blew leads in the next two games and lost them both.
  They led 5-2 after seven Saturday and lost 8-5.
  Sunday, Carolina led 3-2 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, and Clemson’s National Player of the Year was at bat.
  The Carolina pitcher threw three straight balls.
  At this point, this former little league coach would have put the National Player of the Year on base and let the next batter beat us.
 Instead, the Carolina pitcher threw two straight curve balls to get it to a full count. He then threw his third curve ball in a row and Seth Beer hit it to Sumter to tie the score.
  Clemson won 5-3 in 11 innings.
  Many fans are calling for Chad Holbrook’s head. I’m not at that stage. It’s still early in the season. It’s not how you start, but where you finish.
  Holbrook pointed out in 2010 Carolina lost the series to Clemson, and went on to win the National Championship.
  If that happens again this year, we’ll forgive him.
  The bad thing about Sunday’s gut wrenching loss to Clemson is that it took away the elation most fans were feeling after the Gamecock women won the SEC tournament championship earlier in the afternoon.