Tidbits - October 27, 2016



  In my section of the SHS press box sits Sam Shealy, Wayne Grice and Dave Werts, Jr.
  We all happen to be Carolina fans, and before the Saluda-C.A. Johnson game, Sam, Dave and I were talking about Carolina freshman quarterback Jake Bentley.
  “What about Jake Bentley?,” Wayne asked?
  “Where have you been?,” I asked. “That’s bigger news around here than Trump!”
  That old adage, “The most popular quarterback on the team is the back-up,” is so true, except in Carolina’s case, the most popular was the red-shirt third teamer, Jake Bentley.
  The Carolina coaches had seen enough of Perry Orth and Brandon McIlwain that they knew a change was needed at quarterback. The coaches want to win now, and if it meant forfeiting Bentley’s red-shirt year, so be it.
  Bentley did not give up his senior year in high school to enroll in Carolina to sit out the year. He could have played high school ball somewhere in the Columbia area. He enrolled in Carolina to play now.
  And play now, after six games, he did.
  Bentley started against UMass and looked pretty good. The guy is an excellent passer, and that helped open up the running game. The Minutemen, however, are a one win team. Let’s see how Bentley does against Tennessee.
  Bentley, of course, is the son of Carolina running backs coach Bobby Bentley, who became famous in this state as the high coach of the multi-state championship winning Byrnes Rebels.
  One of the Rebel players was a fellow named Marcus Lattimore.
  Marcus recalled Jake hanging out at practice as a fifth grader.
  One day Bobby had to go somewhere and handed the clipboard to little Jake and told him to call the plays. He did.
  Marcus said every play Jake called worked!
  Quarterbacks who are sons of coaches do pretty well. Let’s not forget Carolina’s winningest quarterback in history, Connor Shaw, is the son of a high school football coach.
  You’ll remember how good Ninety Six was when Mike Doolittle’s two sons played quarterback. There were a few state titles in those days.
  And let’s not forget, Saluda’s powerful offense is currently being led by a freshman quarterback, Noah Bell, who is the son of a high school football coach, Wayne.
  I don’t thing Bentley is going to be another Steve Tanneyhill, but then again, I may be wrong.
  Bentley was certainly excited when he threw those touchdown passes, looking a lot like his hero, Brett Favre, and he worked the bench when he was not in the game, encouraging his teammates.
  Using McIlwain in running situations will work out, too, because he can also pass the ball. If you saw Alabama and Tennessee, you will remember how the Alabama quarterback ran wild against the Vols. I know Brandon can turn the corner.
  Someone pointed out the other day that 82 percent of Carolina’s offensive players are either freshmen or sophomores. The future is bright.
  What’s that old saying?.....


  Is this going to be the greatest World Series ever?
  Yes, and it doesn’t matter if one teams sweeps it 4-0.
  Playing are the two most frustrated teams in baseball history, the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.
  The Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908 and the Indians have not won since 1948.
  Both teams have been featured in well known baseball movies, the Cubs in “Rookie of the Year,” and the Indians in “Major League.” Both movies were about miracles!
  Now, for one of them, the miracle will finally come true!
  I’ve got to pull for the Cubs,  because 1908 is longer ago than 1948, and I used to watch the Cubs when they were on WGN almost every day.


  I am a fan of “The Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead.”
  Both are intense, both have major characters killed off, and both are well directed and well acted.
  When it comes to awards’ time, “GOT” gets numerous nominations, while “TWD” gets none.
  The whole process is rigged. The liberal academies are prejudiced toward series shot in foreign countries.
  There are zombies in Game of Thrones, but the The Walking Dead zombies are Southern, and you know how ignorant Southerners are.
  Ironically, many of the Southern speaking actors  in The Walking Dead are British or Australian. If they spoke with British accents on the show they would have a better chance of winning awards. It’s rigged, I tell you!
  As a person who has done a good bit of  acting in my day, I can tell you there is no better acting than on The Walking Dead, but the actors never get nominated, even though The Walking Dead is the highest rated program on TV.
  Fans have been waiting since February to find out who Negan killed with his barbed wire wrapped  baseball bat, called “Lucille.”
  We found out, and our hearts were broken.
  You get attached to the characters.
  Jon Snow was brought back to life in The Game of Thrones, but there was no way the characters on The Walking Dead could be brought back to life, unless they were playing headless horsemen.
  Like the great battle episode on GOT earlier this year, the season opener of the TWD was so intense, I was worn out when it ended.
  On the “Talking Dead” after the episode, all of the main actors appeared (except Carl, who is in high school), and  were in tears. They have built such friendships doing the series, that when a  beloved character is killed off, the actors mourn because their friends have to move on.
  I would like to see “The Walking Dead” win an award someday, but, we all know it’s rigged.


  We have the two most unpopular Presidential candidates in United States election history, yet we have the most contentious election ever, and I’m not just talking about the candidates.
  I have seen posts on Facebook, like “unfriend me if are not supporting Trump,” or “unfriend  me if you are not supporting Hillary.”
  Come on, people! This is the United States of America, where people are entitled to their opinion, even if it is different from yours.
  Are either of these two candidates worth losing friendships over? Absolutely not!
  As Voltaire said, “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
  That is a democracy. Let people have a choice.
  Personally, I don’t like either candidate. They’ve both got more baggage than the Atlanta Airport.
  I was very disappointed when The State paper told me I couldn’t write-in a candidate for President. Apparently, there is no “none of the above” box either.
  I’ve been voting for president since 1972, and I have never disliked a candidate in either party until this year, when I dislike both. They are living “Saturday Night Live” skits.
  I would love to see the vice presidential candidates run instead.
  The election will be over on November 8, but what happens after then?