Hollywood Chefs

Chopped Champions at
Hollywood Elementary School!

  Kelly Morse’s project based learning class is always an exciting place to be!  Each day, students have the opportunity to learn and grow through an integrated approach.  On Friday, February 24th, Hollywood Elementary School had 18 chefs, 5 recipes, and 1 incredible teacher working to take home the championship of being crowned Chopped champion. After a 2 week science study of mixtures and solutions, the students’ challenge  was to create a sensational dessert using their knowledge they learned in class about mixtures and solutions that would wow the judges.   The rules for the assignment were for each group to select a recipe they thought would have the correct mixtures and solutions that would pass the dreaded chopping block.  Once the students selected their recipe, they were given 4 mystery ingredients.  The mystery ingredients were star fruit, nutmeg, raw sugar, and lemons.  These ingredients had to be used or incorporated into the recipes.  Students also had available to them pantry and fridge items which the students traveled to BiLo in Saluda and purchased.  The students had to make a grocery list of the needed items and develop a budget to purchase the items.  The students had about 1 hour and 30 minutes to prepare their delectable desserts.  Wonderful volunteers assisted to ensure safety rules were followed and cleanliness measures were taken while preparing the recipes.  
  On Chopped day, judges had the opportunity to taste the amazing desserts created by the students.  Our judges were:
  Ms. Lucia Chavez-  Chef and Restaurateur-  Ms. Chavez is well known for her baking skills.  She prepares amazingly beautiful cakes that are not only pleasing to the eye but are also yummy to the tummy!  She has 3 fantastic children and is a resident of Saluda County.  
  Ms. Aileen Connelly-  Ms. Connelly is the Director of Food Services for Saluda County Schools.  She oversees 4 kitchens daily to ensure that all 2200 students enrolled in Saluda County Schools receive a nutritionally healthy meal that will help them ace their academics.  Ms. Connelly is also an amazing home chef.  She has 5 incredible children and also resides in Saluda County.  
  Ms. Erin Martin- Ms. Martin is a well known savory and sweet chef, caterer,  and restaurateur-  She is the owner and operator of Kernie and Ro’s.  She prepares both savory and sweet goodies that are all equally amazing.  She is currently in the process of opening a restaurant in Saluda so that we all can enjoy her meals.  She is a lifelong resident of Saluda County and has 2 fantastic children
  The judges critiqued the desserts prepared by the students on presentation, taste, and creativity. The desserts that were prepared were a fresh fruit cup popsicle, red velvet cake, chocolate cake with cinnamon glaze with a side of star fruit compote, peanut butter pie, and rocky road parfait.   The judges gave the students some valuable feedback to help grow them as chefs.  
The students would like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers for helping us complete this awesome project.  We would like to especially thank our judges for the great feedback to the students.  It was an awesome day and everyone ROCKed it!!!

GRADUATE - The Saluda County Detention Center is proud to announce their new graduate from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, Basic Detention Class 372 on Friday, February 24, 2017. Brandon Wofford successfully completed the rigorous training mandated by the academy as a Class II Officer. Officer Wofford is proud to be a part in serving the community of Saluda County and its citizens.