Tidbits - February 23, 2017



  First of all, I am not a prude when it comes to “dirty words.” I’ve been known to let a few fly, especially when it comes to Carolina sports.
  Most of the time the occasional use of “expletives deleted” in movies doesn’t bother me.
  The other night, I decided to watch “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot” on one of the streaming services. Tina Fey was in it, and I mistakenly thought it was a comedy she had written. It wasn’t.
  When the “F-bomb” was dropped about ten times in the first five minutes, I turned to something else.
  The movie is based on a autobiographical book about a TV reporter, and I’m sure a lot of that language was and is used in war torn Afghanistan by Americans, but I don’t need to hear it in every other sentence.
  The other day there was a clip of a “Dean Martin Celebrity Roast” on Facebook featuring Foster Brooks, the comedian who played a drunk.
  It was a hilarious.
  I read many of the comments, and most agreed it is possible for a comedian to be hilarious without using foul language or mentioning body parts.
  In the old days, when there was no cable, comedians had to keep it clean.
  The Dean Martin roasts regularly featured ten or 12 of the greatest comedians who ever lived. For one hour you laughed until you cried.
  Today, I’m afraid to watch any comedian on cable in mixed company.
  The whole family used to watch comedians on “Ed Sullivan” and other variety shows. You don’t want kids to watch comedians today.
  Now, I will admit the comedians of yesterday had two routines, television and night club.
  If you heard the nightclub routines of Redd Foxx or Buddy Hackett, for instance, they were a far, far cry from what they could say on TV, but they were still funny.
  If you eliminate the dirty expressions from some of today’s comedians, male and female, they wouldn’t be funny at all.


  As a member of the press, I am offended by President Trump’s war on the news media.
  No matter your profession, if someone makes disparaging remarks against it, your feelings get hurt.
  If you condemn the free press, you are no better than Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, or the extreme Muslim countries.
  If you think Trump is alone in his hatred of the press, do not forget President Obama stated he did not consider Fox as a legitimate news source.
  The press, Mr. President, is not an enemy of this country.
  “Fake news?”
  Is hinting some terrorist attack happened in Sweden, three million people voted illegally, or a non-existent terrorist attack in Bowling Green, Ohio, fake news?
  It works both ways.
  I will admit the mainstream media is obviously liberal. They rarely questioned anything President Obama did, particularly in his Executive Orders that sometimes skirted the law.
  All Trump is doing is making the media mad. If he accidently drops a gum wrapper, he is going to be cruciufied for littering. They are going to do anything they can to embarrass him.
  What we need is for the President to quit embarrassing himself.
  Quit tweeting, quit getting your news from tabloids, and second hand information, and quit repeating those “facts.”
  You do not need a member of the “evil” press to tell you, Mr. President,  you didn’t have the largest Electoral College win since Reagan. Someone told hin that, he said. You’re a billionaire. Hire a fact checker.
  Rome was not built in a day. Quit issuing executive orders like they were New Year’s confetti.
  Let someone who knows what they are doing read these Orders, and listen to them when they give suggestions.
  You have four years. You do not have to get everything done in two months.
  And for those of you who are saying, “He’s not my President,” guess what? He is.
  Wanting President Trump to fail is wanting your country to fail. Will that make you feel better.
  Despite what he thinks about the press, I want the President to succeed .... preferably without the aid of social media!


  Congratulations to the Saluda boys basketball team, who advanced to the third round of the state play-offs for the first time since 2004-2005.
  The Tigers played Tuesday at Allen against Gray Collegiate.
  You know, Gray Collegiate, the Region 3-2A foe that began the season ranked 16th in the country. That’s the COUNTRY folks!
  Saluda left the SEC of 2A football last year, and entered into the ACC of 2A basketball this year.
  Of the four teams left in the Upper State, three of them, Gray, Keenan and Saluda are from Region 3 2-A.

  I enjoyed watching the golf tournament Sunday, because at one time Dustin Johnson was in first place and Wesley Bryan was in second.
  Both were born in Columbia.
  I posted that on Facebook, and a few minutes later, Sir Nick Faldo, himself announced Dustin and Wesley both attended Dutch Fork High School.
  Dustin was the PGA Player of the Year in 2016, and Wesley was the Web.com (minor league) Player of the Year. Not bad for Dutch Fork.
  Dustin won, by the way, which got him ranked as the Number One golfer in the world. Wesley finished forth.


  This community was deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Jennifer Wertz Friday night.
  You’ve all heard the story by now. Jennifer was a passenger in the truck driven by her husband B.J.
  The car in front of them hit a deer and the deer was thrown over the car and crashed through the passenger side of the windshield of the truck, killing Jennifer instantly.
  Some tragedies defy reason.
  I did not know Jennifer that well, but I’ve known B.J. since he was a child playing little league baseball. The last time I talked to him was at the Saluda-Ninety Six game. B.J. is a coach for the Wildcats.
  All we can do as a community is lift B.J., his children, and family up in prayer and support.
  The Saluda Water and Sewer Authority has been hard hit in the last few weeks. Jennifer worked there, and Judy Nelson, wife of commissioner Bob Nelson died last week.
  Judy worked for the Town of  Ridge Spring in town hall for many years. I always enjoyed taking to her.
  Monday, I was saddened at the passing of Pauline Lester.
  Mrs. Pauline worked for the Saluda County Farm Bureau for many years.
  She loved this county. I found out how much a few years ago, when she walked into the Sentinel office and handed me a box.
  “Here’s something you might enjoy,” she said.
  Inside was a scrapbook filled with Saluda County news from the 40’s and 50’s. Included were engagements and weddings, WWII soldier stories, including those who had died, and articles about Saluda businesses.
  It was a treasure trove, and I shared many of the clippings on Facebook.
  Mrs. Pauline was such a sweet lady. My sympathy to her son, Keith, and the rest of the family.
  Like B.J., I got to really know Talton Rinehart through little league when he helped coach his son Gene’s team.
  Talton worked 40 years for the highway department and his wife Emma was a longtime teacher at Hollywood.
  Talton was a good man who will be greatly missed.