September 2022 Meeting

Council Take Steps
Toward Animal Shelter

Saluda County moved closer to getting an animal shelter by action taken at the Sept. 12 County Council meeting.
  Council voted to issue a request for proposal for construction of an animal shelter.
  Sheriff Josh Price presented a building plan, using Aiken County’s shelter as an example. The building would be built on a concrete slab, and have spaces for an office, medical area and cages.
  In another building related issue, Council awarded the $195,650 bid for construction of the Old Town fire station to Price Enterprises. Of the total, $75,000 will come from ARPA funds, and the rest, including site preparation, will come from the Fire Department Building Fund.
  In the public presentations, Sharon Metts expressed concern about the name change for Old Charleston Road.
  Mrs. Metts said when she received word about the name change for sections of Old Charleston Road, because portions of the road don’t connect, she suggest Plum Branch Road, because the old Plum Branch School was on her family property. When she went around to neighbors with the name suggestion, she found none of them wanted to change.
  She said Old Charleston Road is a historical site and it shouldn’t be changed. She said the reason given for the name change for three sections of the road is it will make things easier for emergency workers to find locations.
  She said she has talked to EMS workers and law enforcement officers and none of them have said they have problems finding homes on Old Charleston Road.
  Mrs. Metts suggest Council hold a meeting with all residents of Old Charleston Road and explain to them why a name change is necessary.
  Old Charleston Road has been around since before the Revolutionary War, which was a good lead in to the first item on the new business, a resolution in support of the 250th anniversary observance of the War for Independence. In passing the resolution, the county promises to promote tourism and historical activities during the observance in 2026.
  Council approved the tax millage for the County and School District One.
  The county’s millage totals 160.4 which includes the 146 mills for the budget, plus millage for bonds, and millage for law enforcement, Piedmont Tech, economic development, etc.
  The school total millage includes 188.4, which includes 154.9 for budget and 33.5 for bonds.
  Council approved applying for a $5000 equipment grant from the U.S. Deputy Sheriff’s Association. The grant requires no match.
  Chairman Jim Moore’s appointment of Robert N. Coleman to the Building and Mobile Home Appeals Board was approved.

Southeast Gravel
Schedules Saluda Race

  Southeast Gravel, an organization that sponsors  bicycle races on gravel roads, has scheduled an event in Saluda on Sat., Sept. 24.
  There will be three race distances, 20, 50 and 100 miles. The long course will start at 9 a.m, the short course at 9:10, and the 20-mile fun course at 9:15.
  According to the Southeast Gravel webpage:
  “We scoped out some of the amazing roads in the Saluda, SC area and they were too awesome not to have an event here. Featuring a downtown Saluda start and finish, you will ride on some of the most fun gravel roads we have found.
  You’ve been training all year and it’s time to push yourself. We have a 100 and 50 mile option on tap. Don’t let the lack of elevation fool you, there are some very difficult stretches of gravel mixed in here.
  Saluda is a small town in South Carolina, and it’s very easy to get from the middle of town to some great low traffic gravel roads. Finish your long gravel ride in town and bring spectators with you to celebrate your finish in a party atmosphere.”
  The race will begin and end at Saluda Elementary School.

Edgefield County African
American Heritage Commission

  In June, Dean Campbell, Chairman of the Edgefield County Council, expressed interest in forming an African American Heritage Commission in Edgefield. There have been three meetings of this group with good participation.
  On Tuesday, August 30th, the group voted unanimously to adopt the name Edgefield County African American Heritage Commission. Edgefield will be the first county in South Carolina to have such a commission. However, there is a state African American Heritage Commission in Columbia.
  Anyone interested in joining this group is welcomed. Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 5:30 p. m. in the Edgefield County Council Chambers. All are welcomed!!