Tidbits - September 22, 2016



  Is the tide turning in the Saluda - Batesburg-Leesville football series?
  The Panthers dominated for so many years, including a 3-27 mark from 1974 to 2003, it looked like Saluda would never  be competitive in the series again.
  But the Tigers have, indeed,  become competitive with the Panthers. In fact, Saluda has won four of the last six meetings with B&L.
  Of course, I didn’t remember that, I’m sad to say.
  That old adage about old people only remembering things that happened a long time ago is coming true for me!
  When I finished my statistics Saturday morning, I was able to determine Saluda running back Malik Brooks had broken Antwan Dozier’s school rushing and touchdowns scored records.
  I let Coach Stewart Young know this, and I also let him know Saluda had beaten B&L back-to-back for the first time since 1972-73.
  Later, I got a text from Stewart saying Saluda had beaten the Panthers back-to-back in 2011 and 2012.
  How could I have forgotten that?
  I don’t know, but I sure did. I read my story from 2012, where I wrote Saluda had beaten B&L back-to-back for the first time since 1972-73.
  History repeated itself!
  After the game Friday, someone asked me the last time we won at B&L. I said, “2003.” Actually, it was 2012!
  Friday’s game was extra exciting,  because the game was being televised live over WACH 57’s digital channel 57.2.
  I have an over the air antenna and a Tivo, so I was able to record the game, and watch a Saluda High football game on TV for the first time in my life.
  I was surprised to hear B&L had chosen the Saluda game for their Homecoming. Usually, the homecoming opponent is a team you expect to beat easily.
  When the game began, I was beginning think the people who made the Panther’s schedule knew what they were talking about.
  At the end of the first quarter, B&L led 18-7! In scoring 18 points, they earned only two first downs.
  The Panthers returned the opening kick-off all the way, returned a fumble for a score, and  converted an interception into another score. Those are the type things that lead to a blow-out victory.
  But, the Tigers kept their composure, even after losing three starters for periods of time in the game, and went on to win 29-26.
  Saturday morning while I compiled my stats, I watched the game. Because I write down every play, I knew in advance what was going to happen next.
  Two former Gamecock greats, Corey Miller and Syvelle Newton, called the game and did an excellent job. The entire broadcast was first class.
  Corey and Syvelle praised the crowd, the teams and the individual players.
  After the game Corey tweeted Malik Brooks was the best back he’s seen this year. This big man was a linebacker for the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings from 1991-99, so he knows football.
  My brother Jamie, as a Saluda High assistant principal, was the designated halftime spokesman for SHS on the telecast, and the camera panned the Saluda crowd on several occasions, so most of us were on TV. I  found myself, and put the blurry image on social media!
  It was a great win for the Tigers. After an open date, you never know how a team is going to respond. The Tigers started rusty, but finished with the victory over an arch rival.
  By the way, at halftime I heard a name I knew. One of my Facebook and Instagram friends Shelbi Onofrey was crowned the B&L Homecoming Queen. Shelbi is a Saluda native and a member of the Saluda County Hare family.
  Her sister Maegan once helped Ryan Metts type Santa Claus letters for the Sentinel.
  We had other Saluda football connections over the weekend.
  Dexter Wideman’s Carolina Gamecocks faced Cortez Herrin’s East Carolina Pirates, while Kwamelle Barnes played for S.C. State against Clemson. Cal Collins, son of Saluda native Alicia Collins, was named the ACC linebacker of the week while playing for North Carolina.
  Lived for awhile in Saluda. If his family had remained here, he would have been on the same team with Dexter, Cortez and Kwamelle. Wouldn’t that been a heck of a defense, when you throw in Cortez’ big brother Cedric, who played in the North-South game?!!!


  Mona Baldree Wilson tagged me in a hilarious British comedy video about what happened when people ordered inexpensive airplane tickets over the internet.
  With everything that kept getting added on, the tickets were anything but cheap.
 I’m sure most are like me and have fallen victim to something on the internet.
  Not long ago I found a great deal on a Puma golf shirt. It featured one of my favorite color combinations, gold and navy blue, and had a Puma emblem on the front.
  The shirt arrived last week. I opened the package and got a shock. As you may know the Puma emblem looks like the outline of a tiger, and the shirt was not navy blue and gold. It was navy blue and orange!
  To the uniformed, it looks like a Clemson shirt!
  I didn’t send it back. In fact, I wore it to work Monday. Clemson or not, it’s a good looking shirt.
  Another internet deal I got recently remained in the package until it was time for me to wear.
  While removing the paper tags,  I suddenly came across the plastic security tag.
  In the immortal words of Todd Ellis, “Are you kidding me?”
  What choice did I have but try to remove it? I was not going to send it back. I’ve been through that nightmare.
  This is my third plastic security tag incidence.
  The “good” experience is was when I went through security things in a store after a purchase, and the alarm sounded. I had the receipt and walked to the nearest check-out counter where they removed the tag.
  The “ bad” experience was when the alarm didn’t go off after I made a purchase and I got home with a tag firmly attached to my new shirt.
   This didn’t turn out too well. I hack-sawed the tag and damaged shirt. I was young then. I didn’t have the patience to wait a week to take the shirt back.
  The latest tag removal took a lot of effort, but I did succeed without damaging my purchase.
  I bought a fabric hose in the spring. This was not over the internet, but was one of those “as seen on TV” purchases. It was only $20 for 100-feet of hose. The hose even came with a nozzle! What a deal!
  I really liked the hose .... until it started to leak. It didn’t know if the leak was “natural,” or the cats attacked it because they thought the hose was a snake.
  The leak was only in one section of the hose.
  So, to solve my leaking hose problem, I  bought a $12 can of “as seen on TV” Flex Seal. That’s right. I spent $12 to fix $10 worth of hose.
  I didn’t work. I couldn’t narrow down the leak.
  When the a leak sprang in the remaining part of the hose, I tried the Flex Seal again. Like the first attempt, it didn’t work.
  I went back to the store and bought another hose. Pretty stupid, right?
  I decided to use only 50-feet of the hose this time.
  It has worked well for several weeks, but Sunday night I was watering and the hose lunged and the water stopped immediately. A looked back and saw a 5-foot water leak.
  The hose had a blow-out, literally.
  I found my old rubber hose.......
  When will I ever learn........


  I was saddened by the passing of Jimmy Rushton last week. 
  Jimmy was well known in Saluda County. He as a fine athlete at Saluda High, who continued to work with youth in the county as a little league umpire and coach.
  He devoted many hours as a volunteer at Saluda Nursing Center.
  Jimmy was a fine man with a great personality. He could tell the tales of growing up in Saluda.
  He will be greatly missed.