Tidbits - December 29, 2016




  You need to be a Saluda High football fan to fully appreciate one of the cutest things I saw on Christmas Day.
  Will Ergle is the three-year-old sun of April and Jonathan Ergle.
  With his daddy as a Saluda High assistant football coach, Will gets to know all the Tiger football players.
  The SHS quarterback this year was Noah Bell.
  On Christmas Day, April posted a video on Facebook of Will singing the chorus of “The First Noel,” only he sang it like this:
  “Noah Bell, Noah Bell, Noah Bell, Noah Bell, Born is the King of Israel.”
  And he sang it in tune, too! Good job, Will!
  I know Noah will treasure that!


  Will was the cutest thing I saw on Christmas Day, and the cutest thing I saw on December 23 was a photo of my new great-niece, Kassidy Parker Coleman.
  Kassidy was not supposed to get here until January, but she wanted to be like her granddaddy Jamie and be a recipient of those “this is for your birthday and Christmas” presents. Jamie’s birthday is December 21.
  Erin and Ryan Coleman are the parents of Kassidy and her big sister, Skylar, who turned three on December 15.
  When I was a kid, I’d laugh at my grandmother Eugenia Shealy. She had 19 grandchildren, and when she called one of the boys, for instance, she’d say, “Sammy, Gene, Johnny, Larry....”, starting with oldest, until she got to the right one. That took awhile since there were 12 boys!
  Mammy was roughly my age when she was doing this. It’s not funny anymore. I understand.
  I find myself looking at my great-nieces and nephews and thinking, “Now, what is your name again?”
  We have a  Deacon, Madden and Emoree batch; and Taylor Ann and Peyton; and Skylar and Kassidy; and Willow, with one on the way (girl); and Hannah, with one on the way (boy). By summer there will be 11 of them.
  Like my grandmother, I know who they are and who they belong to. I just may not remember their names.


  The gadget Santa brought me this year was an Amazon Echo Dot.
  Unlike last year’s drone, this item is tiny and will not force me to cut down trees to retrieve it.
  You’ve seen the commercials where people are asking “Alexa” to answer questions or turn off the lights?
  Alexa can’t turn off my lights, and the first question I asked her, “What is the weather?,” she answered, “The weather in Charlotte is....”
  Well, I don’t really care about the weather in Charlotte. Alexa doesn’t know where she is. How smart is that?
  My girl Siri is much smarter. I’ll have to introduce them
  I downloaded the app to my phone, as per instructions, and I was able to let Alexa know I did not live in Charlotte.
  Later on Christmas Day, I said “Alexa, what is the weather?,” and she answered, “The weather in Saluda is.....”
  So, she adjusted.
  If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can ask Alexas to play any song or artist for free. I told her to play “Uptown Funk” and she did!
  I’ll figure out other stuff.
  Siri can give me the weather report, too. I’m sure the two will eventually get jealous of each other. Sadly, for Alexa, Siri is with me at all times.
  I charge my iPhone very close where Alexa is positioned. I hope nothing happens between them during the night.
  I may turn on my Tom Tom GPS and let that Japanese lady referee.


  “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” is a well known phrase in that classic Coke commercial.
  Christmas Eve we had our annual gathering at Jamie and Allison’s house, with Trey doing most of the cooking.
  Allison’s dad Stephen Druley was visiting this year.
  Steve sings tenor, I can sing bass or tenor, Allison sings alto. Trey’s wife Allie, Jamie and Allison’s daughter Kailyn and Jamie all sing lead.
  After our steak supper, we sat around the table and began singing every Christmas carol we knew, and we were hitting on all cylinders.
  That doesn’t usually happen without a practice or two.
  Allie knew the words to every song, it seems. The rest of us would look up the lyrics on our phones. If we couldn’t find the lyrics, we’d hum, and even that sounded good!
  We ran the gamut from “Joy to the World” to “Blue Christmas.”
  We sang for about two straight hours, causing me to miss most of the first showing of “A Christmas Story.”
  I don’t know if we can duplicate that “performance” again.
  Steve said he wasn’t feeling well when we began singing, but when we finished he said he felt great and would never forget that night.
  Sometimes those things happen.
  I played high school basketball for three years, but was never a great outside shooter, even  though I played guard. I would have fit right in with some of those “brick throwers” on the Carolina men’s team.
  But one night on the basketball court in the parking lot beside the Honeycomb dorms at Carolina, I couldn’t miss.
  I was a pick-up game and no matter where I was on the asphalt court, I was stripping the chain net.
  From the side, from the top of the key, underhanded, hook shot, it didn’t matter.
  I guess the Lord was looking down that night and said, “I’m going to let that boy finally make a few shots tonight.”
  It never happened again.
  I’m sure the Lord was with us when we sang carols on Christmas Eve, too. Although, he probably let us do “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” on our own!


  I’ve been watching bits and pieces of the “Camping World’” etc. bowls,and as New Year’s Day approaches the games are getting better.
  We were going to close Friday at the Sentinel as ourNew Year’s Day holiday, but when I looked at the bowl schedule, I decided to close Monday instead.
  Carolina will play in one of the “doesn’t count” bowls on Thursday in Birmingham.
  The only Carolina bowl game I’ve attended was in Birmingham in 1979. The Gamecocks lost to Missouri and everyone in attendance nearly froze to death.
  I have not had the desire to go to a bowl since.
  I still haven’t forgiven the Gamecocks for letting 2-9 WCU run up and down the field against them, and for the “no show” against Clemson, but I’m proud of them for doing enough to make a bowl in Will Muschamps first year.
  Whether they win or not, the extra practice time will pay dividends.
  Clemson is one of four teams playing in a bowl that counts.
  This is going to be interesting, and hard to predicts, but I think Clemson has the better quarterback, and that may tell the tale.
  Did you know Ohio State has never  beaten Carolina or Clemson?