Tidbitrs - December 22, 2016



  Some times the best team does not win  championships.
  There were many times the Atlanta Braves, the best team in baseball, did not win the World Series.
  Many Super Bowl champs were not the best teams either, like the Denver Broncos last year.
  What brings this up is there is not doubt in my mind the Saluda Tigers were the best team in 2A this year, but the Tigers did  not beat Abbeville in the Upper State championship game. The Panthers went on to blast B&L 44-21 to claim their second straight title, and I congratulate them.
  I’m sure there are many, particularly Abbeville fans, who will dispute my assessment. It really doesn’t matter what I think. Abbeville has another trophy for the case.
  I enjoyed watching the high school championship games, as well as the Shrine Bowl, on TV Saturday.
  I was disappointed Saluda’s Malik Brooks did not get more carries in the Shrine Bowl, but hats off to North Carolina’s defense. S.C. scored ten points in the first quarter and did not tally again.
  North Carolina won in the last 20 seconds on a touchdown pass set up by a bad interference call by a referee. Had the Tar Heels not scored, the game would have ended in a 10-10 tie, and like Frank Howard used to say, “a tie is like kissing your sister.”
  The state championship games at Williams-Brice only brought one shocker, Chapman  defeating Dillon in the 3-A game. Dillon was going for its fifthstraight title.
  In the 4-A game, South Point blasted Hartsville. I would like to point out, Hartsville entered the game with only one loss. That loss was to 2A Abbeville. Does that tell you something about 2A?
  South Point was led by Steven Gilmore, brother of former Carolina and current Buffalo Bills great Stephon Gilmore. My question is to the parents, “If you’ve named one son Stephon, why would you name another Steven, because I bet Stephon has been called Stephen all his life?”
  I guess parents can name their kids what they want. Look at George Foreman, who named all his sons “George.”
  Getting back to the fact Abbeville handed 4-A  Hartsville its only loss prior to the state title game, the former “SEC of 2A football” really came through in the state semifinals.
  In 2012-2013 Abbeville, Batesburg-Leesville, Newberry and Saluda were all on the same conference. Of the four teams in the 2A semifinals, Abbeville, Saluda and Batesburg-Leesville were three of them, and Newberry was in the 3-A Upper State game.
  Another former conferences member, Chapin, was in the 4A semifinals.
  This means five of the 20 teams in the state semifinals all were in the same 2A league at one time. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?


  I bought some chickens from the Freddie Rowe benefit Saturday. The chickens came with some of Wayne Grice’s famous sauce.
  Monday, I had part of the chicken for supper. Wayne’s sauce came in a separate container, so I poured some on the plate, the put the container back in the fridge.
  I ran out of sauce, but still had some chicken left. Instead of getting Wayne’s sauce back out, I remembered I had some Maurice’s sauce in the cabinet.
  I got that and poured it on the plate. Something smelled funny.
  I dipped the chicken in the sauce and took a bite. It almost smelled like it had fermented. Can’t be.
  I ate a few more bites, figuring the taste difference was in the recipe of the sauces.
  Later, when my stomach began to feel queasy, I went to the cabinet and grabbed the bottle and found the warning, “refrigerate after opening.”
  Being I opened the bottle about a month ago, it had fermented.
  Leave it to me to get sauced on Piggy Park!


  My pastor Paul Cheezem in his sermon Sunday talked about how hard it was for him to fall asleep on Christmas Eve when he was a little boy growing in Marion.
  I’m sure every person in the congregation could relate.
  Christmas Eve was the only time in my life when I counted sheep. It never worked.
  We had a “tortuous” Christmas existence for two reasons.
  I had friends who would brag about getting up at four or five a.m. to see what Santa had brought. We could not do this.
  My father was a dairy farmer and cows do not take Christmas off.
  We could not see what we got for Christmas until Daddy got home from the barn.
  Of course, after finally falling asleep we would wake up an hour before Daddy got home and had to wait. Talk about agony!
  The other agony was due to location of our one bathroom. To get to the bathroom, you had to walk through the living room where Santa left his goods. That was a no, no.
  So, you had to hold it, wet the bed or when you got desperate beyond measure, we’d yell to our mother, and she would lead us to the bathroom, with our eyes covered.
  When the “spy” returned we asked if they saw anything, but they’d always say, “No.”
  I took that trip a few times, but Mother did too good job covering our heads.
  The four Shealy kids racked up at Christmas. Until our first cousin Kevin Parris came along, we were my grandmother Dibbie Killingsworth’s only grandchildren, and the recipients of piles of gifts from Kevin’s parents Kay and Keith. Kevin’s arrival cut down on our haul considerably.
  Also until Kevin was born, my grandmother and Kay and Keith spent Christmas with us.
  Keith read the “Night Before Christmas” every year and  helped Daddy assemble the items Santa left.
  One year Jamie got a Varoom dump truck for Christmas.
  We had finally fallen asleep when Keith put the batteries in the truck and turned on the switch just to check it out.
 The truck was called “Varoom” for a reason. The roar made us all sit straight up in bed, and it probably woke up everyone in the neighborhood.
  During the morning, cousins would drop by to see what we got, then a lunchtime we’d go to our grandparents Rufus and Eugenia Shealy’s house for Christmas lunch. Somehow every member of the family, seven children and their spouses and 19 grandchildren,  got in that house and sat down to eat.
  Children grow up, adults grow old and things change.
  Jamie and I eventually took Daddy’s place in milking on Christmas morning, and we got a couple of more bathrooms in the house, which really helped!
  Over the course of the last 40 years, I’ve written about all of this before I’m sure, but great memories should be shared over and over.
  I hope you all have a blessed Christmas!